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On 11/17/2020 at 1:01 PM, Dsinghdp said:

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-54902908 Great news after months of this epidemic.

what they don't say is these guys at Moderna and BioNtech have NEVER made a working prophalytic vaccine before  and yet had a working vaccine within 63 days in the case of Moderna and slightly earlier for BioNtech(despite not completing a flu vaccine started in 2018 yet) , when other 52 companies who have knowledge and experience had taken more than twice as long and experienced problems , strange isn't it?  The press releases will not mention the sideeffects experienced 100% in the high dose study and 80% in the lower dose study for moderna.


Moderna did not venture into infectious disease  before covid 19 despite being a company since 2010 and BioNtech only two and half years old , both heavily funded by  Gates bioNtech had over 1/2 billion directly from him on top of Pfizer's help and government grants. Both vaccine are synthetic messenger RNA based which basically muck about with your genetic data in your cells to generate 'viral proteins' but there is nothing saying what the long term effect of replicating human cells containing such instructions I can imagine that the body would be constantly on high alert against viral proteins  so overwhelmed with that to deal with other incoming viruses and pathogens so people would be more sickly even cancerous since it is the daily sweeping for mutant cells that keeps us cancer free. Would such manipulations be permanent and affect reproduction?  given many countries in the west are mandating such vaccines could we even refuse e.g. natural immunity received by infection? If you get injured what would be your recourse? legally would companies claim your body as their product since it is not natural  any more ? so many issues so few answers or transparency....

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