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muslim grooming gang canada girls 15 and 13 years 10 suspects

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Not a gang, but has relevance to this thread



Swansea man jailed after CCTV operator witnessed rape

1 hour ago
image captionTurkey Al-Turkey was told he would likely be deported after serving his prison sentence

A man has been jailed for more than eight years after a CCTV operator saw him raping a woman.

Turkey Al-Turkey, 26, of Cwm Level Road in Brynhyfryd, Swansea, attacked the woman outside the city's Civic Centre on 18 July.

Swansea Crown Court heard the victim had no recollection of the incident and a date rape drug may have been used.

Al-Turkey, an asylum seeker from Iraq, was sentenced to eight years and eight months after pleading guilty to rape.

The court heard Al-Turkey had been drinking limoncello and vodka with his victim on Swansea's promenade on the night of the attack.

The CCTV operator said he had seen the victim was intoxicated and unable to stand by herself, before he saw the attack take place as she lay motionless.

He used the council's loading bay public address system to shout: "Get off her. She's drunk. I'm calling the police."

Officers arrived at 01:40 BST and were not able to rouse the victim. Al-Turkey told officers she was asleep.

Swansea Crown Court
image captionAl-Turkey was sentenced at Swansea Crown Court

At the police station, she told officers she had no recollection of the events, but was told what the CCTV operator had witnessed after that interview.

Carina Hughes, prosecuting, told the court drugs had not been found in the victim's urine, but some substances, such as Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) are eliminated from the body more quickly, and their presence could not be excluded.

"Due to to her level of unconsciousness on CCTV, the prosecution felt it went over and above what we expected and anticipated from intoxication," she said.  

An alcohol sample measured 62mg of alcohol per 100ml of the victim's blood.

Rape 'killed the carefree version of myself'

A victim impact statement from the woman, who cannot be identified, was read out in court. It said: "What's happened to me cannot be erased and will remain with me for the rest of my life.

"He has killed the spontaneous, joyful, carefree version of myself and only time will tell whether these traits return in full.

"The only positive element all of this is that he has been caught and is now going to be dealt with so that he cannot hurt anyone else."

Another statement, from the CCTV operator, said he was struggling and kept replaying events in his mind.

Ms Hughes said it was "extremely rare" for attacks like this to be captured on CCTV or witnessed.

Judge Paul Thomas told Al-Turkey he had "serious misgivings" about whether the victim's condition was due to alcohol alone.

"She made it perfectly clear to you that she did not want a sexual relationship that evening but you plied her with drink so she became less and less able to stand or even to move unaided" he said.

"You took full advantage of the situation, putting your own sexual needs before any consideration of the impact upon her."

Al-Turkey was sentenced to eight years and eight months in prison and will be on the sex offenders' register for the rest of his life.

Due to his early guilty plea he will be eligible for release after six years.

The court was told Al-Turkey presented himself to the asylum unit in Croydon on the 19 November 2018 when he claimed to have just arrived in the United Kingdom.

Mr Thomas added: "Importantly I fully expect that you will be deported from this country immediately upon your release."

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Bloody suls. I try to avoid them like the plague.

CTV News reports that the eight people in custody first were Dr. Ziyaad Noor, 37; Mohammad Neirabani, 22; Mohammad Zafari, 20; Mahmoud Nirabani, 20; Fadi (Stawi) Chewi, 20; Abdulla Mohammed, 19; a 17-

What is with the downvotes?Had to check whether I was on Sikhsangat or jihad.com. A doctor is a sensitive position that gives him confidential private info on patients backgrounds. Very powerful


‘Predator’ abducted Woman & Raped her in Dead-end Road


An “opportunistic predator” abducted a woman away from her friends before raping her in a dark dead-end road.

Farhan Akoo, aged 30, of Ilford, was jailed for six years and nine months after he abducted a woman and raped her in a dark dead-end road.

He also stole the victim’s mobile phone so “she had no way of contacting someone for help” prior to the attack.

Inner London Crown Court heard that the horrifying attack took place in the early hours of November 25, 2018.

Akoo forced the woman into his car and drove her away from her friends at speed.

While doing so, he also stole her phone to prevent her from contacting any of her friends or emergency services.

