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—— and Lust?

Guest Unknown Sikh

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Guest Unknown Sikh

So allow me to introduce my self (anonymously) I am a 16 year old boy. In Sikhism Lust is considered a sin. But I have been confused. People say ——- is wrong because of Lust. Lust is a sin because it takes your mind away from God, basically it makes you forget about God. And that is why it is considered a sin. And that is why I don’t ————-. But, I am confused because if Lust is considered a sin because it makes you forget about God, then isn’t technically anything that makes you forget God a sin? For example When I play video games, I tend to forget about God, but not permanently, I forget about God while playing video games, but playing video games isn’t a sin. But Lust makes you forget about God and me playing video games does too. So what’s the difference between those two. 

I know this discussion is all over the place , so let me simple it down. 

I ask kindly for people to answer these questions

1. As a Sikh, do we have to constantly think about God, like every second or minute of the day? 

2. What’s the difference between temporary forgetting God through Lust and temporarily forgetting God through other things such as Video Games, watching movies, doing Homework, playing a intense sport, etc. ? 

3. ——-

4. ——- 

5. finally, is forgetting God while doing other things, is forgetting God during those times a sin? 

6. Finally, If forgetting God is the sin then Do I have to remember God every second or minute of the day? Or can I remember God throughout the day while spending time doing other things ?

To everyone I mean no disrespect, I am just confused and curious. Please don’t ignore this form.


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Guest Guest
On 4/29/2021 at 7:00 AM, Guest Unknown Sikh said:

So allow me to introduce my self (anonymously) I am a 16 year old boy. In Sikhism Lust is considered a sin. 

You are right lust makes us forget God, but there is more to it. Over time last or (—) becomes addictive, it ruins your body and mind.

Gurbani tells us the purpose of this life is to meet god and escape the cycle of life/death forever. The 5 vices are like devils who constantly try to throw you off this journey.

This feeling inside you which makes you question ‘should I be doing this?’ - let this feeling guide you. This is Guru Sahib encouraging you to realise your true purpose in life.

You are young so tips would be;

- without fail spend small amount of time daily on waheguru simran. Yes we should remember him always but we have to start with small amount and build up

- don’t fuel lust by watching inappropriate content 

- keep good sangat, visit gurdwara and do regular seva

- exercise, eat healthy 

- appreciate this is a life journey. You’ll face many challenges and tests, but trust Gurbani to guide and give you strength 

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