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What is the right age to get married?

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That's a big no. Make sure you are financially independant and never rely on the man for money. Seen that happen too many times and it ends up fcking the woman and kids up without them realising. 

I'm thinking of creating a marriage app for Sikhs who are reluctant to get married but are being badgered by their parents to find a partner. I'm naming it, Hide and Sikh. 😅

Forgive me Jio. Lol. I loved the part where I said not to convert people to Sikhi. We all did in fact! I mean if they have a thing for us that bad or want the real debate they can take the mask o

2 minutes ago, GurjantGnostic said:

It's okay to be whatever wretch you are. But what is important is you understand Gurbani, Gurmat, Ithias and can distinguish between Sikhi and you. And not change the first to suit the lower standards of the latter. 


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On 11/14/2021 at 4:38 PM, Jassu said:


As I get older, the thoughts of marriage can’t seem to stop going away. Unfortunately even though I’m Punjabi and a Sikh (still trying to become the best Sikh I could possibly be) I don’t come from a normal Sikh family. We don’t really have contact with our family and my mum is a single mother. My mum is also not religious and she doesn’t care who I marry. We’re also not in a good financial situation.  I’m wondering how can I possibly find a Sikh man who can look past that? Because as we know family is quite important in Sikhi.


i dont think any sikh man cares about you coming from a single parent home, not having an extended family, or your family's financial condition.  seriously.   you clearly don't know many sikh people?

in fact not having to deal with your extended family/ relatives is a bonus.  and its not like any man expects his wife to be the breadwinner.  you mum sounds very relaxed and that too is a bonus.  better than an overly formal, interfering mother-in-law.

good on your for wanting to marry in your religion.  


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