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An Overview of a Warrior's Mind

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The mind of a true warrior (a WarriorSaint) is different from that of most other humans. In fact, it even differs from the mind of any usual soldier or fighter.

A true warrior is free from all worldly attachments. Any possessions are known to be temporary. Attachment leads to weakness within the warrior. The true warrior understands that the life he/she lives is temporary and attachment to even being a warrior is a weakness that will fail him/her ultimately. The only attachment the warrior has is to God, who is ever-present alongside the true warrior, both in life and after death.

A true warrior would not seek to harm innocent and defenceless humans or animals, even for his/her own survival, since the true warrior values the creation of God and does not seek to suppress or scare other beings. Hence, a true warrior is compassionate and mindful at all times.

A true warrior does not slander others or lay down challenges to satisfy his/her ego. A true warrior thinks of him/herself as a servant of God, a protector of His creation and a willing sacrifice to God's law of righteousness when called upon to serve Him.

A true warrior practices good deeds at all times, helping those that need help and serving God's true devotees. The warrior seeks to become a true devotee of God, above all else.

The true warrior harbours no malice or hatred for any being. The true warrior does not see people as friends or enemies, but as souls, which are a part of God. The true warrior harbours only love and respect for all beings, whether they be friendly towards him/her or not.

The true warrior is often soft-spoken and meditative. A true warrior has no desires. He/

she is motivated by the love of God only. The warrior is careful not to consume things that will render his/her mind unreliably weak, unfocussed or addicted.

The true warrior is not concerned with outwardly appearances - he/she often may not seem to be a warrior at all. The true warrior spends most of his/her time in training the mind and uplifting the soul, as opposed to physical techniques. The true warrior understands that outwardly appearances are of no use on the battlefield, but the state of one's mind and spirit is everything.

The true warrior fights only when the right to life or dignity for any being is challenged. Even in battle, the warrior is merciful upon his/her opponent - not seeking to humiliate or defeat the opposing forces, but only to defend against their ill-conceived and dishonest attacks.

In battle, the true warrior does not worry about the past or the future, but concentrates on the present moment. The true warrior fights relentlessly, without the heavy weights of fear, pride and arrogance. The warrior seeks only to be a tool of God in battle. Victory always belongs with God, not the warrior, who is simply a servant of God.

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