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First Sikh Grammar School in the Southern Hemisphere

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This news is a bit old but I'm quite happy to see this since there are no Sikh schools in Australia (unlike 20 Jewish, 39 Islamic and 1700 Christian schools). I really hope the school has compulsory Sikh religious classes and Panjabi language studies for everyone (like Arabic language studies/Qur'an classes are compulsory in Muslim schools and religion in Catholic schools). 

Sydney to house Southern Hemisphere's first Sikh Grammar School




The Sikh Grammar School in Rouse Hill will open its doors to students of all faiths in 2023. In line with schools of other faiths, this school will enrol students up to Year 12 and teach them the tenets of Sikhism along with the state's school curriculum.


Sprawled over nine acres in Rouse Hill in Sydney's Hills District, Sikh Grammar School will house an early learning centre, hostel accommodation for staff and students, extensive indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, as well as a library and a gurdwara (Sikh temple).

The nine-phase project will now commence work after it received construction approval from the New South Wales Government.


  • Australia's first Sikh school to commence construction after government approval
  • It'll be built in Rouse Hill and cater for Western Sydney’s growing Sikh community
  • The school will provide state-of-the-art learning environments for over 1,200 students from kindergarten to Year 12

Mr Chadha said this project began 12 years ago and has seen numerous challenges to reach its current stage.

“It is a gigantic task… something that is very unique and comprehensive. We have plenty of volunteers to serve the cause but managing finances remains a challenge,” added Mr Chadha.

“We hope to raise funds through our borrowing capacity and community initiatives,” he said, adding that he is disappointed the government provided no financial support for such an “important project that focuses to generate future leaders through education and training”.

“There was no help from the government. Rather, we had to spend half-a-million dollars in government fees for the approval process. They did not waive it off considering it is a community-based initiative,” he rued...



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