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6 minutes ago, Suchi said:

I'm a late developer in that regard you might say. 

My parents rejected traditional religious doctrine so we were brought up to be moral, independent and to get educated.  I searched for spiritual answers when I became stuck in my personal life.  But we had total spiritual freedom. 

Now I realise it was all UK govt policy that we suffered so much.  Every step of the way. 

I came across court corruption and decided to challenge it. That's when I was forced to look at alternative media and spirituality for answers due to factors I've already alluded to in prior posts. 


Of course I would welcome you to look deeply into Gursikhi. 

You said you resonated with Gayatri Mantra. That's dedicated to Savitr. 

Have you ever invoked the Name Savitr over and over? It would link your mann and buddh to Savitr and bring awareness to your plight. My understanding of the Rig Vedas being so small I'm not sure what Savitr can do for you. But they can help you reach their Avastha. 

We use the Gurmantar, Vaheguru, to call to Akal to put it simply, to not only raise Avastha and eliminate Dukh but totally eliminate Haumai and gain Sanjog and Mukte. To step out of the Chuarasi Lakh Joon entirely. 

Many Dharams head to Advaita or raising Avastha to that of the Devte and being like that Devte. 




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1 hour ago, Suchi said:

Most are rumoured to be Muslims as they used tyres. 

Military and police were used as Gandhi claimed to have Russian intelligence of Pakistani support and infiltration. Both Pakistani and Chinese weapons were claimed to be found in the temple. 700 soldiers were killed according to Rajiv Gandhi. 


The armory is there. And used chinese and russian weapons are in everybody's gun closet. 

I didn't see any tanks rolling out of Harminder Sahib just into it. 

Who attacks a Gurudwara or Dharamsala, Mandir or Mosque etc period?

How many weapons you think Vatican city has?

And if you absolutely need to get somebody out of a holy place for some reason. Just seige it peacfully via bloackade and wait like saints. 

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Just now, Suchi said:

My late mother was an Arya Samaji which is Vedic so she never followed any rituals or prayed. She said one must watch ones thoughts  words and deeds at all times. Of course she was highly moral so led by example.  We attended churches gurdwara with friends for weddings etc.

My late father was an agnostic but he followed Mahatma Gandhi. He was converted to Sikhism as a child but was never interested in religion. He believed temples were corrupt. 

I was only introduced to Gayatri Mantra when I wanted to pay my respects on my mother's death anniversary so started going to the local temple.  I went to the gurdwara too but the temple was more friendly and sociable.  So I just decided to fit in so learned the hymns as I really enjoyed the music and tabla.

The rest I've learned through books and by attending discourses on Vedanta when I was in a crisis.

I'm finding it difficult to follow anything due to various reasons that I've already mentioned that severely impact my health to stop me progressing spiritually and with my legal attempts at redress. 

As I'm neither versed in Hindi Punjabi or Sanskrit I'm limited to English translations. So that is another limitation. 

But  I will look into your suggestions to try and understand more. 

An american physicist named Lester Levenson speaks from english perspective on basically Advaita Vedanata or just slightly beyond and just short of Gurmat. 

His student Larry Crane has a few concrete exercises on how to release which Lester talks about. 

It's a great reference and it will help you understand Vedanata experientially. 

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Just now, Suchi said:

Well Gandhi did get help from Thatcher and the SAS so who knows what the real agenda was? 

And Russia's intelligence turned out to be fake. Russia has admitted trying to subvert the country ever since independence. No doubt to prepare it for the NWO Communust state.

In the same way democrats and republicans divide and scare americans into a binary standstill the fsu and eu are fingers in a glove. I like that russia is the middle finger, but it's still in the wrong glove. 

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Just now, Suchi said:

But Punjab has been destroyed in the process. 

Mass conversion is going on. 

Drink and drug addiction being promoted. Regular skirmishes. Very sad. 

All things Sant Ji was working hard against himself. He also says a Brahman that promotes health and peace and follows the Vedas is his brother. 

Hindustan doesn't need christianity. It has some Muslims who should be left in peace, but hindustan is for Dharmi people. 

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1 minute ago, Suchi said:

But the agenda is to remove Dharma and replace it with something that is easy to control. Lots of different sects that invoke powers are not in the interest of the NWO as the AI program will be able to store snd share them. 

The NWO wants to remove our consciousness which is the real battle. Not just political. 

I agree. But in order to distract and destroy us we will be beseiged everywhere being kept scared and resource scarce and dependent and worried. 

So we will not only have to deal with things on a consciousness level but while under phsyical duress. 

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