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Mool Mantar Sant Gurbachan Singh English

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I am laughing because someone downvoted because they can't accept the true words of Sant Ji.

Mool Mantar definition 2 Ik Oankar  Ik = one unique Oankar = the name of God. The Numeral one stands for a being that is unique and has no other similars to them. God is considered to be S

Part 1 I have started reading my english tika by Sant ji and it is very deep. I will quote some parts I really liked.  The Importance of Japji Sahib Kavi Santhok Singh Ji says about Jap

36 minutes ago, Arsh1469 said:

Ram live 10,000 years Krishna lived 1,000 years. Both barely traveled. Guru Nanak in 70 years nearly traveled the entire old world (Old world being Europe, Asia and Africa. Som say Australia too) Guru Nanak did so much Parchar in 70 years and gave the mantar of Sachkhand (Mool Mantar)

Love the thread Veer Ji. 

Just hit me, not only did Guru Nanak Dev Ji go to all those places, he takes a man's son to see countless places and he visits all those peoples, to show that there were far more places than some others had seen and claimed. 

Not only that but they bring back Prashad from these places and listen to Kirtan?

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Well, what if the person has memory problems, and can not memorize, are you saying they can't become a Sikh or is a useless Sikh.


Where is this from?

'Guru Ji also says The individual who forgets Jap Ji knowing it divinity is commiting sucide by jumping into the lowest pits of hell'




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