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Some home truths for Ravi Singh Khalsa Aid

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1 hour ago, proactive said:

Let me refresh your memory, You wrote  Khalsa Aid by being a charity that helps all and not just Sikhs is likely to get more donations because non-Sikhs will also donate to it and thus it will have more money at hand with which to possibly help Sikhs than if it was solely a Sikh charity which would restrict its donations to just Sikhs. I showed that they get the vast majority of donations from Sikhs ONLY anyway (98% in 2017) so your contention is false and I have shown clearly it is false.

What Ravi Singh has successfully done is subvert both the concept of Langar and the concept of Daswand. Our community in the early 2000s instead of challenging him allowed the subversion and now the next generation do not even realise what Langar and Daswand is. 



Pasted below is exactly what I wrote. Please point to where I said anything about "non-Sikhs" donating.


"The criticism of Ravi Singh is ridiculous.

Here is why:

If he devoted 100% of his charitable efforts to Sikh causes, Khalsa Aid would bring in only a small fraction of what it does in donations. More people are likely to donate to a charity that presents itself as serving all kinds of people all over the globe.

So basically, Ravi Singh spending X% of whatever Khalsa Aid brings in right now probably ends up being more than if Ravi Singh spent 100% of what would be a MUCH smaller pot of donations on Sikh issues."

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