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12 farmers commit suicide in Punjab


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No Financial regulations in India. If there are some then they are not put in work. Loan sharks are more easily available. Bank loans are not there for them. City elites discriminate against rural folks and all farming vendors/networking are being controlled by these city elites. Not everyone is aware of finance terms/agreements and due to Lack of education not everyone can understand it. Farmers take bad loans and then they pay it with their life. There is no collective farming (like Israel do). 

Farmers agitation happened and they repeal the laws. Good. Now what? They are dropping all of their stuff at the Adani warehouse only because the unloading facilities are the best as comparable with other vendors in market. (Not the good rates). So, all these protests for what result? Giving business back to the same guy who made the laws. Imagine Jews driving around mercedes soon after world war 2 (somee still don't drive german cars). 

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Professor Sahib make a very deep and sincerely heartfelt point in relation to the likelihood of Sikhs becoming a minority in Punjab by the 2031 census (just like we already are in Doaba despite many of the Sikh Diaspora having roots there).

However, emigration by Sikhs from Punjab will not end any time soon.

What we as Diaspora Sikhs need to do is financially support parchaar and integration of Bihari's and other poor non-Sikh communities in Punjab into the Panth as primarily sehajdhari Sikhs with of course Amritdhari's from the most committed.

Pakistan (and Muslim countries more generally) actively support emigration as state policy (via assistance) as it raises foreign currency reserves and remittances from the Diaspora, whilst the Muslim home country still grows strongly in population due to a high fertility rate TFR whilst gaining greater political and financial clout in the West.

Amritpal Singh is absolutely correct in what he says but aman-shanti is essential in east Punjab as RAW uses disturbances to disrupt inward investment into Punjab and hence why the top state economically has become a laggard. But via NRI Sikhs investments and decent governance in Punjab the next 5 years the economy there ought to grow by 50%

@ Dally Paji given that the major export commodity of Punjab (wheat) is purchased by Delhi for half the price it openly sells for on the open market globally (imagine the Muslims selling oil at half price and their economies failing as a result) then how would you foresee suicides ever ending in such a scenario (in the absence of parchaar that suicide and hunger strikes are not condoned by Sikhi)?

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