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5 hours ago, Big_Tera said:


First of all you said "low caste" which is quite disrespectful. There is no high or low castes. There maybe so called man made "castes" but none of them is higher or lower then each other. This just shows you actually may believe in caste heirachy.

Also caste quotas is something that was implemented by the government. I'm pretty sure if the elites of Punjab had it their way this policy would not exist. 


I put the term "low" in speech marks, to show it is not my belief, but just how the labels are used.

Why have you mentioned your own 'caste' so many times here ?

Why have you also singled out 'chamaars' ?



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8 hours ago, MisterrSingh said:

I know this is a bait topic, but we'll ignore that, and take it on face value.

And it's not a 'bait topic' - obviously the community mainly behind the abuse would prefer to have the matter swept under the rug perpetually so they can carry on doing their gundhghee. 

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Most of you people on the forum make me laugh. Moosewala dies and people couldn't stop crying about it, here we have evidence of slavery and abuse taking place by our own and you f**kers are quiet like mice. 

Even the bibian, who'd you'd think would have a conscience, are tight lipped now. Who in their right mind would want to marry a women like that who doesn't even have any humanity.....but Moosewala dies and they are all teary...low IQ broads. 

Anyway, I'm glad there are still some Sikhs back home that have enough integrity to know this is wrong. 


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