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3 UK Sikh born arrested and being EXTRADITED to INDIA!


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Three arrests in West Midlands over Punjab murder case

3 hours ago

Three men have been arrested in the West Midlands over a high-profile murder in India in 2009.

Rulda Singh, who was leader of a political group in India, was fatally shot in Patiala, in Punjab.

West Midlands Police said officers had arrested two men, aged 37 and 40, in Coventry and a 38-year-old man in Wolverhampton.

The force said all three had been arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.

Mr Singh, who was in his 60s, died two weeks after being shot outside his home in Patiala.

The three men were arrested on Monday after extradition warrants were issued at Westminster Magistrates' Court.

West Midlands Police said all three appeared at the court as part of the extradition process.

They have since been released on bail with strict conditions.



Just searched the leader who was 'Killed' his name is 'Rulda Singh' - was a member of RSS!

British are the WORST WORST enemy for Sikhs........truly ungrateful cretins.........they're the ones who created this mess and look at them what a POS bunch of RATS! We are not safe ANYWAY......also Priti Patel who praised Modi, is behind this....

Truly heartbreaking... Vaheguru we have really hard times coming :( 


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18 minutes ago, Kaurr said:

Woah, this is actually extremely sad.

But the murder was in 2009, why are they doing something about it now, 11 years after?

because bojo has not demanded the release of jaggi and in fact has allowed priti to reverse given sanctuary to his wife , the rss are now emboldened to demand more falsely charged sikhs as sacrifices for trade

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