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Do Sikhs fail to implement Maryada and rules in the Gurdwara and community

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Was thinking, has the Sikh community failed to implement maryada and rules at the Gurdwara and in the community. Time after time, again and again, we are seeing Sikhs breaking maryada, traditions and rules in the Gurdwara and community. There are no consequences? and its happening again and again. The excuse often used is that Sikhs don't know anything about their religion so its not their fault. Sometimes the granthi Singhs get blamed. 

There are so many cases, I don't know which one to chose, but for example, a few years back after her anand karaj a Sikh bride decided to climb onto Guru Granth Sahib Jis throne, sat on it with her back facing Guru ji, and did her wedding photo-shoot. Most Sikhs were very supportive of her and said it wasn't her fault and that she didn't know it was wrong to climb onto Guru Granth Sahib jis throne to do a wedding photoshoot. Some people blamed the granthi Singhs(who weren't present in the darbar hall), while other complemented the Photo and said "its only a photo"   

My question is that if this coy, naive bride had decided to have a church wedding, would she have climbed onto the altar and started posing with Jesus and the cross?  don't think so!  why? because she would know that its disrespectful. 

Maryada is broken again and again, beadbi is done by the sangat again and again, why?   

Everyone has experienced going to the Gurdwara and the whole sangat is sitting in around the parimeter of the darbar hall, chatting away, answering phone calls! this is normally the case at Akand paats and Anand Karaj. Even When an annoyed Singh gets up and tells everyone to not talk, no one listens. Now, you can bring up the usual excuse and say Sikhs don't know about their religion so they don't know that your not supposed to talk or make phone calls when sitting in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib ji. But my question is if these same people attended a Sunday Church service, while the pastor is delivering a sermon would these same Sikhs start chatting and making phone calls?  No, they wouldn't,  Why?   because they know its disrespectful.

So I don't buy the whole "oh, no one taught them about their religion, its not their fault, blame the parents " argument.    

Why is it so accepted in our community to bend the rules ?   is it because they know that no one will face consequences?

Why do Sikhs feel they can push all sorts of nonsense into our Gurdware?  You now have Sikhs showering the bride with petals as she walks in for her anand karaj.  Why is this acceptable? 

Why do Sikhs have the impression that anything goes, like they have the right to do as they like in the Gurdwara?   

What are the consequences?  or do you just get a telling off?  because if that's the case then things are only gnna get worse.   What is being done about the growing cases of Sikhs breaking rules and doing beadbi in Gurdware? 



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