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What exactly is ekta? Is it one side forcing their ideas upon others. Is it one side making decisions, and the other side accepting?

Or could ekta be resolutions, compromises and peace that leaves everyone happy?

Some people with big egos like declaring their own version of ekta. But is it real?

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Exactly that's what i want to know "what is ekta?"

i think ekta means "brotherhood" living together in peace atmosphere. There is no ekta between usa and iraq, but there is ekta between Indian and Russia.

Social Ekta - Matches Lifestyle, Culture plays important role. Punjabis will be more happy to interact with anther punjabis.

Religious Ekta - Matches religious views and follows same code of conduct.

Sikhs are good in social Ekta but when it comes in religious ekta then we do see little obstacles here and there. To have religious ekta we need to compromise with each other. Respect plays important role in religious ekta. Respect other person no matter how different he/she is and you will see progress in our kaum. Respect is also linked with being humble. Being humble will earn you respect and that way we will have more Positive Ekta in our kaum. The more easy way to get ekta in any community is to follow what our guru sahib jee speaks, which is to respect every human and see everyone as equal.

my few cents blush.gif

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I believe S1ngh Ji is more or less right in his definitions of Ekta. It's true though that having Ekta doesn't necessarily mean that everyone agrees on everything and does the same - that would just be boring! We have to respect each other for who we are, as long as we all believe in the same thing, the one thing that always has been 'Ek', and for that matter always will be, Akaal Purakh. Then the Ekta our community shared would become untouchable. Unfortunately there's too much friction, rooting mainly on an individual basis before it spreads through an organisation, that won't at the moment allow us to achieve Ekta. It's a power struggle - some seem to define Ekta as "finish them, then there is only us, hence we have ekta"... I tend to disagree, Ekta is when you include everyone and consider all equal.

I, for one, believe it can and will come. Before I die I hope!

Lol, that's my worthless contribution...


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waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

Pyare jio, Ekta comes very easily to Gursikhs. Ekta is not about compromise or any of things mentioned. Ekta is about sehaj..... A gursikh first has to do ekta with his Guru. this means he stops his mind running in many different directions and concentrates on his Guru.

When a person has sehaj, he learns to listen, to speak gently, and realise what is important. These people always make the right decions and achieve alot.

If we have a lack of ekta is because we have a lack of sehaj.....

These of us who are not Gursikhs, but just talk about it like me, we just do worldly ektas, based on compromise, but rarely do these work because our egos never compromise.

waheguru ji kekhalsa, waheguru ji ke fateh

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Sat Sri Akal:

How... grin.gif

Ego must die...Maya must be restrained...Gurmat must be followed...Gurbani must dominate the mind... the Enlightened Panj Pyare must be elected from the most Supreme Gursikhs...their command must be followed without reservation.

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Guest SikhForLife

i dont know why everyone is crying about Ekta..

how is it Panthic when a few force their definitions of Sikhi on others.. even to the extent to defy Panthic Rehat Marayada...

Sewaadars of the Forums Must be neutral.. and must follow guidelines layed out by the panth.. no AKJ.. no Tapoban.. and No sanatan sikhs so called nihangs of UK.. and no 3Ho's.. should be in control of the public forums..

that is how neutrality is established.. and not by forcing your ideologies upon others..

and i am behind Sikhsangat.com 100% on its decision to leave W!N ..

and only should they merge back when the normal sikhs are represented in the organization..

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i fully agree with sikh4life.. Glad to see u here bro..

Who are sikhs? what is the defination of sikh? no-one knows.. recently we all are busy in finding the defination of "Who is sikh?" what should he/she has to do to become a sikh? which are the guidelines he/she has to follow? we spend days and night to get the answer of that defination but at the same time we forget how personally we can be a good sikh? Am i really a sikh? Am i worth to explain other who is sikh and what guidelines he/she has to follow? In my personal view, it's only guru sahib jee who know the defination of sikh :umm:

My few cents blush.gif

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Guest Akaal108

Ekta will come with tolerance and acceptance between different beleif's of people. As jagjit veer ji said "sehaj" avastha will bring ekta but inorder to even get to sehaj- first need to consider youself "lowest of low" and find faults in yourself first instead of bashing people , group of people, sampardava.

As Baba Farid Ji Says:

Farida Jao Tuo Aqal Latif

Kalie Likh Na Laikhe

Apnaie Gari Baan Mein Sir Nivaie Kar Ke Dekh.

Ignorance creates hatred and bigotry. If someone is ignorant(abheki/agyani) then its best to be in the sangat then listen carefully instead of preaching. We have all became preachers instead of learners/listeners

There are three types of people-

1. One's that take knowledge from gurbani and use that knowledge to argue with people and show that they know more.

2. Some people use gurbani knowledge to make their living as in - kirtanis, katha vachiks etc.

and then

3rd are the ones who gain knowledge from gurbani and apply in their daily life instead of forcing interpertations/views onto others. Such people, are true gursikhs.

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Guest SikhForLife


normal sikh.. would be someone who believes in AKal takhat marayada.. ie. dont care about meat.. etc.. as so in-line with the panthic rehat..

anyone who adapts to different rehats will have a hard time connecting with the kids who are trying to learn sikhi for the first time.. when these kids dont have enough knowledge and dont have enough love for Sikhi.. they will be turned off by people who think their views are correct, the panth is all wrong..

no wonder more kids go to forums like Sikhnet where their views are not held against them and they are treated with respect.. yes sikhnet is known to have special interests in terms of them spreading their 3ho beliefs.. but then they are very subtle and still better than some other forums..

if we want to save the youth.. we have to connect with them and then uplift them .. and this cant be acheived by forcing your definitions .. editing their posts.. and flip-flopping the rules and guidelines..

vjkk vjkf

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no AKJ.. no Tapoban.. and No sanatan sikhs so called nihangs of UK.. and no 3Ho's


u may think im backward slightly, but i only no abt AKJ and nihangs in uk (aka "nangs") problems...wot are the rest :umm: i ent herd of em i herd of tabopan but dont even no wot the issue is abt! can sum1 enlighten me plz? rolleyes.gif

bhul chuk maaf



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