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Brahmgianis are known for eating one meal a day. Simple daal with either one or half roti... thas once in 24 hours! Amazing... 

Unfortunately for normal folks, especially who work hard or exert unusual energy for work or own choice... u may end up dying from Orthorexia. EVEN if u eat 3 meals a day, FULL STOMACH. My sister was a victim of orthorexia. 

I would like to touch on her lifestyle. Aged 16 onwards she read books on healthy eating. Aged 18 plus she STOPPED eating things like fry food, chocolate n biscuits. She even stopped Prashad and langar at Gurudwara. Her diet consisted of raw vegetables, baajri roti with steamed broccoli or steamed pulses (daal) ONLY or if not roti then boliled rice. Which she cooked all by herself. And fruit once a day. No drinks, hot drinks only milk (once in a while) and pure tap water. So she was a vegan (milk was almond or oat). Pre 2021 she was incredibly strong and barely got tired. 7 days she would get up at 4 or 5am, ishnaan, paat, usual breakfast of fresh nuts n seeds if not milk or fruit... HOWEVER last year it all came crashing down on her. She lost weight n had almost zero strength to lift anything. She could barely sit!!! Then this year she passed a few months back. 

Maybe she got egoistic? Maybe she fell in the "Too much of anything is bad for u" category? Maybe she never rested but kept herself busy with work, walk n shopping for food??? Either way her diet backfired on her. 

Google Orthorexia to learn more symptoms, conditions etc. It's too late for my sis but hopefully you or yer loved ones don't  have to go through it.

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Sorry to hear about the loss of your sister.

This definetly a good topic. Alot of us forget to rest in this fast paced world we are living in. We are mostly on the run, not concious of our diets and dont get enough exercise, couple this with a lack of sleep.

You sister changed up her diet for the better but it seems she didnt not get enough sleep.

We hear stories of brahamgyanis not sleeping but the environment in which most of us live in-we need sleep. This does not mean however you are always sleeping in to the point you become lazy. 


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