Akoo also “repeatedly assaulted the victim” while he drove around the streets of London.

He eventually stopped the car on an unlit dead-end road and raped her.

At a trial in April 2021, Akoo was convicted of rape, kidnap with intent to commit sexual offences and three counts of sexual assault by penetration.

On September 3, 2021, Akoo was sentenced to six years and nine months in prison.

Detective Inspector Anna Rice, from City of London Police’s Public Protection Unit, described the incident as “appalling”

She said: “I’d like to commend the young victim who bravely came forward and reported these appalling crimes.

“Akoo is an opportunistic predator who took advantage of a vulnerable woman.”

“Akoo led the woman away from her friends and then took away her phone, meaning that she had no way of contacting someone for help.

“The victim has shown incredible bravery and co-operation throughout what must have been a very difficult investigation.

“I hope these sentences provide some form of closure and comfort knowing Akoo will be behind bars and be on the sex offenders register indefinitely.”

In a similar case, two restaurant workers abducted and raped a woman when she offered to pay them to take her home.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that the woman had lost her friend after a night out in Sunderland in 2016. Her phone battery had also died and she could not find a taxi to take her home.

She spotted Syed Ahmed and Najirul Miah parked outside a takeaway in a silver car. The woman believed they might be an unofficial taxi.

It was revealed they were loitering in Sunderland city centre looking to target women.

The woman offered them money for the journey to her home. Ahmed and Miah agreed and let her in the back of the vehicle.

However, they did not take her home. Instead, Ahmed drove to an isolated area and the two men took turns to rape her before abandoning her and driving off.

During the ordeal, the woman was told “you are going to have to do this”, “be a good woman” and “do as we tell you”.

Following their arrests, both men denied the offences which led to three trials taking place.

Despite continuing to deny any wrongdoing, they were convicted.

Ahmed was jailed for 11 years.

Miah was jailed for 12 years.

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Trainee GP jailed for Trying to Meet Girl aged 15


A trainee GP from Derby has been jailed for attempting to meet a 15-year-old girl who he had groomed on social media.


 September 7, 2021
Trainee GP jailed for Trying to Meet Girl aged 15 f


Trainee GP Jamil Rehman, aged 35, of Derby, was jailed for 20 months after he tried to meet a 15-year-old girl.

He had contacted the girl on social media, however, he did not realise he was messaging a fake profile set up by a paedophile hunter group.

In April 2019, he travelled four hours from the East Midlands to Carmarthen, Wales, to meet her.

Rehman had also booked a room after making comments to the girl about kissing and hugging.

Upon arriving, he was confronted by two members of the group, who called the police.

The subsequent investigation revealed that Rehman had contacted another 13-year-old girl, implying a meeting.

During his trial, trainee GP Rehman claimed he was “seeking to help vulnerable girls” and he wanted the 15-year-old to be his “tour guide to the beaches of Southwest Wales”.

He also said he had confused the word restaurant with hotel when arranging to meet her.

But in his car, police found orgasm prevention tablets and red roses.

The trainee GP said the pills were for his wife, who is expecting their third child later in 2021.

Rehman was found guilty of attempting to meet a child following grooming.

At Swansea Crown Court, Judge Paul Thomas QC said

“You came to West Wales from the Derby area where you were practising as a doctor.

“You came down here which, on my calculation, is a four-hour journey for one purpose and that purpose was to have full sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old girl.

“Your intentions were to have sexual intercourse with her.

“You claimed in the course of the trial to be concerned for the welfare of vulnerable girls.

“You did believe them to be vulnerable, which is why you targeted and attempted to groom them.

“As a man who was training to be a general practitioner, you would have known full well the potential impact of what you attempted to do.

“You were a married man, you simply wanted to use these underage girls for sexual purposes. You did lie about your age online and you did so deliberately.”

Judge Thomas said Rehman had made “a series of frankly ludicrous explanations to try and persuade the jury that your motivations weren’t sexual lust but were positively altruistic”.

He said Rehman, a Pakistani citizen on a work visa in the UK, had “clearly targeted” girls he thought were vulnerable.

