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  2. They will have rainbow banners and floating unicorns in the Gurdwara if they get their way.
  3. I'm hooked on this stuff! Can't stop drinking it! Started drinking it when I was 15/16 it's been over 10 years now and i drink it everyday. Tried so many times giving up but the longest I last is like a week without it. I think you body gets addicted to it and asks for more.
  4. Rebuild khabran.sikhnerd.com This was an old project where I attempted to have all relevant sikh news and blogs in one place for easy consumption. I could resurrect this project as I think there is still room on the internet for something like this, though a simple RSS aggregator is likely too simple. Maybe you’d want to build more of a community-style site around the news articles being streamed in, or focus only on positive stories. Should also add audio/video/etc as well. There are a lot of ways I could make this better and more useful. Sikh Resource Archive Idea of creating a pure and simple online archive of sikh resources. This would be focused on digital collection of everything sikhi-related, with a specific goal of things that are ‘useful’. Timeline Another idea that I’ve been kicking around for a very long time is to make an awesome interactive timeline of Sikh History, across all sorts of dimensions. As specific as possible, with lot’s of different features and types of data you can access. To give a cool and easy-to-use view of sikh history and gurmat. Something like this or this. The main part of the project would be to consolidate the history into something that can be consumed by software, including lots of metadata, and making it free and open to all. This site is a great starting point and example to follow – it’s also very cool so check it out. Source - http://sikhnerd.com/
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  6. Well, let's not make too many "offensive" comments. I don't want him to run away...
  7. Whelp... that's really..healthy looking... I'm so glad I've drank those.
  8. I watched both episodes and you are right, the drama is not even subtle in promoting the BBC's far left pro-Islam agenda. I have not read the book on which the drama is based so I am not sure how closely it follows the novel or whether the pro-Islam agenda is added by the BBC writers. The drama subtly reverses the the historic roles that Muslims and Hindus have played. Some gems from the drama. On noting that the Temple is going to be next to the Mosque, a Muslim says with pained emotions..."Yes, but why built it next to the Mosque?" -well as least the Hindus are building it NEXT to and not on TOP of the Mosque as Muslims used to build their Mosque on destroyed Hindu temples. He also states " Our mosques have been here for centuries" thereby giving the Muslims a historic legitimacy and negating the fact that Hindu temples have been around for thousands of years. The Muslim guy was presented as a naive guy whose family does not follow Islam but even the numbskull Muslim of that time would have known that he was trying to date a Hindu girl as she had a bindi and yet he chose not to reveal his religion to her. He seemed to think that it was of no consequence when the truth is that anyone from that time would have been very conscious of it. I think the BBC may have just revealed the modus operandi of a love jihadi without really meaning to.
  9. That sounds like just the kind of petty thing a Muslim would do. He really does seem like a sad little man.
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  11. oof but at 1:50 that is a good way to wash the dishes
  12. yh, if this sa called gay anand karaj happens then dont be suprised to see a bunch of kusre wanting their own 'anand karaj' as well. And then in a couple of generations down god knows what other 'anand karaj' will happen.............
  13. Kaurr


    Bro whose been downvoting ALL MY POSTS HAVE YOU GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO???????
  14. Though all Bani is paviter, yet the benefit can only be obtained by putting into practice that what it says. In this respect the Bani says : awar kaaj tere kittay na kaam, mil sadh sangat bhaj kewal Nam. For the Bani says: bin naveh nahee kou thaav. Without His holy name, there is no place where one can find or get salvation / shelter; except at His Lotus Feet, through the jaap of His holy name.
