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Panjab Politics Thread


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On 3/14/2022 at 3:06 AM, proactive said:

The only criticism he has had is that he touched the feet of Kejriwal, while not something that would raise any objections if done in non-political life but everything that a politician does is seen from a political angle. The general perception being that Bhagwant Mann will do what he is told by Kejriwal and Punjab will be ruled by Kejriwal by proxy, such an image of his touching Kejriwal's feet is seen as evidence of his willingness to play the role of Kejriwal's puppet. 

Mann has more power in Punjab as CM  than  Kejriwal has as Delhi CM. History is full of examples where someone set up to be a puppet actually went and become more powerful than the puppet master. If Bhagwant Mann has any sense then he will understand that he was elected to be Punjab CM and not as Kejriwal's puppet. Kejriwal is a well known control freak, his shenanigans prior to 2017 elections nearly destroyed AAP in Punjab and eventually his decisions stopped the party from winning Punjab in 2017. Although Kejriwal might think that Punjab 2022 was his victory, the general opinion in Punjab is that AAP won because of Bhagwant Mann being announced as their CM candidate. After 2017 election due to Kejriwal trying to control AAP in Punjab there was a revolt by some of their MLAs. When the next issue comes up which with pit Punjab against the Delhi Durbar what Bhagwant Mann does will show whether he is a gaddar or not. I can see a rift between Punjab and Delhi in the next few months especially as there is no one in AAP in Delhi like Jarnail Singh who passed away last year to keep the two divergent pieces of the party together. No one to keep Sikh AAP in Punjab linked with Hindu AAP in Delhi. 

Oh Dear! Not even been two weeks and he's already a Hindu Puppet? 

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5 minutes ago, proactive said:

This haram.zada wanted the Congress to win, the same Congress that committed genocide against us, we should welcome him and his son moving out, two less Muslay in Punjab is a good thing. 

lol i know that but in the replies you see many Sikhs saying yeah we are all moving out or I'm sending all my kids abroad. That was my point. I know how he wants Congress to win even though they did nothing but harm Sikhs but oh well.

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7 minutes ago, proactive said:

I won't be losing any sleep over it. If this is causing this much panic among Muslims then imagine what would happen if they got the same treatment in non-Muslim countries that their co-religionists give out to non-Muslims in countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

Muslims love secularism where they are a minority but where they are a majority they only want Sharia. 

oh 100% for sure. They were crying over Sikhs electing AAP in punjab saying AAP is RSS in disguise but wanted us to elect the same party that literally genocided us and put innocent Sikhs in jail. Like none cares about us but think its our moral duty to do things that are good for others at our own expense. None was talking at this level when Sikhs were systematically killed.

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    • Please don't look for medical advice on forums like this. Go and see a doctor, and I mean a proper doctor, not some desi quack. 
    • Don't worry about the children. As a respected and fun uncle you will have more influence on them than their mother and her superstitious beliefs. Also the kids will be growing up in the west, attending gurudware which will make then more like us westerners. Also when hanging out with the future kids you can build tolerance in them by inocukating them against the pandit stuff. Like pandits think they can predict human behavior from planets that is the fake study of astrology. Don't disparage the mom though when discussing these things. Just say our Gurus have taken us out of this mess of fear and connected us directly with the source. And say we are lucky to be born in the age of science. We can look for explanations etc Keep the peace in the family. Your brother does need to speak up. But the rest of the family should not. So just let it be. We don't need broken homes or high divorce rates in the community. Sabar is a good quality. Let the mother do the hard work of nurturing the kids. Then you take over the kids mental, spiritual education.  Also don't teach the kids to go against the mother.  Teach the kids to humor her.  Like she wants you to wear a red thread on Tuesdays, how funny.  Try it kids what's the harm its useless.   Panjabis are our biggest asset.  They are good at making money and having kids.  Most of us in the west ain't getting married or have depression or 1 kids max before we done because we have lame jobs or are not willing to work hard.   Let the panjabis multiply, we can recruit kids from that during camps etc
    • Go to a doctor and have tests done. Seems like a hormonal issue.  You are not producing Testosterone is my guess . Hopefully due to a reversal cause like tumor in your pituitary gland. Or your body making to much of another hormone like prolactin.    
    • Look, the same points you made about Gujarati Kenyans, I can say the same thing about Sikh/Punjabi Kenyans. They were more educated on average than immigrants direct from India.  I worked with a Gujarati from India and he told me that Gujaratis are not known for being educated.  Compare Gujaratis from Kenya to Punjabis from Kenya and also Gujaratis from India to Punjabis from India. 
    • Stop marrying these Punjabans and shipping them over to the West. There's no excuse for it in this day and age. You're not getting an obedient, dutiful, demure female from over there. They don't respect Western born guys unless they're complete gundeh, in which case they bring a who!e new set of problems to the table. The common religion between the two parties is a misleading trait. It's irrelevant. Cultural values and upbringing is where it's at. Baba and dera culture has spiralled out of control in Punjab. It's a miracle to find a family that isn't into this stuff. Your brother needs to make her see sense. He needs to lead and be worth following. He needs to stop hiding behind mummy and daddy, and grow a pair so that the wife's previous beliefs, whatever they are, she willingly discards in favour of her husband's values. A woman automatically does this when she perceives her man is worth deferring to. If she's playing up, she's detected a weakness, and she's exploiting it. So the problem of her running around after pandits is irrelevant. The issue is that your brother has been unable to put an end to this bukwaas for the sake of stabilising his married life and home. That's his fault.
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