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  2. I'm not distorting anything bruv
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  4. Singh1989

    Happy Ganesha festival to all hindu-sikhs .

    I see wha you did there. Only a person who jokes around recognises another guy's joke. Yes it a joke gone far but hey.
  5. No nothing wrong in your case.
  6. I think you should not enter the Mandir and stay in the car. Because as an Amritdhari you are distinctive and even though you are planning on sitting at the back you will still be seen by others and they will assume that you are worshipping there. I know how animated Sikhs get when they see other Sikhs being present at places where non-Sikh worship is taking place. Say if a Mona and Keshdhari Sikhs who also go to the Mandir see you there then the next time a Sikh tells them that they should not be doing murti puja at a mandir then they will the fact that they saw you an Amritdhari as some sort of justification of their own manmat.
  7. Yes Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji went to mecca but he went to teach Gurmat. The reason for the Guru going to mecca is the most important part, so why leave it out? Leaving the reason out means you are purposely distorting history for your own views.
  8. Go, but let everyone know that you are not going to do puja or participate in any other religious practice associated with the mandir. You need to do this, so others will not think that you went to participate in their religious functions.
  9. Guest

    Sangat how to find

    There is alot of Sangat in both Calgary, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta depending on where you live try going to Simran in the Gurdwaras in the morning. Dasmesh Culture Centre in Calgary and Millwoods Gurdwara in Edmonton both have programs in the morning.
  10. This is the most irresponsible post on this topic. Comparing you go to parties/pub/betting shop to going to mandir has no equivalency.
  11. AjeetSingh2019

    Have to go to a mandir in the morning, is this wrong?

    The point is you know they're stone who cannot give you anything, let alone liberation . But for ppl who believe in them, they are God. So we should act in a way which doesn't hurt anyone. Having said that, it's important to remember waheguru is pervading everywhere fully, even inside those idols. But we don't worship "sargun saroop" as it's temporary . We're"nirgun upasak" , worshippers of formless being. So just keep these things in mind even when u go to mandir. Just going to temple doesn't incur sin or threat to your amritdhariness . That's ludicrous and sounds Abrahamic. Lol I did went to a shiv mandir once, and even bowed a little, but in my head I was like "I salute you who's inside this idols"
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  13. dallysingh101


    I've never heard that said about jalebian myself??? Plus they just seem heavily ladened with refined sugar. No ingredient in them appears to have any nutritional value. They are carb overload (as delicious as they may be!). Poppy seeds and some of the other ingredients in the recipe you quoted are completely different. For example the poppy seeds work on our opiate receptors in a mild way. Almonds are good too. A taksali giani told me the poppy milk is good for the brain. But my mum used to make us drink a variant of this when we were kids.
  14. nav88

    Sangat how to find

    Thanks a lot. I will get the Katha first, thinking of visiting Gurudwara everyday. Hopefully wll run into Sangat more and more.
  15. Redoptics

    Natural order

    What i do not understand is why people do not follow what their Gurus did, people now only think we have 2 guru nanak dev ji and guru gobind singh ji, they forget everyone else even though all Gurus are Weheguru
  16. I was wondering is there anyone here who learnt to write punjabi on their own. I can read and speak well but can't write. I don't have a punjabi teacher. When I was a kid I used to go to punjabi class, but as an adult its hard to learn because you just don't know how to compared to my brothers who are coming from punjab. Like what type of exercises, stuff do you do. In the west punjabi is not a school subject. Please don't be generic. If there is anyone with experience that would be wonderful.
  17. jkvlondon

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    they got punished and still walk around throwing out blame on others of killing cows demanding death penalties .
  18. Singh1989

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    How so?
  19. Ha Ha we don't have any problem going into a pub or a club or a betting shop, but WHAT go into place of worship? God forbid! It's is a place of worship. what you think they do there? Go by all means, listen and observe and be respectful, just don't participate in any of the worshipping of the statues.
  20. jkvlondon

    Natural order

    yep the above rules are Christian/abrahamic they believe women are inferior in intellect and spirit as they are daughters of Eve i.e. doorways to evil. (muc h like all the other faiths excluding sikhi) . I mean they are advised to chastise their woman if she speaks in congregation (meaning teaching sermons) or if she speaks up for herself , that they can do so with a stick no thicker than their thumb - barbaric really. People need to grow up and realise that so many sikh BIbian did panthic services without being considered worth writing down even in history books including Guru di Matavan , Guru di Mahalan, Guru di betian , because of male historians' male prejudices coming out of their upbringing. However the sikhs of those times must have known about them and respected them . Our 'history' books have omissions which become apparent when you go to ground level and see the actual places of our history . The people remember .
  21. Redoptics

    Natural order

    People just do not understand anymore, I'm a Male with a female Avatar and they think of me as female just because of ot it, really strange, I was brought up as as everyone is equal.
  22. jkvlondon

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    It is clear that Brahmins are still accursed from that time they falsely accused Goutam of cow murder , they still have not learnt their lesson.
  23. jkvlondon

    Natural order

    In sikhi Akal Purakh is in all so all humans are equal in status , we do not have such rules governing us saying women are not to speak or teach guys in congregation or the'rule of thumb' as our Scriptures teach us to view each other as deserving of love and respect and consider oppression as antigurmat .
  24. Guest


    Who cares what his father says. If you two are committed to each other and love each other that’s all that matters. It’s your life not your fathers.
  25. Guest

    Sangat how to find

    U need to find good people, and good people are few and far between. You can find a Sikh donned out in amritshak clothes to the max, but it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily a good person. External appearances can be deceiving. Meet people and filter through rough the bad people until you find good souls. That’s my advice to you and my own advice to myself atm because this is really relevant to my own current situation.
  26. Redoptics

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    God is not lustful these demi gods are just normal people with powers see marvel or dc movies, Guru Gobind Singh Ji said from his own akal mouth do not follow such beings.
  27. Singh1989

    Rishi Gautam and Ahlya

    Although some form of goodness came out of Gautam's curse i.e. Hanuman and liberation it's pure stingy and skank to curse anyone. Wasn't their fault and was family as well.
  28. AjeetSingh2019

    Proof of Sikhs taking cannabis in 1776

    18th century was VERY harsh for sikhs. You're not declared illegal today or have bounty on your head. You're not forced to live in jungles. Stop justifying your addictions !
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