Judge Thomas said: “As a man who was training to be a general practitioner, who as you revealed at trial had teenage girls as patients, you would have known full well the potential impact of what you intended to do.

“You did not intend any romantic relationship as you were a married man.

Rehman was jailed for 20 months and was placed on the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

Judge Thomas added: “I cannot conceive of a reason where you will be allowed to continue being a doctor and as such you are unlikely to be allowed to stay.”

After sentencing, Julie Jones, of the CPS, said:

“It is fortunate that Jamil Rehman did not meet any children in this case, but it serves as a stark reminder to everyone of the dangers that children can face on social media.

“The CPS built a strong case against Rehman resulting in the jury convicting him.

“Those convictions mean he is now registered as a sex offender.”

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Man who raped woman at pizza shop has shown no remorse, court told

The lawyer for a man who raped a teenager at a pizzeria has told a court why his client lacked judgment when committing the crime.

Lane SaintyLane Sainty
2 min read
August 20, 2021 - 4:33PM
NCA NewsWire

A man who raped a teenager at a south Sydney pizzeria had impaired judgment and acted impulsively due to his “deprived and brutalised” childhood in Iraq, his lawyer has told a court.

But the prosecution contended Ricardo Audish’s childhood did not diminish his responsibility for the crime, pointing out the married dad of three had shown no remorse at all.

Audish, 42, was found guilty earlier this year of raping an 18-year-old woman at a pizza restaurant in Lugarno in October 2016.

Prosecutors alleged at trial the woman was raped by Audish and two boys, aged 17 and 15, after she went to the pizzeria with her 17-year-old boyfriend to “have some weed”.

She had consensual sex with her boyfriend in the bathroom, after which he said to her “all the other boys want to have sex with you now”, and she replied “hell no”, the court was told.

The three teenagers have pleaded not guilty to charges over the alleged gang rape and are awaiting trial.

A man who raped a teenager at a south Sydney pizzeria had impaired judgment and acted impulsively, his lawyer said. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard

A man who raped a teenager at a south Sydney pizzeria had impaired judgment and acted impulsively, his lawyer said. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Gaye Gerard

Audish faced a sentence hearing on Friday in the NSW District Court where his barrister, Greg James QC, argued his traumatic childhood in Iraq had left him with PTSD and, in turn, a lack of judgment that lowered his moral culpability for the crime.

Mr James said Audish was not the instigator of events that night and the rape he committed was “opportunistic”.


It was in a “completely different ballpark” to a painstakingly planned crime, he said.

Audish was convicted of three counts of sexual intercourse without consent in company, one of the charges relating to his own rape of the woman and the other two over his presence when the woman was allegedly raped by the teenagers.

The barrister said there was no evidence Audish had caused the woman to take an intoxicating substance, and at point he had asked her if she was OK, indicating he was not “callous” towards her.

Crown prosecutor Kate Nightingale hit back at the suggestion the rape was “impulsive”, saying Audish, who was 37 at the time, had the capacity to make reasoned decisions.

She described the woman as so intoxicated she was “unable to stand up properly” before she was assaulted and said the criminal conduct lasted “at least about an hour”.

“The crown would say those were not impulsive acts at all,” Ms Nightingale said. “There was time for reasoned judgments.”

She urged Judge David Arnott to find Audish’s moral culpability was not reduced by his background.

Ricardo Audish arrives at the Downing Centre Court in Sydney. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Joel Carrett

Ricardo Audish arrives at the Downing Centre Court in Sydney. Picture: NCA NewsWire/Joel Carrett

His behaviour on the night as well as his conduct after the fact showed him “engaging in a very detailed course of behaviour”, she said.

Mr James acknowledged there would be “a significant sentence of imprisonment” but said Audish’s commitment to his family and church suggested he had good prospects of rehabilitation.

He argued Audish’s time in custody would be more onerous than the average prisoner due to his background and resulting mental health, his heart condition, and Covid-19 restrictions in prison.

Ms Nightingale said a big part of rehabilitation was remorse and contrition, and Audish had shown none at all.

She said of the victim: “She’s a young woman who has been greatly affected by these offences.”

Audish will be sentenced on August 27.


