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Rihanna tweets about farmers

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Well this is a bit out of the blue, but Rihanna has tweeted about the Indian farmers protest, questioning why no one is talking about it and the internet ban. 

Not bad considering she has like 100s of millions of followers on social media. Anything to spread the awareness is good! 


Wonder if the online/keyboard BJP mobs will start sending her rape/death threats. 



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Definitely a good thing bringing awareness to the situation. However, I do have my suspicions about her being a puppet of the elites, illuminati, etc. 

Props to this man Immortal Technique. He's been supporting us for a while and educated himself on Operation Bluestar and the whole 80s-90s fake encounters. 

Have they asked for pics of Greta's bobs and vagene, the sick f***s.

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18 minutes ago, puzzled said:

Well it's got people talking. Since she tweeted it many human rights activists have tweeted it, including that climate extinction girl Greta, the humans right watch have done articles on it. Other artists have tweeted it. 

Yh, it did cross my mind, she has been rumoured to have connections with dodgy people for years now. 

But either way, atleast it's got people talking. 

India has for far to long been torturing its citizens and covering it up with "Incredible India" 

It's also dragged the Bollywood elite out to defend their country,  who in turn are getting roasted on Twitter, Greta Thunberg getting called a Khalistani terrorist by a BJP nut job was a particular highlight.


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