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9 hours ago, proudkaur21 said:

jalandhar is like 70-80% Hindu and has high amount of dalits. Also they keep saying he is building the Church since past 3 4 years now. Not sure if it has been built yet or no. If you ever go to Jalandhar area you will ask yourself if you are even in Punjab.

"Lower castes" have been converting to Christianity since the British times from Hinduism, Islam and Sikhi. Some end up converting back. In Pakistan, there is a community called "Deendar". They're Muslim Dalits who became Christians during the British Raj and they became Muslim again after independence. 

I found this on Christian history in Panjab 

"A group of female Christians from the “Chuhara” community outside a Punjabi Church in Sialkot. Taken in 1909.

Termed as the “Holy Spirit Movement” or simply the “Chuhra Movement” by the Sialkot Missionaries, the mass conversion of the “Chuhra” community (who were regarded untouchables and the lowest of all castes) into Christianity reached its peak at the beginning of the 20th century.  In their religious life, Muslim Chuhras were called “Bala Shahi”, while the Hindus were called “Balmiki”.

The Chuhra mass movement started with the conversion of a thirty-year-old Chuhra, named Ditt, in 1873. He lived in Shahbdike, a village in Sialkot and began preaching the Gospels inside his segregated community. By 1915, 100% of all the Chuhras living in Sialkot district were Christians."


Two Punjabi Christian girls- Hannah and Isri- photographed in early 20th century


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