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Time to send children over for year to get education?

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15 hours ago, Redoptics said:

I think we should send our children for year to be educated in Punjab, so they understand  Sikhi culture, grow a bond with their homeland,  learn to read/write Gurmukhi.  

I have noticed a few of these parchar on YouTube spent a lot of years back home. Jagraj Singh from basics of Sikhi  and Satpal Singh both are two that come to mind.

I know Muslims used to do this back in the day, dont know about now.

Seen a few posts about the youth of today, and this popped in my head.

Where and at what age ?

Pind school ?

Miri Piri Academy ?

India can be difficult to get used to. Also, the summers are very harsh and the worst of the winters are not easy either

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On 1/19/2022 at 4:51 PM, Redoptics said:

I'm not sure at where, age 5-8 ? Apparently its easier to absorb information at a younger age. 

Yes India can be harsh, I am just spit balling atm lol 😆 

I think most who returned India briefly was unplanned with regards to the education; returning was because they thought they would return India permanently, or they had some family reason to return for less than a year. Think this happened mainly in 80's and 90's

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