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  2. https://gaudiyahistory.iskcondesiretree.com/guru-nanaks-meeting-with-sri-chaitanya-mahaprabu/
  3. where and who are these teachers? Shastar vidiya is completely different from karate, from the footwork, stance, punching etc... a neutral sikh warrior, what is that? a sikh warrior should read dasam bani Surely most other gatka ustads show hunkaar as they have no lineage and nothing to measure their skills against? Just found this thread, they ended the thread because nobody could come up with an answer. I assume the sikhsangat admins now are more mature than the silly admins back then who would just close topics which didn't fit their mindset!
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  5. Do you know of any other teachers of Shastar Vidiya? If so, would you kindly share here ji? And which "money first" attitude are you referring to? Since the Akhara has become more established, and the services provided by the Akhara (Gurdev ji travelling worldwide, publishing of books, interviews/seminars etc.), there will of course be a monetary element involved to sustain such ventures. And there is nothing wrong with this. Are you taking in to account the students he teaches for free because they can't afford lessons? Or more to the point, do you even know about this? I think not. I myself back in the day would train with students who trained for free. On to your final point. Full of hankaar. Based on what? Every individual has their own temperament. And I for one do not have a "universal metre stick" which I use to measure everyone's avgun and judge whether or not they can teach the Vidiya. Have all your teachers been brahmgyanis? The mother is the first teacher of the children. You have children. Should one then assert that you are unworthy of teaching your children because you are "full of hankaar" (hypothetically speaking of course)? Please, let us not split hairs with this. Time and time again over the years I hear the same thing with regards to Gurdev Nidar Singh Ji. Your grievances with him have nothing to do with the Vidiya, but with his ideology (which is not entirely different if you go through it properly). And again, it goes back to the same point. Gatka is an exhibitionist art, nothing more. Shastar Vidiya is the real deal.
  6. Well said bro. Reality of the situation is the sangat will always have differing opinions. From time to time we get trolls, confused ppl or simply ppl with too much time on their hands, and we have to deal with these in varying ways. Opening numerous threads with pointless questions can be annoying. Maybe some of these ppl need to be put on like a 2 week ban so they can find something more productive to do. I know sometimes it's annoying and no one wants to be taken for a fool. But theres alot who will have genuine questions or are reading posts so think what impression it gives to others. People have to stop being so serious and just chill a bit too. All the different sampradai have numerous differences but instead of full focus on divisions, collectively as sangat we should focus on what unites us. Yes we should be open enough to talk about the differences too but not get distracted from what our actual purpose in life is. Alot of young ppl on here (but goes for the elders too) seem to get defensive or take things personal (me included). Equally some ppl push a particular ideology and get too passionate when another view is given. Theres so many ppl on here who also are able to stay above all the chaos.
  7. @GurjantGnostic @singhsince1981 Why you guys arguing,whatever happened that made both of you argue,forget it and stop arguing.We are all Sangat here, we are all helping each other to grow and learn from each other.We should not be arguing. Bhul Chuk Maf
  8. he is not the only teacher and his attitude of money money first is wrong attitude for an ustaad teaching such skills much like jujitsu/karate/escrima teachers the quality of the internal changes the whole transfer of knowledge and the final product. If the ustaad is full of ahankar he cannot show the student how to be a neutral minded warrior, which is vital for sikh warriors
  9. I had a casual youtube account hacked because it had thousands of views, and I wasn't looking after it as I was concentrating on a new account. For some years they posted many videos of kids playing, but the youtube descriptions were in some arabic description. Then last year I checked the account again and it had been suspended, unsure what the hacker had uploaded last. So anyway, still not been able to get my youtube account back after raising a request with Google, they have even closed my last request.
  10. Bro, I am Sikh. You misunderstood and no Im not talking about sweaty Indian females. Nice analogy. But No. In the Summer- its a different situation not the kind type you describe. I dont know where you live, but in some places it can be very different and very kaam-ic mahoul. In the initial stages to build immunity, you have to do a little bit of avoidance. You have to break old habits. In many societies its common for men and women to be always checking out each other (that stare, glance, gaze). Whatever. You have to do avoidance initially.... to STOP the growth of Kaam thoughts. Once you get a hang of it. Its alright. Some Mahapursh never met / spoke to Women alone. Some Mahapursh didnt even meet their wife alone. They met in the presence of 4 singhs. If you want to know the names. I can give you in private PM. Im talking about pooran / brahmgyani Famous Mahapursh. Once you get a SINGLE thought, you have already materialized kaam into gross energy and have set the motion. Its not the ACT that you need to prevent, its the thought that you need to prevent. Hope this helps.
  11. Without addressing attacks on his personal life, the main point still stands. Gatka is nothing more than an exhibitionist art, with no real practical application in a battle. Shastar Vidiya is the real deal. Even if you just look at it from a martial arts perspective. I tell you, if (hypothetically) he changed his ideology and started shouting Khalistan Zindabad slogans, you'd all be more accepting of the vidiya. The doubts people place on the Vidiya have got nothing to do with the Vidiya itself, but personal grievances against his ideology. And unless our community can be mature enough to separate the two, we're never going to grow as a martial kaum...
