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indian bahmin journalist from delhi angry punjabi women sticking up for their culture and modesty

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Iss bahman nu problem tahin disda kionke koi navin 'simran' aank naal bhaine nu samaja rehi aa , kion avdi khadar jameen het rakh rehi aan? eh koi tariki nahin aa je tusi avdi izzat di khudh nilami kardi aan likes vaste . Je oh koi aavin geet gah lehndi jide vich Kaur nu befikar ho ke kanj4rpana vich diggo tan bahman ne essdi gunn likhda . Sadde ginte duniya 'ch ghat rehi aa kionke musle te bahman dono love jihad shuru kitta . Apni betian te bhainaa nu khudh jaggana hoga te sikhi bare sikhauna hoga

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This is embarrassing to say but there is an influx of Sikh girls starring is south indian B grade softcore films with full blown kissing and implied love making scenes while wearing Kara playing the role of a Sikh girl. You go look at their Instagram page and at the top will be a Gurbani Tukk and below half naked pics of her and also pics with the family with dad being full keshdari. What is their thought process I don't understand. This Simran Kaur is doing great. Nothing wrong in shaming shameless people.

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