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On 7/29/2022 at 9:57 PM, dharamyudh said:

Sant Baba Mani Singh was a Mahapurakh born and raised in Smethwick. My family is from Smethwick and they used to tell me he used to be in bana 24/7. He passed away fairly young. 

Regarding the Akal Bunga connection, I guess he took inspiration from the puratan name of Akal Takht. I doubt there is any real connection beyond that. He basically restored an old church and turned it into a Gurdwara. 




well the fact he wore bana, and also I can see often wearing shastar in the photos, both of these combined are an actual connection to Akal Bunga in some way! HE is the connection! Now it makes even more sense why the gurdwara was named Akal Bunga.

Did he pass away young?

Does the gurdwara follow any specific maryada such as dal panth Budha Dal maryada or similar?

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