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If your a Hindu be a good Hindu ,If your a Muslim be a good muslim

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I think we have all come across this quote from Guru Nanak Ji. " If your a Hindu be a good Hindu. if your a Muslim be a good Muslim".

But what is the true meaning of this quote? I've heard some say that this means Guru Nanak is saying all religions are good and lead to the same one God for all. Hence there is no need to convert to any religion . Just stay in your own one.

But I have also heard alternative meanings for the quote.

Some say it means Guru Ji is only saying be the best Hindu and Muslim you can be. Ie. follow your own religion correctly and not the first meaning I gave. 

So which is it? 

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1 hour ago, ChardikalaUK said:

Wouldn't being a good Muslim endorse keeping prisoners of war as slaves and in the case of women sex slaves? 

Likewise being a good Hindu would encourage following the caste system. 

These things are explicitly mentioned in the Quran and Gita. 

You are right.

Maybe the implication is that they should be good Muslims and Hindus in light of Sikh values so no pedophilia, raping vulnerable women, untouchability, cow urine drinking etc. ??  

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