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The Modern Anand Karaj

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Also, can we also touch on the fact that Havans were a common practice amongst Puratan Sikhs? It seems like the Puratan sampardas (Nirmala, Udaasi, Namdhaari, and Nihangs) have preserved the practice. However, it's only really the Nihangs that evolved and adopted the modern Anand Karaj despite doing havans for other reasons such as jaaps of Brahm Kavach. 

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7 hours ago, dharamyudh said:

Interesting. According to Suraj Prakash, SatGuru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji Maharaj had a Haavan wedding. 

Guru Sahib probably did, but again we can't do everything that Guru Sahib did and assume it's ok for us to do the same. We follow the Gurus hukam as Sikhs, not copying what he does, and Guru Sahib's hukam is "Anand viah binaa grahist nahee karnaa" (Not having marital affairs without Anand Karaj)

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