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Rampur UP converting Sikh Window and minor Sons to Islam

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2 hours ago, SikhKosh said:

The bitter experience at the hands of the Indian Govt post partition have led us into a false sense of unity with other 'minorities', be it Muslims or Christians.

This while forgetting that both have been equally damaging to Sikhs both pre and post partition. The British tried to transform Harmandar Sahib into a church in the 1800s. Nowadays they have managed to convert so many Punjabis that they formed a Shiromani Church Parbandhak Committee besides building the largest churches in our Punjab and routine desecrations of our faith (see Pastor Harbhajan of Khojewal and others).

The turbulent Muslim-Sikh relations throughout the centuries are well known but the pain of 1984 seemingly mellowed down the wounds of 1947 in the minds of many. The current plight of Sikhs in Kashmir, Pakistan (FATA, Pakhtunkhwa or elsewhere), Afghanistan or at the hands of ISIS in Iraq is forgotten or conveniently ignored. Some of us will even go to the extent of linking RAW to the Islamically motivated terror attacks agains Sikhs. We have been opening up our Gurdwaras for their Iftar dinners,  azaan & prayers, but cry when our Gurdwaras are converted into mosques (Bhai Taru Singh Lahore and others). We can oppose RSS in everything but support Muslims even when they're converting Sikh (children) to Islam in Punjab (see AISSF declaration few years back), building mosques all over or opening up sharia panchayats in Punjab, India.

We can help Muslim (labourers) build their places of worship in our lands but not preserve historical & religious relics and architecture in the same lands (Mata Sundar Kaur Gurdwara in Bajwara, Hoshiarpur was in ruins last time I visited).

We have truly become a joke of a nation.

True. Ghazwe e Hind is what it is really about.



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