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Gujarat Gov cant come to office as he is the 10th avataar of Vishnu

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I have this one solved too. Freebie for the indian government.

Gov. Interviewer: Let's see here...So we must continue to pay you..but you can't come in...because... let's see... you're..well well...the tenth avtar of vishnu... isn't that lovely.

10th avtar dude: Yes 

Gov. interviewer: Clearly! Just answer this one question and we should be done!

10th avtar dude: Yes...

Gov. Interviewer: What did five fingers say to the face?


Gov. Interviewer: Get back to work!




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36 minutes ago, jkvlondon said:

I seem to remember that Modi was claimed to be the 10th incarnation - I want to see the winner takes title fight !

With those phsyiques the rounds better be really short or we gonna see a couple of very winded vishnus. 

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