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Didn't watch the whole video, but if they are claiming the world is 5000 years old then that is quite similar to some bonkers Christians who believe the world is 6000 years old and that fossils and dinosaur bones were planted by Satan to confuse people.

With these Hindu preachers they are very clever with their words and world play, they are good at sounding knowledgeable, but a lot of them just go in circles with their answers like Sadhguru.


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basically it is like muslim fundamentalism or christian fundamentalism they are imploding over narratives which are questionable anyway. Just get you popcorn , sit back and watch ... rahul arya di bhain vi rahul ton viswash karna chadd lehegi


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1 hour ago, ChardikalaUK said:

These are the same people who say everyone should stop procreating. Most of them have children already and then tell their own children not to get married. Really twisted people.

maybe it would be a blessing , the end to the stupidity

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19 hours ago, shastarSingh said:

can u tell a bit more about sadhguru?

r u talking about jaggi vasudev?

Yeah him, watch his videos, you never get a straight answer, in fact he never answers anyones questions but just blabbers on and on. 

Something about Sadhguru makes me think that he is sponsored by the government. He has some sort of strong backing. 

Hindu preachers are good talkers, their able to create a international following. They are good at sounding interesting and playing with their words, but they just go in circles with their answers. 

I had a brief hindu phase before I got into Sikhi and a Buddhist one before that. I even had a Islamic phase after that. And a brief atheist phase when I was a teen. 

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