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what I was gonna ask went wrong forgive me I dont know what I have wrote I dont know where it came form sorry In advance if you read this or thinking now just ignore it

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I want to learn tanti Saaj like a dilruba because so much people are being anti harmonium to me 

I wanted to learn harmonium because everyone plays it can the fact is you can master it in the uk but with a tani saaj in the uk its hard to find a good teacher and if you do get training it likely you get tough half the job my point is if you learn a tani saaj in the uk you will always get though half a job its not proper but with a harmonium there is so much knoll age you can ask any ragi and they will know what you want but with a dilruba you will always be incomple that's the reason I wanted to learn harmonium not because it easy its because I will be able top play it propper

iv seen many ragis who know how to play dirubia but chose to play harmonium over it is bad

why dont gurdwara promote this traddion of tannin saaj like gurdwara commutes should really be inviting people from India to teach uk people image seeing someone play a rabbab in the uk in every gurdwara , the thing is uk gurdwara have the money to make change but what they choses to do is make a new building its mad , and the fact that most gurdwara conmmites as corrupt and never change the local gurdwara I go to I found out what the committee do its the same people in the commite never add new people but all they do is change the job roles each ellection so one time x will be pardaan and the following year y will be the pardaan and the fact is that every member will do each job role in turns and this leads to NO NEW PEOPLE= NO NEW THINKING= NO PROGESS=GURDWARA ARE FAILING=ARE GENERATION IS FAILING=WE NEED TO DO SOMETING NOW = A GURDWARA BELONGS TO THE SANGAT  why should the committee chose to stay for ever like if Therese no new people these is no change this make me sad we are really living in 2021 and we are no where WE HAVE FAILED  and I feel like its our own fault, why did these old committee members come from its actually discussing like idealLY WE SHOULD HAVE TRUE AMRITTARI Sikhs who underwent guru shaib our history  and everything who can do Katha kirtan to do this job not random turbaned people  the thing that annoys me the most they get so much moeny keep asking for more and just waste it, on building , before I was counting the meony as sea with the commite and they was like lets buy a machine to count the money their too lazy if you cant do your job just quite please lets all do one thing this year change our gurdwara make them real school of education  and to the gurdwaras already doing this I congratulate them they are fulfilling their true sea and my waheguru fulfil all there wishes lets get real Sikhs in the commites lets get  good quality granthis  lets make a place for education and lets good traditional teachers form India for tanti saaj  so we can once reconnect to the true light of god come on if they hire one proper teacher its not gonna cost them much they properly lose out on building a store room or someitng, 


sangat ji im sorry for what iv said I dont know what happened I just wanted to ask where they teach dilruba in the midlands because people made me feel bad for wanting to learn vaja but iv made may mistakes im not perfect im a pappi too but I know one thing the system has failed now image in 10 20years the committee will die and kill Sikhi with it IF WE DONT CHANGE I'm not gonna lie I feel the commite is sometimes on  a mission to destroy Sikhi , iv just said that came in my mind forgive me like I said im a paapi but im concerned too this may seem so stupid to some people but one day you will remember these worlds , its time for change to save our Sikh lets do it together lets organise something please we have to do something  so the for the next years of generation are saved image seeing no harmonium in 20. years in uk guedwara and seeing rabbab taus if we change USA and CANDA will and India will be toooo small things make the different and we will be reunited 

im sorry again I did not want to offend anyone not all commutes are bad lets just change and make our mission successful and small steps like this will lead to honest leadership in our path and if we start as uk the others will follow and then we will have a KHALSA raj 


im sorry again this is mad I cant write English sorry I was born in India so I hope it expalisseds it god bless us and give us streghth to fight evil and lets so it we need a plan to make these small changes 



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BRO, I'm not gonna lie you cant spell or write ,

but what you have said its true 100 percent , I sort of agree with you I really wanted to learn rabbab as a kid but my dreams were shattered as my local gurdwara had no classes for kirtan. I once heard in Katha when the rabbab was played the birds used to sit and listen, waheguru please bring this time back.

I dont really think committee care about what we think. its too late we will never get our gurdwara how they should be too much corruption 

I wish you was the president of all the gurdwaras in the uk , im guessing every Sikh child would becoming a ragi , and the generation to come would make Khalistan 

I think your heart has spoken instead of words dont be sorry  


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