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2 hours ago, Kau89r8 said:

Any research on Canada Punjabi artists, Ap dhillion etc..over there you have  Singhs openly doing sharab weed in music videos 

AP Dhillon is just a typical jut panchoda. No mystery there. 

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The best of UK and Canada 😂    

Wearing a shirt saying "see a singh, salute a singh" while dancing like a buffoon to a song about alcohol Wonderful.

@dallysingh101 @proudkaur21 @MisterrSingh

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10 hours ago, dharamyudh said:

Full version is worse man 😂


I'm trying not to depress myself bro. So I'm not going to watch it. 

Plus this is all very alien to me. Not what I know - and I'm keen on keeping it that way........ 

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The real problems of Punjab are caused by corruption at the highest level:


5500 cr worth of 718 kg of high-quality heroin seized in Punjab in last week

400 plus people arrested and 282 FIR registered

the main source of heroin is from Pakistan

Drugs heat from Mumbai had shifted to Punjab. 

When u say nothing happening in SSR case, rest assured it is a huge nexus to be cracked and Pakistan involvement is massive


Understand the real meaning of Bhang Ra.

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On 4/30/2022 at 8:37 PM, dallysingh101 said:

What's holding Sikhs back?




You know I posted this without watching it. I just skimmed through it, and to my horror, it's worse than I could've imagined.....so this is modern jut culture....it's so bad it's funny:


Jut wakes up in his mansion to a bunch of scantily clad 'French Maids':




He needs help getting his clothes on, so a couple more sexy maids show up.......











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One b1tch brings him his tray of bling!




The thing that's equally hilarious and scary about this, is that there is going to be a new generation of jut fudhoos raised up watching this. I don't know what effect this will have on their simple brains? 

The video gets better btw!




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Look how sh1t this 'culture' is. Imagine what effect having these people as a majority in the panth must be? 

Look at 2.54 onwards, they've even dragged in some keshdhari kids in.........

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On 4/28/2022 at 9:05 PM, SinghPunjabSingh said:

The Sikh Panth will only really flourish when those from Malwa and Majha become a minority representation within a global Sikh Panth.


I used to think most amritdharis are from there. 

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2 hours ago, Not2Cool2Argue said:


I used to think most amritdharis are from there. 

Probably meant majority. Or if he did mean minority then he might have a point. The Malwa and Majha adherents are representing quite strongly, but.. I find it to be incredibly basic. Their parchaar caters to the pendu mindset; the unthinking, obedient, simple, "trust your babeh / know your place" mindset. They're loud and passionate, but they tend to discard the beauty and nuance of Sikhi. Just my opinion.

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