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Sikh man facing beheading in Saudi Arabia

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23 hours ago, Ranjeet01 said:

potentially there is another 5th column that threaten to break India in Punjab if they are allowing these franchises. 

That would be cutting their nose to spite their face.

Simple reason Ranjeet is to decisively end any aspirations for Khalistan.

Regardless of the fact that only a minority of Sikhs ever articulated in support of Khalistan. 

After 1984, RAW realised that most Sikhs were so enraged by the Congress Genocide of Sikhs that in the immediate aftermath of June 1984 and November 1984 it was safe to say that most Sikhs had concluded privately that Indira Gandhi had no moral authority or haq to have any connection or control over the Sikh Qaum.

At that point Sikhs were around 63% of the east Punjab population and were on an upward demographic trajectory with only one united Gurdwara per pind. Furthermore, the Muslims and Christians together were collectively around 2%.

And of the remainder 35% of so-called government defined Hindu's around 15% of those were non-Punjabi agricultural migrants who often attended their local village Gurdwara's and most of the indigenous so-called Hindu Punjabi's actually attended Gurdwara's too (and many could and should have been considered Nanakpanthi Sikhs).

In other words out of indigenous Punjabi's the Sikhs were at least 75% plus majority with an even higher percentage of Sikhs in the villages (more like 90%) which is why incidentally the anti-Sikh pejorative of "pendu" has been heavily promoted by anti-Sikh forces in recent years in order to make Sikhs hate our own mother tongue and denigrate the overwhelmingly village background of most Sikhs.

Bear in mind 1984 was a time when seven Amritdhari brothers from Patiala (whose previous family surname was Sharma) died in front of Indira Gandhi's tanks at Sri Darbar Sahib so even so-called Hindu Punjabi's were trending towards the logic and Truth of Sikhi over time.

So the playbook employed upon east Punjab is that the Sikhs are the biggest threat to Delhi (not the Muslims nor the Christians).

Furthermore, remember that the BJP controlled states all have around 15 to 25% of their respective populations as Muslims.

So with the Indian army having an Army budget of $70billion (ten times what it was back in 1984) the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) are not overly concerned by a potential 10% Muslim minority in east Punjab so long as that helps leave Sikhs a minority there as a result.

As Sikhs are seen as the main threat in east Punjab and indeed within India as we see from June 1984.

The Abrahamic religions are foreign religions with foreign names and foreign loyalties. The word Hindu is an Arabic word. Sikhi is a word from Sanskrit and our Sikh names are indigenous names of primarily Sanskrit origin. Furthermore our Panj Piare were from as far and wide as Dravidian south India, from Odisha in western India, from Dwarka Nagar in Gujarat, from Uttar Pradesh and from Sialkot. So if Sikhi were to gain traction among 250 million so-called Dalits and 1,000 million poor people in India falsely defined as "Hindu's" by the Government enumerators for votebank politics then Hindutva as a concept and divide and rule tactics by the corrupt power structure would end in a self-ruled majority Sikh country with a population of 1.4 Billion.

Ghar wapsi is all well and good in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat etc. However, to those who perceived Sikhs as the biggest threat to the country by launching and applauding (in the case of the BJP) the Congress Genocide of Sikhs it pays no dividends to discourage Muslims and Christians in east Punjab when they dementedly consider Sikhi a bigger philosophical threat to their corrupt interests within India among non-Abrahamic Dharmic people.

With respect to the apartheid franchises devised by Indira Gandhi and Zail Sin, the reason behind that initially was that Nehru had detached the equivalent of what now in 2022 constitute today 100million erstwhile sehajdhari Sikhs outside of Punjab away from Sikhi in the 1951 census (ie 100million Nanakpanthi Sikhs of leatherworking ancestry like Dhan Dhan Baba Ravidas Ji Maharaj and Shaheed Bhai Sangat Singh Ji (leader of the Sikh fauj at Guru Sahib's behest), of Bhangi ancestry like Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji, of Kabirpanthi Sikhs (like Dhan Dhan Baba Kabir Ji Maharaj), Satnami Sikhs, indigenous Assamese Sikhs, various adivasi Sikhs, Vanjara Sikhs, Sikligar Sikhs, Sindhi Sikhs etc, etc, etc.

