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With Maharaaj's Apaar apaar kirpa me and my wife have a house of our own. 

Before our Anand Karj I told my wife if she wants to move out, we can. If she wants to stay with in laws, we can. Now, being from India, brought up in a loving, caring, joyous family, Indian culture she didn't understand any of this "move out?" Business. After marriage, got in UK ALAS! She understood and was desperate for us to leave only after 3 months lol. 

I am 32 now. On looking back at 10 years I have a few regrets, why didn't I move out earlier? Why didn't I live on rent? Why didn't I look for jobs out of home town? My current job is full of badh and tutti (along with family life) but I made up for it by having a better personal/ social life.

Now, many of you reading I do have advice ONLY IF yer going/ been through a constant rough patch with your parents. It could be TOXIC RELATIONSHIP, Family do not agree with each other causing rifts. It can even be parents are CONTROLLING you at aged 24 plus?? IT'S NOT TOO LATE! The best thing always has an extremely first hard step. If you can see the hardships in your family MOVE OUT. If your wife is constantly unhappy AND you see why, know why, know parents are at fault MOVE OUT! End of the day, the bond between Husband and wife matters. 

This message is only for Couples who understand each other but in laws are being a problem by giving a constant grief. You cannot change your karma but you can certainly change your decisions. This much is in your hands. 

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3 minutes ago, dallysingh101 said:

I'm wondering how many generations this will last in the diaspora?  

It’s not even less common in India now, especially urban

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