That Barrister should be embarrassed for making that statement in defence

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Man fined £400 for sharing intimate pictures of woman's herpes

Thu, 14 October 2021, 5:23 pm
WORCESTER, ENGLAND - AUGUST 28:  General view of Worcester Crown Court where six men and one woman are appearing after being charged for an acid attack on a 3-year-old on August 28, 2018 in Worcester, England. They appear charged with conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm over an acid attack on a three-year-old child on July 21 at Home Bargains on Shrub Hill Retail Park, Tallow Hill, Worcester. (Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)
The man was prosecuted at Worcester Crown Court. (PA)

A man has been fined after sharing pictures of a woman's herpes - believed to be the first revenge porn prosecution for disclosing images of an STI in the UK.

Badr Laabichi sent images to a friend and texted the victim, telling her: "I’m going to ruin your life."

On another occasion, 32-year-old Laabichi also grabbed another woman by the throat in front of a horrified witness.

He admitted disclosing a sexual photo and common assault when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Wednesday.

Laabichi, who has already served time on a curfew, was handed a 30-month community order and a three-year restraining order.

He was also ordered to pay the victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, £400 compensation.

The judge said Moroccan-born Laabichi would have his immigration status "reviewed".

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    • I miss my best pal. I was desolate when he passed away for quite a while (a few years!). Time (I found) does heal and attenuate the intensity of pain.  The busier you keep yourself, and thus from thinking about it, the better. You can't be stuck in constant grieving mode. The grief is heavily psychological, and you have to use a variety of tricks to focus elsewhere. Training helps. Keeping busy (as mentioned previously) helps. Hobbies help. Supportive friends who don't indulge you in excessive emotionality help. If you're going to mope about it for years, then you're not doing yourself any favours. You have to want to get over it, and not indulge in excessive emotionality after a while.  Even then, something will happen that brings them back to mind. But you have to keep moving. When the sun's out I always remember him, and what we'd get up to. I go past a place we used to go to (like a restaurant) and up he pops in my mind. But he's gone somewhere else now, and I'm here, and I have to deal with my own issues now. You have to be tough minded.  Try CBD btw.  
    • that sau sakhi tale is based on Guru Gobind Sigh's bachan after Singh was carried off battlefield unconcious and  injured by Musley and they cut his kesh and tried to convert him: bytrying to feed him  Halal Meat (please note those who think nothing of eating meat in 'halal friendly' eateries ) , doing sunat (circumcision) , reading shahada and even marrying/offering a muslim woman to him. Because he did not take the last option up Guru ji said he was NOT a muslim and could do pesh and rejoin his sikh bretheren.
    • https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/oct/18/pm-urged-to-enact-davids-law-against-social-media-abuse-after-amesss-death   Potentially an attack on our online freedoms. IF, this includes forums such as these, I will be very reluctant to post again   PM urged to enact ‘David’s law’ against social media abuse after Amess’s death Calls for crackdown on threats to public figures and an end to online anonymity   A notice keeps David Amess’s seat in the Commons free. Photograph: Jessica Taylor/AP   Jessica Elgot Chief political correspondent @jessicaelgot Mon 18 Oct 2021 19.59 BST             Boris Johnson is facing calls to enact “David’s law” to crack down on social media abuse of public figures and end online anonymity in the wake of the killing of Sir David Amess. Dozens of MPs paid tribute in the House of Commons on Monday to the veteran Conservative backbencher who was stabbed to death on Friday, shedding tears, sharing uproarious anecdotes and venting anger over his death.   While police are investigating whether there are any links to Islamist extremism and have not connected the killing to the targeting of MPs online, allies of Amess said he had voiced growing concern about threats and toxicity within public discourse as they demanded a crackdown. Campaigners have warned, however, that ending online anonymity could put whistleblowers and pro-democracy campaigners in authoritarian regimes at risk. Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, told the Commons that “civility in politics matters” but “we must not lose sight of the fact that David’s killing was an [alleged] act of terror on the streets of our country”. Mark Francois, who described Amess as one of his closest friends and his political mentor, vowed he would dedicate his time in parliament to overhauling the rules governing social media. Francois told the Commons he was “minded to drag Mark Zuckerberg [CEO of Facebook] and Jack Dorsey [CEO of Twitter] to the bar of the house … if necessary kicking and screaming so they can look us all in the eye and account for their actions or rather their inactions that make them even richer than they already are”. He said MPs should radically toughen up the pending online harms bill to prevent trolls and other abusers hiding behind pseudonyms. “In the last few years David had become increasingly concerned about what he called the toxic environment in which MPs, particularly female MPs, were having to operate in,” Francois said. “He was appalled by what he called the vile misogynistic abuse which female MPs had to endure online and he told me very recently that he wanted something done about it.”   