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Kashmiri girls in Punjab/Chandigarh

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Guest 100

Can someone who knows this language (Kashmiri) translate this to English please. It’s something about Kashmiri girls in Punjab/Chandigarh having relations with Sikhs. 




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On 1/28/2022 at 5:15 PM, Guest guest said:

please guys never take advantage of any girls, whatever religion and wherever they are from.

if you're not going to marry her, leave her alone.

And remember. An equal number of women are predators. Don't be blind bro, with the, women are the nutururers, victims to be saved, damsels in distress. Sometimes yes, but at a rate equal to men they're predators too bro. Yet another reason to not mess around. 

Don't take advantage of anybody and don't let anybody take advantage of you either. Lot of sob stories out there. 

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