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Norse mythology and Sikhi

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11 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

Flipping 'ell Singh. 

I think you've linked unrelated things here in a major way. 

Jhatka is a way to minimise the suffering of the animal, it's actually an attempt to absolutely minimise the release of the very dark energy the other 'satanic' things revolve around.  Also, a way to practice the important kill stroke that winning human on human conflicts hinge on. Shouting Akaal at the time of the strike is in no way equatable to kallaa jadu.  

We don't want to see the problem because it's wrapped up in our vernacular and our customs. The act itself is a sacrifice and the subsequent devouring of the helpless creature. Dress it up whichever way you want, the sight of what occurs is undisputed. 

And I'm not saying it's a purposeful, directed magic spell. It's not, because it's not performed to harness and channel that dark energy in a constructive or controlled way for a specific purpose most of the time. The Singhs don't know the forces they are attracting to themselves when they do this. They open pathways to certain places that they aren't even aware of.

Perfume. The aroma attracts. Similar philosophy. The act of killing the creature and spilling its blood, especially beheading, attracts entities like someone wearing perfume. 

Kill and eat an animal. Fair enough. I don't care. But the cost of such an act is not worth it.

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Someone has been released from Arkham it seems.

it is not Bali we don't offer prayers to  a deity and the life of the creature (pure arrogance on the part of human) to get something in return from that deity .Jhatka is purely executing that creatur

Animal sacrifices are used for back magic in many cultures, someone from Barbados told me how back in their country people behead animals and use it for black magic. If you bend down and look between your legs some people look like "people" but if you look at their feet they have hooves. She told me she herself has seen people with hooves. 

I didn't know sex with spirits was a real thing but i read a book about the Aghori babeh of India and they have sex with spirits, you command the spirit and then start shagging it lmao, but only a small minority of Aghori do this. They also lick skulls, eat their own sh1t and have orgies, apparently to get it out of their system.  

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6 hours ago, LeenaK said:

GurmukhiPanjabi word for Hammer is ThoR(d)i 

~ nice huh?  thaur(d)i 

legendary Fabled monarch of englande King

arThor arthur 

Many Odins migrated westwards and northwards from AryaSaka RigVedic heartland SaptSindhu over the countless aeons of geologic time . Seed culture is AryaSaka Gandharvan AfPakHind of entire mankind as noted by dr frawley - it’s unfortunate he has no understanding of today’s Corrupt geopolitics At AfPakHind. But his knowledge of the remote past is remarkable.
What caused the exile or migration ? Failure to adhere to vegetaryan moral codes and weirdo matriarchal polyandry of Lemuria such as the black draupadi with (5) five “husbands “  ? Vile polyandry filth as nasty as jew(kosher) serial monogamy and (halal) cryptojew*afroarab*moslem polygyny Or wholly unnatural fundamentally dysgenic and irreligious fraud faux* “ sannyas” of the osho nosho type bearded dravids 

or horrible wars with lemurid madrasi types?

•osho is not totally to be condemned as He rightly pointed out that desert creeds wholly extirpate pleasure from romance and marriage. resultant offspring is defective and unable to meditate contemplate the Divine. Rab nu dhiana.
plus osho support Khalistan 

• cryptojewy (persian!) gulf afroArab islam- polygyny - fake patriarchy 

Dravidian hindoo- polyandry- vile vicious matriarchy  

(at one time kosher halal was supposed to refer to animals who were treated kindly and not harmed -no torture -  no killing - just milk quadruped and wool sheep treated with utmost care and affection - but over time corruption set in- and words were distorted twisted - see urbandictionary online at how Angrezi lexicon has been irreparably damaged . 

—Xtianity admittedly born sinners of nicean creed nastiness plus plagiarism of Mithraism and Zarathustra: simply vile.

for the record - 25 December is birth anniversary celebration of Mithra dev presiding God of noble ideals of eternal amity friendships and cooperation with kinfolk.

once upon a time there was one meta~racial group only — pristine pure AryanScythian- unadmixed caucasian 

talmudic war ruined racial integrity of earth planet .

how to defeat and dislodge this noahide monster is the question .  Certainly spreading knowledge is part of the winning equation but just as feeding hostile enemies is lunacy so too is giving out knowledge to enemies who wish for our extinction and wish to squat upon panthic territory rightly belonging to select few- i don’t want NW Aryavartasthan contaminated with feet of amerijew infamous blackwater bastardy of admittedly born sinners— keep all-Asia clean !!!

Pine nut agriculturalist of Arya Afghanistan Mithra homeland were terrorized by nasty nato criminality bastards of zogwog blasian jewnited states - murdered by jewmerica at sacred ancestral lands through ignoble remote operated bomb attack in casual parlance referred to as “drone” - but AmErica get pizza delivery by drone or lead contaminated toys from china for their verminous fluoride Addled obese •byproduct• (Harekrsna term for children - effin bengalE “swami “) of fornication . 

—-— Hermes mercury buddh— messenger divine to the gods- more later - there must be link to Shukra dev Avtar incarnation the prophet of Arabia- (tranquility upon his disciples and peace upon Him) he’s the final messenger but fortunately we have SatGuru as well. 
— Sanscrit for arabia is Aravasthan- unadmix arabic is protoAryan as per mme Blavatsky Russian occultist of considerable renown

in words of indologist dr Elst “arabs were first victims of islam “.

my preliminary research leads me to conclude that so-called ancient greeki were nonaryan afroBlood partially -
what mongolid is to greater historic india ,East Aryan 

bantu is to Germanik lands - west Aryan 

•because talmudic anglozog syllabus adulation of greeki is utterly epitome of cringe -cringe defined actually -  we all know mathematics was conceived , conceptualized , refined and studied most in depth with genuine affection for the subject matter through guru chela system of pedagogy- master pupil - at •ancient aryaIndia• of our wholly divine sages Seers kings princes preceptors and legendary fabled warriors of  matchless strength and peerless honour. 

zogwog “west” their myth/ history alike  is sheer fiction 

aryaindia- our “myth” is history as it happened . 
dhan SatGuru Sri Gobind Singh sahib ji Patsahib Mahraj 

ape gur chela 

8words that matter: 

•••wretched existence in perpetuity for enemies of Afghanistan.

BREATHE ...BREATHE   first time I read ancient culture conspiracy theory  presented like a murder was about to be commited .

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34 minutes ago, LeenaK said:

“The city sluts of London” uk  were exposed by admin of sikh archives a disappeared website .

various turds tards trash terrorist spawned from 95 percent mlecch Panth And nearby bastardies Of zogwog  - foul - 

worse than ameritrash of 3 H0 infamy

— 8 words that matter - wretched existence in perpetuity for enemies of Afghanistan .

verbal diarrhoea  delightful  and you kiss your Mum with that mouth?


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