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One of the BIGGEST BIGGEST ISSUES in our panth

Guest kaur

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Guest kaur

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji ki Fateh 

Note: I will not answer any replies.

So this issue really killed my nerves.I ts about the Singh AND Kaur, worldwide,but mostly from India, which date/try to make relationships through chatting on Instagram. 

About two or three years ago, I was using Instagram (Kaal)  like many people do.

I OFTEN got text messages of "AMRITDHAARI" (looking?) Singh's, which tried to build a relationship with me. I sometimes replied to some. After doing some normal chit chat, They said things like I love you, stay with me etc ...There were times where I got into it. Because I hadn't the Sojhi, and Sumat, which satguru Ji gave me now.

But after a time I noticed that this all is SO SO WRONG. And that I am very sure that many of us Sikh people too use Instagram to "date secretly", share specific feelings, which promote kaam.

And there are TOO MANY videos of KAURS who show their prettiness.. like why do you need to show off??  What of use is this?? Some videos can promote awake kaam in other people. This all is SO dangerous.

and this is not all. NOT EVEN IN THE GURDWARA I, as a Kaur, can feel comfortable. There's a GRANTHI SINGH in our Gurdwara, which watches me. And I don't feel comfortable when he's around.

I fully believe that every mature women, knows and notices when a man has wrong intensions. 

And this Issue is so ******* devastating, WE JUST DONT DESERVE to be called Sikhs.  

So I deactivated, deleted Instagram about one year ago and I am at peace. I'm VERY GLAD that Satguru Ji has put me out of this. And I DEFINITELY RECOMMEND NOT TO USE INSTAGRAM even if there are Sikh pages, Sikh Organisation accounts etc . Because its hard not to get into other things which also are on Instagram there, like there is also other content, which can come to your feed, on reels etc. 


Satguru Ji has gifted me Satsangat and Simran Abhyaas, so I do  have peace in my life.  I just wanted to share this issue, to open eyes, and to tell also other Kaur's that this world is getting worse and worse, do Simran Abhyaas and don't use social media (if you can't then try to not use it that much)


I'm not from England so imust have many typo mistakes but you guys must have understood what I want to say., Bhul chuck maafi.


Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa

WaheguruJi ki Fateh 


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