Within Punjab in order to oppose the Punjabi Suba demands at least 1million erstwhile (often illiterate) Sikhs primarily in the Doaba belt were conned and/or financially persuaded between 1951-1966 to register their children with the surnames of Ram, Kumar, Devi and Rani and to declare their mother tongue as Hindi as a result.

Fast forward to the 1970's when Indira Gandhi and Zail Sin were hellbent upon opposing the Anandpur Sahib resolution, which called for a United States of India (based upon upon a federal model) in which the Indian Army, foreign affairs and a single currency (Rupee) would continue (but with an increased greater number of Sikhs being chosen upon merit in the Armed Forces rather than restricted according to their demographic weight of 2% at the time).

So Sanjay Gandhi and Zail Sin came up with the brainwaves of promoting the Nirankari's and also setting in train the concept of apartheid based Dera's which was put into full motion after 1984.

So long story short, if you make an indigenous people a minority in their own homeland (Sikhs were obviously always a minority in all districts of Punjab prior to 1947) then they can hardly have any realistic aspirations of independence in the current time.

The natives in Canada, the natives in America, the Aborigines in Australia, the Tibetans in Chinese occupied Tibet, the Maori in New Zealand to give five easy examples are not about to get their independence back any time soon.

The Anandpur Sahib Resolution which was a brilliant patriotic concept of federalism was opposed for no rhyme nor reason as the opponents of Sikhs knew that Punjab as the strongest state economy in India would flourish even more and that Sikhi would inevitably grow alongside that as Sikhs were the foremost opponents of Indira Gandhi during the Emergency period (despite demographically being a small minority in the Indian population).

However, the terrorist Indira Gandhi and RAW saw Sikhs as the number one enemy (over and above Pakistan and Muslims or Christians in India) and decided to attack in June 1984 in order to crush and eradicate Sikhi from Indian soil and ensure another general election victory.

By introducing apartheid dera's to a population which was solidly united in the aftermath of 1984 and encouraging the growth of Islam and Christianity in Punjab via state support is a silent non-headline grabbing form of Genocide.

If, as RAW desires, 5-6 million of today's Sikhs of Ravidasi and Mazhabi heritage are successfully rebranded by the powers that be as tomorrow's Hindu Chamar and Hindu Balmiki votebank then at a stroke Sikhs will be a minority in Majha and Malwa (and left as around a 30% minority in east Punjab which is around where we were prior to August 1947 in Majha, Malwa and Doaba), all the while whilst Pakistani puppets like Pannun are milking naive Sikhs with pathetic sham referendums.

The only way Sikhs can stop the rot is by ensuring the success of the Ik Nagri Ik Gurdwara campaign which aims to ensure only one Gurdwara per pind in Punjab (and locality in the west) and the end to associated matrimonial apartheid which it has promoted and enhanced which is leaving the Sikh birth rate in tatters and far below replacement level at 1.61 TFR for Sikhs. 

We need to focus on the poorest Sikhs within our community, on the poorest Hindu Punjabi's, on the poor non-Abrahamic agricultural workers from the same blessed land as Shaheed Bhai Jiwan Singh Ji and Dasam Pita along with the 250 million so-called Dalits outside Punjab and the 1,000 non-Abrahamic poor people in India who are falsely labelled as Hindu's by the BJP in order to cement votebank politics.

If we do that Sikhs can be a 90% majority in east Punjab and the largest indigenous non-Muslim community in India of 100million plus by the middle of this century and controlling the reins to a $42trillion economy (as opposed to a small demented cabal of corrupt Hindutva crooks).

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2 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

So it's agreed that Sikhs in Punjab are heading for a world of trouble by swinging open the doors to Muslims; trouble which our people could easily avoid if they weren't clowns, but because they're misguided fools they will have to undergo the obvious trauma and horrors that Islam has in store for them in order for them to learn their lessons?