  12. This meeting happened when Guru Nanak Sahib Ji Maharaj went to Jagannathh puri (where he then composed Aarti). They both met (as religious leaders do), had respect for each other and did kirtan together. Now, whilst in Sikh books we don't have mention of the meeting itself, it has been recorded in the history of the "Hare Krishanas" (as they're commonly known), where they mention that a saint by the name of "Nanak" and his disciple who was a bard (referring to Bhai Mardana Ji) met with Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.
  13. I'm glad you live in a world where bills and payments are suspended during the summer months because going out and seeing sweaty Indian women makes you j@ck off when you get home. Wouldn't it be better to build up a resistance or immunity through exposure rather than avoidance? Are you sure you're a Sikh?
  14. Don't bring me, or anyone into this Sort it out among yourselves in DM/PM's.
  15. Yes thats the same book i have and i was referring to.
  16. @Kaurr This what a 10 year old posts
  17. Can someone explain this sampradya to me and how is it different from mainstream Sikhi? Also AKJ seems more like gyan-Bhakti Yoga. How does this differ from Prema-Bhakti? How many different types of Bhakti are there?
  18. I did take a course from Wim Hoff and I have been praticing cold shower 8 - 11 degree temperature for months now. He also teaches deep breathing is there benefit to it. Does it go along with Sikhi. BTW Cold shower no longer feels cold to me.
  19. Yes. In fact it is the maryada for many jathas and sampardas such as gurmat bibek a type of akj. It speeds up the heart kind of like aerobic exercise. Gets the blood moving stimulates stress response lol. And it really wakes u up and get the simran going. Wahegurrru And look up wim hoff, he made a career out of this. When gore get into something they go all in.
  20. Very very good answer. You just said what my heart always wanted to hear. Thanks for reminding me who I am “Grihsthi Yogi”. Infact one hour ago I was thinking the exact thing. We are Sadhus, but householder sadhus. I always had an ambition to be a Sadhu. Is there any benefit to taking cold shower?
  21. I think this is it. Sorry for unclear images, I took them off my phone.
  22. You are doing great. Consistency matters more than quantity. I dont have personal experience but these r some sakhis i have heard. One was a women, who heard the importance of naam simran and told her family I will do all the work but I will not talk. U can write ur requests down. So all day say would go about loudly saying waheguru waheguru. Without pause. Kids and family heard it constantly from the time she woke and to when she slept. She chanted it as she did all housework. This went on for months. Then suddenly there was silence. They wrote why arent u saying waheguru anymore? She said no need anymore, it is inside now. Ofc u cant do this. But at home after work, before work in the car, chant loudly. Then while talking to ppl, try saying in ur mind. At first it will be hard to do 2 things with mind, listen to convo and say waheguru mentally. But with practice u can. Another way to practice this is while doing gurbani paath. Say gurbani outloud and mentally chant waheguru. And when saying waheguru outloud, think of gurbani pangtis that describes him. Takes a lot of effort initially.Bhai randheer singh talks about this. He has many books online. Check him out. Ofc this is in addition to ur 15 mins. This is throughout the day as u work, not as a replacement of ur dedicated simran time. Secondly, is bhai veer singhs method. Also a great writer found online. He says try to remember waheguru throughout the day. Whenever you do, say waheguru 3x in gratitude and smile while thinking shukar hai, mainu yaad kita, te karaya. And as time goes u will remember more often.
  23. Thats why some things are forbidden while some are just frowned upon. There r different restrictions and different types of bad things. The things that are considered the worst will affect not only ur spiritual life but also ur physical life such as health and society and ur family as well: such as stealing, using drugs, lust, bf gf stuff. If u look at people who are poor especially in developed coungries like america is is because they have indulged in these worst things and ruined their life and their families and future generations. Like having kids out of wedlock, stealing and going to jail, drugs etc. (Excluding mental illness) I know you are going to say, thats not what im referring to. Masturbation wont ruin ur life to that extent, but it is a cop out. U r taking the easy way out. Instead of fighting one of the grandest hardest fights against ur mind, against mahabir lust, ur giving in. Like bhai jagraj singh of basics used to say, sikhi doeant have too many rules, thats why we have a lot of grey areas and these questions arise, because each person can decide for themselves based on their goals. People who are really strongly on the path of spirituality will want to avoid movies, songs, sports. And will try to restrain their mind at all times. But as grihisti sikhs if we arent going to go to that extent. That doesnt mean we give in and allow anything. Just youtube it, so many ppl talking about no fap and its benefits, cold baths, dopamine fast, meditation. Shouldnt sikhs be of a higher caliber? We r forgetting, more than saint soldiers, we were made monk householders, grihisti yogis. We were supposed to strive for mukti, liberation while raising family, living in the world and trying to save the world. Any of these goals is hard to do and takes a lifetime, so as sikhs how can we have time for pleasures when such heavy duties await us?
  24. Hmmm interesting maybe someone has stolen them, hope not, but I'm sure they will sort it out now its back on YouTube. In the about section of the YouTube page it does link to basics website.
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