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The strange events of raising sikh flags at india's red fort delhi's laal killa 2021

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8 minutes ago, superkaur said:

Although it was nice to see the Singhs reaching the red fort the once symbol of the might of the mughul enemy ruling the throne of india and now again from 1783 the Sikhs in 2021 are raising Sikh flags on it. However I get the feeling it was all too easy to do, all too staged for an secret agenda. The policemen and security melted away when the Singhs pushed foward into the fort. What did the singhs at the red ford achieve apart from nice photos and videos to brag in front of the community and their mates? Did they conquer the fort and now rule India after a big battle for sovereignty like back in ancient days? No.... Did they change any attitudes towards khalistan and make it look more achievable or appealing for the masses of india? No

Questions also need to be asked like

Was allowing singhs to get up on red fort to raise flags because modi bjp govt didnt want to use deadly force to stop them and be seen as the killer of Sikhs and create huge problems for himself and india like congress did back in 1980s?


Was it a clever chess piece move to then malign and target the farmer protests in a khalistani angle trying to taint and de-legtimise it in the eyes of ordinary indians via its far right godi media network propaganda streams.

Hard to say. What's in line with the rest of their behavior?




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7 minutes ago, superkaur said:

I think it's political move not one out of compassion if he was about that life he would not have introduced those 3 anti-farmer laws.

Modi and hindu nationalists are very strategic and covert using RSS terrorists within the indian army and police to do their bidding. They will pretend to be your friend while stabbing you in back and sweet talk you into signing your life and property away just like in 1947 what they did to the punjabi Sikhs.



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22 hours ago, Jai Tegang! said:

They played us like a fiddle. They basically used our naïve people’s energy against us. Sort of like when they show in martial arts to use an attacking opponent’s momentum against them by getting out of the way.

This is what they did, essentially. They got out of the way and let us have our selfies.  


Here are some key points to remember:


1.       The police diverted the processions from all points (Singhu, Tikiri, Ghaziabad) TOWARDS Delhi  by barricading the planned route u-turn points.


2.       There was minimal barricading in the NEW pathway towards delhi. Many people have commented how easy it was to get through. Too easy!


3.       There was minimal resistance AT the RED FORT! They pretty much walked right in.


4.       The media got their desired videos with the Nishan Sahib being hoisted at the RED FORT on REPUBLIC DAY by SIKHS. Same action Pannu from SFJ was claiming to pay 250K for anyone doing the VERY ACT.


5.       Famers protest has been tarnished.


6.       All union leaders have been chargesheeted. Arrests on the way.


7.       Sikhs have been shown as anti-nationals for doing rioting ON Republic Day.


8.       Support from other states has taken a hit.


9.       Unions are in full damage control. They have to blame Deep Sidhu and Pandher from KMSC, or else they have to bear the full blame. Either they have to admit they couldn’t control the crowd, or they have to blame individuals.


Don’t want to spread pessimism, but there are ground reality facts that need to be realized by our people sitting in the west. The government is desperately trying to make this a “k” issue. We’ve given them plenty ammo with the help of pannu from SFJ.

Lets remember our people are suffering on delhi streets from the last 2 months. If we let our bravado overrule, it’s game over.

Right now the situation is dangerous.

Yeah what I find strange it all strange. But we live in interesting times.... there is more craziness and unexpected events to come in 2021 i think. Sikhs need to be vigilant and act fast to any challenges that come their way

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