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Being as bored as I am right now, I've decided to start a story thread where each member who drops by here has to give his/her input by contributing to the story. You can tell your bit of the story in either English or Punjabi. So let's begin......

One fine afternoon, Mehtab and Vicky Singh veerjee were exploring the streets of Dubai together when________________

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Unfortunately the ambulance was driven by Bibi Anjaan Kaur who after being banned from driving in the UK had been advised by her Massi Nihalo that driving in Dubai is 'easy peasy'. Bibi Anjaan then rams the ambulance into Balait Da Sher who is in Dubai to shop for his forthcoming wedding_____

( This is a good thread. Lets try and add as many forum members as possible and make it feature stuff that we know about him from other threads ie Anjaan's bad driving and Balait's forthcoming wedding )

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All of a sudden Mehtab Singh started shouting out in pain. Mkhalsa yelled "CUTTTT!!!!!!!"

Everyone looked at him as he started yelling about how they all read the script wrong and the movie was supposed to be about singhs in the 1700's.

"Doesn't anyone I know, know how to read? or act?" Thinks Mkhalsa.

All of a sudden ______________________

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The hot shot studio executive Japnaam Singh arrives and scolds Manjot Singh for not being on schedule with the project.

Japnaam Singh yells "You get this project done within the next week or you're FIRED!" :wub: @

Japnaam Singh walks off egotistically, randomly firing lowly studio employees because he thinks they're "looking at him weird",

And then out of nowhere....

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...but gets rejected coz he is a clown and people wouldn't take his role in a Sikh movie too seriously. So he decides to ________

( ps : why is everyone always after Mehtab Singh! reminds of Everybody loves Raymond...lets make a Punjabi one...everyone bugs Mehtab LOL.gif )

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Realize Vikram Singh would make a better TV show and forget about all the other stuff.

Meanwhile, back at the movie set, Vicky Singh was putting on his Batman costume while Mehtab Singh put on his Robin Cape.

"WAIT A MINUTE" yelled Manjot Singh, "THIS ISNT A SUPERHERO MOVIE!! MEHTAB SINGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Mehtab Singh starts smiling and says "Sorry" and starts to put on his bana. Meanwhile Balait da sher walks up and says __________________

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    • I didn’t say there is no racism in the Uk or that there is no casteism in Panjab.  I have family back home involved in politics so I have primary sources for my info as well.  I think with all respect, you are the one ‘talking shyte’ here. Again, to address directly the main points of the original post of this thread, it’s not just jatts in high positions and there are already quotas. I agree casteism is a major obstacle for Ekta in the Panjabi Sikh community. But, for example, more qualified people from ‘higher castes’ (including Tarkhans I think) cannot get jobs or university places because they go to the ‘scheduled castes’ first .
    • To me that's like saying because Priti Patel and Rishi Sunak are where they are, there is no racism in the UK.  You talk shyte. 
    • Akaal Takht Jathedar is from a ‘low caste’ Same with recent ex-Chief Minister Channi. There have been quotas in place for many years to ensure ‘lower castes’ get many reserved political seats and (from my understanding) the same with senior Religious positions. Same for government jobs and university places in general. You have made a topic and points here which are quite inaccurate and misleading
    • I think nonjut Sikhs should just wait for these retards to hang themselves.  They say if you give a fool enough rope they'll hang themselves....I think they are halfway into that process already. Generally they are too retarded to have any even remotely constructive or intelligent conversation/negotiation with (as the forum has shown over the last decade).  Let's watch the inevitable show.   Hopefully it will be more interesting and stimulating than this one:        
    • With the jat Sikhs making the majority in Punjab and having the most power . IE in terms of politics and also religiously. IE all major people controling and running the Gurdwaras being from this demographic. Should other castes be give some kind of quota for top jobs so we can have more equality and diversity in the Punjabi society and social strata. Or are they to power hungry and unable to share?  I think that is the only way of achieving a strong United Punjab instead of one where there is to much in fighting and resentments.   
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