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Dr, Jasbir Singh Sarna's book 'The Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir' released in Surrey, Canada

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Dr, Jasbir Singh Sarna's book 'The Sikhs in Jammu and Kashmir' released in Surrey, Canada

PUNJAB NEWS EXPRESS | July 30, 2022 06:24 AM

By Hardam Mann
SURREY, Canada: A function was held by Sikh National Archive at Lovely Banquet Hall in Surrey to release Dr Jasbir Singh Sarna's book ' The Sikhs in Jammu Kashmir'.

The event was presided over by the Director of World Punjabi Center, Patiala. Prof Balkar Singh, Reverend Jaiteg Singh Anant of Haridarshan Memorial International Trust Canada and Gyan Singh Sandhu, Founder President of World Sikh Organization....

There is a very good historical account of the history of 17 historical places associated with Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and six Gurdwaras of the Sixth Patshah. Sri Guru Har Rai Ji went there in 1660 AD and Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji in 1692 in Jammu. The description of going there is also found in this book. Dr. Sarna has presented the background of the Sikh state very well in it. The story of the tragic partition of 1947 is depicted in which 100 Kashmiri Sikh personalities (men and women) are identified with highly inventive figures and photographs. In chapter 14 of the book, the creative description of the eight decades and challenges of the Kashmir valley, the narrative of the ups and downs of human life like the Kashmir valley is also done with very appropriate research and vocabulary....

Dr. Sarna's book is political-free and is an important document of Kashmir through which Dr. Sarna has provided important information about Kashmir which is not available elsewhere. Through this book it is known about the very close relationship between Kashmir and Sikhs...


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