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Greatness of Sarbloh Granth Bani!

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    • I never knew we had a missionary on this forum.
    • Sikhs should only take Cannabis for medicane as how they were injured not for pleasure
    • https://www.manglacharan.com/post/consumption-of-intoxicants-khalsa-dharam-shastar-1914
    • http://deghtegh.blogspot.com/?m=1 Cannabis Facilitates a Deeper Connection Between Parents and Children By enhancing our patience, and sense of play and wonder, cannabis can enable parents to connect more closely with their children. Dr. Marian Fry, in a survey of California clinicians who provide cannabis approvals, reported that cannabis-using parents saw an “enhanced flexibility and an ability to identify the child’s needs as those of a separate and unique individual. . . . Patients say cannabis makes them less self-centered and egocentric…” . Dr. Fry’s comments are echoed in a recent article by a cannabis using mother on Babble.com, a web site for mothers. The article generated 72 comments—mostly from other moms, and overwhelmingly favorable.
    • http://deghtegh.blogspot.com/?m=1 Cannabis Facilitates Compromise By calming emotion, promoting self-reflection, and enhancing gentleness, cannabis promotes forgiveness and compromise, and thereby can aid powerfully in the resolution of a wide array of disputes, from lovers quarrels to business matters to political disagreements. Science may not yet have begun to study this one, but the ability of cannabis to promote forgiveness is a regular topic at on-line cannabis related discussion forums.Human health and wellness are not mechanical matters. We are not machines, we are not purely physical beings. We have souls, and those souls must be nurtured. Raising our children, resolving our disputes, writing our poems and singing our songs: these things too are a part of wellness.
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