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Mool Mantar Sant Gurbachan Singh English

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I am laughing because someone downvoted because they can't accept the true words of Sant Ji.

Mool Mantar definition 2 Ik Oankar  Ik = one unique Oankar = the name of God. The Numeral one stands for a being that is unique and has no other similars to them. God is considered to be S

Part 1 I have started reading my english tika by Sant ji and it is very deep. I will quote some parts I really liked.  The Importance of Japji Sahib Kavi Santhok Singh Ji says about Jap

3 hours ago, Arsh1469 said:

Japji Sahib Katha 1 countined

Guru Ji added the numeral 1 to show there is no duality. There is only 1 God. Oankar can be split into two separate syllables when trying to find the meaning. The first part is Aum and the second is Kar. Aum can be split into 3 different letters which are A,U and M. The three letters represent the word Akar,Ukar and Makar. The word Akar represents Brhama. Ukar represents Vishnu and Makar represents you gussed it Shiva. According to Hinduism the three demi gods are considered most sacred and are responsible for the welfare of creation. Brhama the creator. Vishnu the provider or sustainer and Shiva the destroyer. This shows that Aum represents the trinity. Kar represents the formless lord whom is known as Vahguru. Kar is placed on top of Aum to show they gain there powers form Vahguru.

Akar, Ukar, Makar and the Ardhbind (Kar), when all four come together  and form one then understand this to be Oankar (Adhyatam Ramayan)

The Sidhs hearing this asked why add the numeral 1 it is not in the Vedas. So why do this.

Guru ji said "Our faith is for everyon and all of humanity. The Mantra Aum in the Vedas is knly for the Brahmin social class of people as they can both listen and recite it. The social class of Kshatris can listen to Aum but cannot recite. The social classes of Shudras and Vais cannot listen to or recite  the mantra. All of the women from all four of the social clasdes cannot listen to or recite the mantra of Aum. By placing the numeral one in front of the mantra, Oankar we show that God has no duality and Ik Oankar can be read and recited by anyone from any background. Those people who say Ik Oankar will be saved.

For this reason, we have created this mantra for all of the people in the world. Just as a cloud showers all the people with rain, in the same way God is showering all of the people of the world with grace and love. Regardless of race, gender, colour, creed, social class etc. Unlike the Aum mantra everyone has the right to recit this Ik Oankar.

To be countined...

Where are your sources for this? You are now talking about the trinity,  which in itself opens up a whole different subject.

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On 2/24/2021 at 5:18 AM, Arsh1469 said:

(According to Sant Ji it used to be a Shiva Mandir and all the idols were destroyed when Prophet Mohammed took it over. Also Sant Ji says that it used to be white but due to the sins of people it turned black)

Muhammad and the Muslims in Mecca did not participate in the draping of the Kaaba until the conquest of the city at 630 AD, as the ruling tribe, Quraish, did not allow them to do so. When Mecca was taken by the Muslims, they decided to leave the Kiswah as it was until a woman lighting incense in the Kaaba accidentally set fire to the Kiswah.

Muhammad then draped it with a white Yemeni cloth. It's also been draped in various coloured cloths such as green and red.  The actual kabba looks like:


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On 2/20/2021 at 6:07 PM, Redoptics said:

Like I said before if the teachings are not from the Guru , I wouldn't follow it.

bro Guru Nanak Dev ji gave first nitnem of japji Sahib and mul mantra stop arguing please

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On 2/3/2021 at 8:12 PM, Arsh1469 said:

She now lnew Guru Nanak was Vahguru.

Quick question: Didn't Guru Gobind Singh Ji say he wasn't Waheguru. Wondering if Guru Sahib meant that he wasn't solely Akalpurakh and how that would fit with the quotation above...

Bhul Chuk Maaf 🙏

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