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Samson, a great warrior derived his strength from uncut hair!

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1 minute ago, shastarSingh said:

Samson was betrayed by his lover who sold out to his foes.

She cut his hair when he was sleeping.

sad........ he dint have access to Charitropakhyan.

problem was he fell for the Philistine mata Hari Delilah despite warnings of his folks

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It was his lover who betrayed him! Delilah. 

God told him not not to cut his hair and not reveal the secret of his strength to anyone. God also told his mother not to drink alcohol.

His biggest weakness was kaam! he ended up in a relationship with a woman from another tribe, the philistines. Men from her community set her on fire. He still didn't learn and ended up with another woman from the same tribe, Delilah!

He broke Gods command and told her the secret of his strength, his hair. She then told the men of her community his secret and they told her if she cuts his hair they will give her gold coins! and she went for the coins (surprise surprise)   

She then cut his hair and the philistine men came and gouged his eyes out.

Moral of the story, women and kaam can destroy your dharam! 

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1 hour ago, puzzled said:

Moral of the story, women and kaam can destroy you dharam

Moral of the story is read Charitropakhyan and thank Guru Sahib for giving us this baani.

Nihangs used to keep charitropakhyan In their quiver of arrows.


Manuscript of Sri Dasam Granth Sahib is also preserved in the library of Punjab University, Chandigarh. Another manuscript of charitropakhayan of 1723 is also preserved in Punjab University library. It is called “Turkish ki pothi”. Nihung Singhs used to keep it in their tarkash (Arrow carrier) during war.It is a pity that they have maintained a high character till today that when they knock on someone’s door, people say, “Aa gaye Nihung, booha khol de nishung (Open the door without hesitation as they are Nihungs). They read this Bani and people consider them as saviors of respect and dignity of ladies. But these atheists like scholars of Kala Afghana school of thought smell profanity in these stories which in essence are moral imparting.

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Hair has very significant social and political value in ancient China.

1. From a Confucian point of view, cutting one’s hair was considered unfilial.

From Wikipedia:

Traditionally, adult Han Chinese did not cut their hair for philosophical and cultural reasons. According to the Classic of Filial Piety, Confucius said

“We are given our body, skin and hair from our parents; which we ought not to damage. This idea is the quintessence of filial duty. (身體髮膚,受之父母,不敢毀傷,孝至始也)

As a result of this ideology, both men and women wound their hair into a bun (a topknot) or other various hairstyles.

It is for this reason that hair cutting is sometimes used as punishment in ancient China. To have your hair forcibly cut is a great humiliation.

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