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Since people here have a problem with me stating the truth about monay, forget about me. Here you can listen to what Sant Ji has to say about monay. Are you going to accuse him of being "div

Like I said, Sant Ji has EVERY right to make that statement. You are a nobody on the other hand.  I'm praising people who put in work for and kaum. I'll take 10 Monay like them over 100 typical k

@californiasardar If the vast majority of a group ( like monay) is made to feel lacking and second grade, how will this impact their long term loyalty? Will this not leave them open to easy picki

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Sant Ji had every right to be able to make such comments, you on the other hand are just lucky your parents didn't cut your hair. Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana have done more than you ever will. Before calling them clowns, why don't you go step foot on the front line? You're an embarrassment to sardars. 

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37 minutes ago, TigerForce1 said:

Fast forward to present times.  We have the same backdrop and we have the same hunger to take on the State but we do not have a Leader on the level of Sant Ji.  We have some personalities that are coming forward and no doubt many have been planted and many will doubted.  If we shoot down all the potential Leaders such as Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana, then we are in danger of deterring any future Leadership that could prove to be the only voice that looks after Sikh interests.

I hope there's a plan this time that doesn't involve Pakistan. 

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21 minutes ago, puzzled said:

I think people are talking about 2 different things, mona and farmers protest. OP posted about monay, not farmers protest.

As someone who was mona myself a few years back, and still am surrounded by mainly monas, do you guys know what most monay really think and say about the appearance of Singhs? In their own circles? 

I myself in my mona days have said some very insulting things about Singhs appearances, like most monas do, and I'm very ashamed of it, I hope guru ji has forgiven me. 

And don't forget that in schools it's not just pakis and Whites that laugh at boys with guttis! mona kids can be just as bad, where do they learn it from? 

Don't let a few moneh involved in the farmers protest delude you! 

Mona people have done a lot of damage to Sikhi. 

This for example, which was posted on this site, is quite a common joke in mona circles. They joke about food being stuck, I've heard it myself. 

Do you reckon there's a difference between NRI moneh and Punjab resident moneh in terms of attitudes to Singhs? I would think the Punjab resident moneh are more in touch with the underlying Punjabi culture and tend to see commonalities between themselves and Singhs, whereas NRI moneh tend to want to create distance between themselves and NRI Singhs especially if the former have a non-Sikh social circle. But then there's pendu NRI moneh who take the pi55 out of Singhs, which I guess comes from attitudes they've picked up from their male elders.

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