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    • We sometimes forget how lucky we are!  Just today, a Pakistani guy who I went to school with, is now on drugs and he approached me asking me if I have any spare change. He looked mentally unstable, but still recognised me        Really sad ...   
    • Same, I don't really tell my family what they should do or what they shouldn't. They can believe in what they want to believe. Though if they do something which I don't agree with, and it offends me, then I tell them. For example, how people started carving their names in karas!  I told my family in India that I'm strongly against that, and that it goes against what I believe. For a minute they were like "oh yeah, that's true, its wrong to do that" and then they went straight back to talking about getting their names carved in karas!  Other than that I've never given my opinion! When I go India they take me to all the odd places that they worship at, but I just pretend that I'm praying, lol 
    • coming back to original topic, sikhi isn't restricted to India, but is the atal sach of the whole jag, we just got to preserve it for the next mahapurkhs and sant sipahis do not lose heart  
    • does sangat here think nihangs were corrupted by the time sgpc came into being their history is very incoherent during british raj, from being wiped to verge of extinction by british after battle of sabraon and emigrating to sri hazur sahib, to being in control of sri akal thakt and fighting for sikh  rights to bear arms  many say nihangs retained a presence in the akal bunga, but then how can they let mahants place idols inside parkarma, let british set sri darbar sahib up for auction in 187?, or let discrimination against dalit war veterans from entering sri darbar sahib, etc.  what are your thoughts on baba sahib singh ji and his encounter with sgpc 
    • I still grudingly  have to do rakhri since I am an adolescent, but I take it off in a matter of 2 hours  I honestly don't criticize anyone else practicing it, but I just want people to stop forcing me  I dont rok tok others, just the annoying part is "bibi nanaki tied rakhri on guru nanak" maybe Ill draw a picture of guru nanak in santa's sled helping him handout presents plus isnt there a picture of guru sahiban worshipping gau mata by rss etc.  as long as misinformation isn't spread and culture/religion are kept seperate, I dont care what people do 
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