  15. Premi Jee, you might be going through a phase of "vairaag" or call it detachment. Be happy for it, because people are strongly attached to maya till their last days, so they do not get mukti. Be thankful to Waheguru for making things easier for you. We have always to make the most in any situation we may find ourselves. Regarding future, be sure that one is not going to live here forever, so you have only 2 options, either as ignorant remain blind to spirituality, thus stay stuck in the endless cycle of births and deaths, or, be wise and hold on to the rope of His holy Nam, and get pulled out from the mayavee painful creation, by His apaar kirpa, and thus merge in Him forever, our origin. Future can not be more clearer bro, either have it or leave it, it is solely your choice, but thanks to Guru Sahiban, with the aid of Gurmat, we can make the right choice, to leave back the creation of ignorance and darkness, where only suffering and pain prevails, and move towards Waheguru Akal Purukh, the source of all love, light/wisdom, peace and eternal bliss. Bhai parapat manukh dhe hooreeya, Gobind milan kee ehe teree bareeya.
  16. Very true. Someone actually took the time to go back over my posts from the past few days and down vote each one (in reverse chronological order). I wonder which "neighbour" of ours is doing this ?
  17. As per above, acceptance of your life, of your Karam of reality brings peace. Try to be happy and grateful for what you have, even the small things like food, shelter etc. I’ve just come from a place where life can be such a struggle for many, many don’t have enough food, live in rooms with 4 others etc. We in the west are extremely fortunate in so many ways. And read Gurbani and apply it to your life practically ie, Truthful living. Bani is the Guru and Guru is bani.. the gyan is there for your taking. Learn to listen to and trust your intuition and accept that He is all pervading and is everything and everyone you see and all that you don’t
  18. Guru Hargobind sahib's suche moti kundals (white pearl ear rings) are still kept at toshe khana of harimander sahib along with 100s of Gurus personal items. Kundals of Guru Har Rai are still with Ram Rai's descendants.
  19. It was a mosque converted to a gurdwara by Bhangi Misl. This place is in dispute ever since the downfall of Sikh empire and sooner or later as the radical islam is gaining strength in Pakistan Punjab it will be converted to a mosque.
  20. I think there needs to be more compassion towards the pregnant lady, it must be chalenging as it is to go thru pregnancy on top of not being well. Shes needs support and care, not have someone say they want to kill her unborn child and make her feel worthless. But the crap this Ajeet guy has come up with from the beginning has always made me wonder if hes a troll. Each time comes out on this forum with something more pathetic than before. I really hope hes making it all up and ppl like him dont exist. If not then certainly feel sorry for those around him and hope he gets the professional help he needs.
  21. @brotha - you make an interesting point. However, the main reason for my stance is simply to cut through the crap and get to the point. The more we dance around the topic, go off topic and make personal attacks, the more the "opposition" (and i use that term very loosely) gains the opportunity to play the victim card. Which is why if you go through the posts where I respond to @MuslimNeighbour, you'll see that I don't even pay attention to his silly comments and insults, and go straight to answering and refuting his points. I don't want to make this in to a "Sikh vs Muslim" thing. Anyone is welcome on this forum to ask any questions on Sikhi. Period. In our traditions, there is a "kookar drishti" (dog-sighted) and "sher-drishti" (lion-sighted). When you hit both with a stick, the dog will attack the stick, whereas the lion goes straight for the attacker. In the same way, be like the lion and go straight for the points and stick to the topic. Don't be like the dog and fall for the insults. That's exactly what people like that want. So that's why I said, let's do it properly. No animosity, no antagonising, no insults, no attacks, no excuses. Pure and simple intellectual discussion. @MuslimNeighbour, ready when you are...
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    British cruelty in India

    I am totally and utterly shocked to read all this about the British! I knew the Mughals were evil but never knew that the British were more evil, or were they as evil as each other or half as evil as each other? I am so confused and have no clue. In spite of all their horrendous activities, why do sikhs ever marry them? Have they not learnt their lesson yet? It’s the fault of Sikhs or Punjabis or hindus to let them get away with all their sinful activities. They still haven’t stopped bowing down to them in all over India and treating them like white gods. They still haven’t stopped them treating like they are specials.
  23. Acceptance is more peaceful. Don't have to be positive or negative.
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