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Basics of Sikhi YouTube account hacked!

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The Basics of Sikhi YouTube account has been hacked and videos removed. If anyone knows how to help, please contact them ASAP. Dhanvad Ji 🙏🏾

Why does it feel like Modi has something to do with this?

Bump @ADMIN - can we pin/prioritise this until this is resolved? Thanks 

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21 minutes ago, Koi said:

The Basics of Sikhi YouTube account has been hacked and videos removed. If anyone knows how to help, please contact them ASAP. Dhanvad Ji 🙏🏾

Yeah whole channel down. What a lovely world. 

I contacted youtube asking for the videos to be recovered, view counts recovered, and asked they assist basics of Sikhi with any investigation. 

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Sources close to us (locals) told me and a few others that the Dhadrianwale group are behind a cyber attack on basics of Sikhi as basics of Sikhi very recently made 5 videos showing the truth regarding misleading Parchar being carried out by that harinder singh guy and some other guy from their clique  who had mouth to mouth Simran allegations against him. As revenge they took down the bos channel so people searching for real Sikhi related material can be mislead further. It’s a shame but the truth 

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    • I say stick with the usual 5 pauri and if u feel the need to do more paath u can always do the longer versions
    • I think we both are leading to the same conclusion, just worded and expressed differently. I don't necessarily agree with the fact that there is any particular pattern to women ending up with partners who treat them badly (i.e. fame, money, good looking etc.), sure, it's a factor but not all the time. In a lot of relationships things become about control, when that escalates it can sometimes become abusive, for men a lot of the time it's about controlling the narrative the wife believes, if he's having an affair or up to no good he will control the narrative so his wife is only party to things that he want's her to see and hear, even places he want's her to go, in the case of Juggy D his wife found out and it all escalated but then she knew about his old habits anyway and chose to believe he changed.    
    • I have no knowledge of this but interwebs so far says... PARAS BHAG is an adaptation into Sadh Bhakha, in Gurmukhi script, of Abu Hamid Muhammad al Ghazzali`s Kimid iSa`ddat, an abridged edition in Urdu of his Ihyd ul Ulum, in Arabic. The work was first published in 1876. Several of the manuscript copies prior to that date are still in circulation. An edition in Devanagari script was brought out in 1929. The question as to who adapted the work into Bhakha and when has not been fully resolved. According to one tradition, the version in Gurmukhi characters was prepared towards the close of the seventeenth century at Anandpur by Sayyid Badr ud Din of Sadhaura at the instance of Guru Gobind Singh (1666-1708).   According to another, it was translated a little before the middle of the eighteenth century by a Sevapanthi sainteither Bhai Addan Shah or Bhai Garu. The book is held in great veneration by Sevapanthi Sikhs who recite it up to this day in their deras or monasteries. The work originally written in the eleventh century was meant for the edification of the Muslims laying down for them moral and social injunctions. These stipulations represent a mixture of Islamic, Sufi and Vedantic principles and thus have a wide appeal. The main stress is on loving devotion to God and on right conduct. D.S.  
    • dasvandh of our swaas is a very good idea ji have you seen one of bhai jagraj singh BoS's last videos on every nitnem bani having a friend to go along with it
    • I was wondering if it is okay for me to recite the full anand sahib within rehraas sahib?
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