A man understood to be Ali Harbi Ali is filmed on CCTV walking down a north London street last Friday. Photograph: Sky News Francois, the MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, which neighbours Amess’s Southend West constituency, added: “I suggest that if we want to ensure that our colleague didn’t die in vain, we collectively all of us pick up the baton, regardless of our party and take the forthcoming online harms bill and toughen it up markedly. “Let’s put, if I may be so presumptuous, David’s law on to the statute book, the essence of which would be that while people in public life must remain open to legitimate criticism, they can no longer be vilified or their families subject to the most horrendous abuse, especially from people who hide behind a cloak of anonymity with the connivance of the social media companies for profit.” Bernard Jenkin said MPs should also examine themselves when discussing civility in politics, a nod to some of the disturbing language used during Brexit debates. “Which of us has never felt fallen prey to feelings of contempt or lack of respect or unkindness towards those who oppose us? Which of us can honestly say we cannot do better?” He said kindness should be added to the seven principles of public life. “Henceforth, let kindness be known as the David Amess principle of public life.” Amess, an MP for 38 of his 69 years, was stabbed to death while holding his constituency surgery in an Essex church. Ali Harbi Ali, 25, was arrested at the scene and continues to be detained under terrorism laws. The government intends to pass an online safety bill introducing new obligations on social media companies to regulate illegal and harmful material – though there has been significant controversy over how that can be defined. Compliance will be monitored by Ofcom and the bill is expected to start its passage after pre-legislative scrutiny set to report back in early December. Paying tribute to “one of the nicest, kindest and most gentle individuals ever to grace these benches”, Johnson said Amess’s killing struck at the heart of the ordinary democratic work of MPs. “That Sir David spent almost 40 years in this house but not one day in ministerial office tells everything about where his priorities lay,” he said. “He was not a man in awe of this chamber, nor a man who sought patronage or advancement. He simply wanted to serve the people of Essex, first in Basildon, then in Southend. And it was in the act of serving his constituents that he was so cruelly killed.” Starmer said: “Even as a political opponent he was a man and a politician we could all learn much from. I use that phrase – ‘political opponent’ – very deliberately. Because David held his beliefs passionately but gently. I believe that not only can we learn from that but that we have a duty to do so. Civility in politics matters.” Starmer spoke to the parents of Jo Cox, the Labour MP murdered by a far-right terrorist in 2016, on Friday, he said. “I knew they would be reliving that terrible day. They said to me they were thinking of David’s family and how their lives would be changed forever,” he said. Cox’s widower, Brendan Cox, also said it was a moment to reflect on political discourse and a “day-to-day brutality with which our political debate is conducted, from increasingly regular death threats to online abuse”. The police team convened after his wife’s murder to investigate threats against MPs found 582 reports of malicious communications and handled 46 cases of harassment between 2016 and 2020, he said. Nine cases were classified as terrorism-related.
    • I have lost people in my life close to me. The feeling you have is emptiness.  The person filled a gap in your life which is missing.  In the modern world, we think of death of being separate from life, but it is in fact part of life. As you get older and you attend more funerals this is something you begin to accept. What death has taught me is that it is "finite" in this particular life that I am currently in now and I should be living it and live it better. If I live this life better and more fulfilled then I will either merge with the Akaal or live the next life at a better level.  Whatever Maharaj in his hukam has accepted for me is good. If I can leave this world accomplishing what I set out to prior to entering this life then I can leave this life with some level of Santhoki.  Your wife came into this world and set out to achieve whatever Maharaj in his hukam chose for her. She has achieved what she was set out to do and has moved to the next level. Cherish the moments you had with your wife. 
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