I think we've been so traumatised by the Indian state's actions from the 80s onward, we've leapt into the arms of an enemy who some of us have forgotten were the original enemy! But even the word "trauma" implies we're victims of circumstances or powerless denizens without any agency of our own, which is complete rubbish considering the size of the Sikh-Punjabi ego and other areas on which we try to exert our presence.

I guess the average Sikh in Punjab hasn't come across the saying, "The enemy of my enemy is not my friend."

Let them deal with their shyte like we all have to deal with our shyte. Hard lessons are the most important ones to learn.  Plus those of us outside, we have to generally deal with messes made by others, back home people generally have to deal with the kilhaaraa they've made themselves.  

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On 5/24/2022 at 2:37 PM, kuldipk123 said:


Million pound bet she'll be forced to wear a Hijab shortly after the marriage and will be banned from seeing her skimpily dressed family members.

I'm tired of these attacks on our community, would they make such articles on suls? We're an easy target.

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On 5/23/2022 at 10:57 AM, dallysingh101 said:

Like we've been seriously promoting Sikhi dharam. Most of us here should frankly face what vacuous stuff has been promoted for the last few decades. 

 Punjabi Bhangra GIFs | Tenor

Competition for Sikh vote: Canada's quiet surrender to Khalistanis - The  Economic Times


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1 hour ago, ChardikalaUK said:

Million pound bet she'll be forced to wear a Hijab shortly after the marriage and will be banned from seeing her skimpily dressed family members.

I'm tired of these attacks on our community, would they make such articles on suls? We're an easy target.

I think she's just a 'liberal' . This has resulted from poor upbringing /failure to teach Sikh values by her parents. She should not identify herself as a Sikh.

And, if YOU are reading this, Minreet 'Kaur' - YOU are a SELLOUT for promoting this Interfaith bakwaas

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I know of a Hindu girl, a really nice liberal naïve trusting secular type, who married a pak sullah. Her kids don’t go to the Mandir, they go only to the Mosque. Also the guy’s mother told her that they were going to make proper Muslims out of the kids.

Logically he will have had to pretend that he respected all religions when he was wooing her, if only implicitly.

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18 minutes ago, abhinav said:

I know of a Hindu girl, a really nice liberal naïve trusting secular type, who married a pak sullah. Her kids don’t go to the Mandir, they go only to the Mosque. Also the guy’s mother told her that they were going to make proper Muslims out of the kids.

Logically he will have had to pretend that he respected all religions when he was wooing her, if only implicitly.

Women usually convert to man's religion, the only time it's really odd is when Sikh men marry outside and the women still practices whatever they believe in.

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    • If I'm not wrong ( I may make some mistakes in what I write in the following sentences, do cross check)  Deep Sidhu's party Waris Panjab De is made to handle issues faces by the Panth and Punjab, example ensuring electricity in villages, parchaar of Sikhi, clean water supply and so on. Amritpal Singh Sandhu is the Jathedar of the party now. He came to Punjab a few months ago and his getting this attention because of how much he is attending to Panth issues. He took Amrit  a few days ago if I'm not wrong, at Anandpur Sahib and his parchaar of Sikhi was so powerful that approximately 950 Singhs took Amrit with him. He is in the support of Khalistan as well. So because of all the issues he is talking about, it's making a big effect on the youth and people are joining him in big numbers. So because he is joining Sikhs with Sikhi, there are 2 narratives being spread about him, "he is an ISI funded agent" or he is a " Indian government agent". But in true fact, he is Vaheguru ji's Agent 😀🙏 Bhul Chuk Maf ji 🙏 Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh 
    • What I don't understand is how come he is getting all this attention? Is it something that he did or said? Or is he related to some popular personalities perhaps? Also, what is the objective of Deep Sidhu's organisation that he's said to be heading?
    • https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2022/10/05/us/california-family-kidnapped.amp.html So sad, he even killed the baby. 
    • You are falling for their trap. They want us to be divided. 
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