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My experience with sex trafficking in Brampton

Guest Gurujihelpme13

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Guest Gurujihelpme13

Guru pyaari saadh sangat ji,
Waheguru ji ka khalsa
Waheguru ji ki fateh

Here, I am a 26 year old sikh girl. i have commited 3 of the 4 bujjer kureth, I have committed many sins, lied to my parents, i did not know the value of my life, that each breath that waheguru is blessing me with is precious, that this human life is meant for meeting the lord guru thats residing in all of us.
I have sinned again and again, Now I fear for the jamdoot and the 84 lakh joon that one goes through after committing those kirehit.
I wish i knew that what i was getting involved in was really harmful for my spiritual health, but i was very naive.
Pyari sangat, last year, I started speaking online with this guy who seemed to be very spiritual knowing alot about sikhi, seeming as though he wish me well and gave good life advice, little did i know that guy would turn out to be a person that would threaten me and coerce me with blackmails later, and was a part of the sex trafficking ring in Brampton.
I would’ve never thought this would happen to me, but i got really scared as this person would happen to know my location, and threaten me about hurting me and my family, he was a part of the organised crime syndicate in brampton, they later hacked my phone and all my documents and ids was in it
Please advise me what i could do in this situation. Im not in canada at the moment, but when i do go back im scared this person would somehow find my location and abduct me or something.
I do not have much evidence left of the person since i found out that he was part of the sex ring and he later hacked my phone through phishing messages that i clicked on accidentally as i was receiving threatening calls from various unknown numbers who were part of his gang, they even threatened to jump me and send some of my personal pictures to all my contacts in my phone.
My parents are understanding and they still hugged me and are ready to help me but i dont have much evidence to prove, plus my phone had so many pictures of me of all sorts, im scared he would use that against me.
As for my identities being stolen i had copies of my passport on my phone, copies of my pr card, my drivers licence my college certificates and literally every information about my life and all my contacts. Im scared of the things he could to use all that information against me, they could me selling copies of my fake passprt on the dark web as im writing this, i do not know much about what i could do in this situation, i trued talking to the police on the phone but they need evidence, i dont know the persons real name, he was using a fake name the whole time i later found out.
I do know his address but he dont live there no more.
Im safe right now but im scared what could happen when i do go back to canada, would i be prosecuted for offences i did not commit, since those criminal gangs have my id ?
Would i be stopped at the airport, i have no idea..
please if someone could give me some insight, in this situation,
All i want to do is go back to canada, move on with my life, get a job, be independent, and live happily but im scared because these sex trafickers are masters of manipulation and i am not going to lie, i do fear for my life as well.
Please help me if any of you have any advice for me in this situation thankyou kindly
I was very close to being abducted but thankfully by waheguru jis kirpa i was saved, i prayed and prayed , chaupai sahib so many times in the day and night, it helped me get out of that situation temporarily, im jus scared of what could happen when i go back to Canada

This is actually happening and many girls fall victims to these people online, in school sometimes even through mutual friends. My mistake was I talked to a person online i didnt know anything about, and I agree it was a stupid decision, but I dont want that to ruin my entire life. 

Moderator Note: Had doubts on the above post as being not true but for the sake of having a tiny bit of possibility of being truth, i approved it. 

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I worked in IT support and still work in tech support.


First thing you need to do is change your number, and in the meanwhile just put your phone into airplane mode or take the sim out.

Make sure you backup your all your stuff, whether into cloud like Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox etc. Or might be easier to move your stuff to memory card or USB memory stick.

Then you should factory reset your whole phone. And stop using that online account the hackers have. Also you must report to the police!

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Hi, im also a 26 year old women residing in Brampton and am going through something similar. my phone is also hacked. do you want to discuss this in a public setting, we can meet? 



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If any of the anonymous posters are actually real, I would seriously advise them not to meet any  unknown, random people - even if in a public setting. 

The meeting itself could very easily be a set up for some other predators. It could be a trap. They already know you are vulnerable and might exploit that further.   - and just because you speak to another female beforehand, don't get lulled into a false sense of security. Predators have been known to use other females to get their intended targets guard down. 

Be very careful, and act shrewdly.   


I'm not sure, as I know in the UK historically, groomed girls have been systemically and persistently let down by the authorities but it might be an idea to contact the Canadian police force from abroad and explain everything you know to them? Even then, given what I've seen in the UK, don't solely rely on them for your safety - you personally have to make your own, sensible decisions in this department. Are there no family members you can approach for help and support? 

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2 hours ago, Recurve said:

Please contact Gurpreet Kaur of Kaur Movement.

i dont care what people say about her she’s a lioness and really gets things done. Only idiots with heads in the sand about the gand in the panth have an issue with her.

as mentioned above don’t randomly meet in public.


Looks like some apnay in Canada are going down a similar route sullay have in the UK? 

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The rot can come from anywhere. In fact internally is logistically and logically the easiest for predators to operate in. This is why we should get away from being against Musulmaan and educate and support our panth to these dangers coming from anywhere. 

Gurbani and ithiaas both tell us about Moorakhs, fakes, bad characters. Our parchar has gone Disney mode and then we just blame Muslims (not saying there aren’t Those with mal intent).

Gurmat is the highest and we need level up hard back to real ithiias, real Sikhi. Intelligent, expansive, inclusive but not naive



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Seriously? Now you fear 84 lakh joon and jamdoot? Come on man, you played with fire, while it was small you had a good time and enjoyed it. Later it got too big, burnt you and now you are wetting and $hitting yourself for fear that your true self and all your kartoots would become public knowledge. 

I still don't understand how getting spiritual and Sikhi advice from a guy ends up with sex rings and nude pics in your own phone. If this is even true just go to the cops, what do you expect people on this forum to do for you? Leave their lives,families,jobs,pick up a sword and come defend your honor? Your whole story reeks of kanjarkhana.

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