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  2. Seems fishy, but then one remembers that these are retarded inbreds, so there's going to be a lack of logic and cohesion in their actions. Anything close by that isn't Islamic and seems remotely connected to India is going to be a target in the minds of these sub-humans.
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  4. the Interesting thing is that we rarely hear of any hindu temple being attacked by islamist. why would that guy in UK attack a Gurdwara and not a hindu temple. I am sure there a many hindu Temples in UK. In Kashmir the hindu temples might be closed but UK???
  5. the Interesting thing is that we rarely hear of any hindu temple being attacked by islamist. why would that guy in UK attack a Gurdwara and not a hindu temple. I am sure there a many hindu Temples in UK. In Kashmir the hindu temples might be closed but UK???
  6. I don't think they will just let an man with a beard who nows how to play the harmonium do kirtan at Darbar shaib as you really need to be good at kirtan by this I mean almost perfect be able to singh in full raags its really hard to become an hazoori ragi your idea is a bit stupid and even every good ragis who sing in raag haven't been blessed with the opportunity to do kirtan at Darbar shaib its not a joke its hard to get selected to even sing a Shabad you truly need Kirpa of guru shaib. and need to be an expert in raags and kirtan and you just cant singh of paper you need Gurbani Kant all of asa di Vaar and many other shabads for someone to be a ragi or a granti at Darbar shaib they all have very high and true lifes like singh shaib Giani pooran singh he did 20 japji shaib and had an really hight and pure Sikh life style, and it hard to find people like that. that's a reason why there is so much Anand form hazoori ragis they are truly fulfiled with the love of guru shaib and understand raag and its importance
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  8. I live just around the corner from him and sometimes see him out and about walking. I feel like saying something to him.
  9. What if they're killing the parent from inside, emotionally, can the child be struck?
  10. No, hitting kids is wrong. My brothers and sisters were hit as kids and turned out pretty messed up. Many who are hit as children become violent towards others in later life. There are plenty of other ways. Google child psychology channels and you can find different more normal and civilized ways of disciplining children. Remember gurbani says that violence is only used as a last resort and unless your kids are trying to kill you, I wouldn’t suggest hitting them.
  11. Ah yes. I pray sometimes for fools to learn the errors of their ways and to have compassion for fools because they don’t know what they do. Pray for light and clarity. Perhaps a therapist will be able to give you advice and help you through this period. Therapy encourages spirituality, it is positivity. God bless you
  12. Bro that's a fantastic idea.
  13. I got an idea. Why don't we start an "adopt a bibi" programme. We take in a 1984 widow like a mother or grandmother and each family in diaspora supports her and her family. We can help them with their home and help them directly with things and education for their family. Here's another idea: There are some successful Khalsa Schools in Canada and the UK. Why can't these academies be expanded into Punjab to provide high quality education with a Sikh ethos.
  14. Plenty of other 'Sikh charities' just follow KA model..become fashion trend who will get most pr and clicks...What about these Gurdwara committees? They're all corrupt! Spent millions on buildings, as elsewhere, yet a small portion of sangant daswand will go so far in Punjab...
  15. Fateh, It's that time again where I bang on about how to treat your kids! Why? Me and my sis have been brought up in children / mother toxic relationship. My sis n ma have extreme little communication with one another. When my sis is in trouble she may tell dad but NEVER to Ma. If your kids are aged 5-16 you should show them encouragement and support in wha they're doing. If they did something great express it. If they're wrong or feel like failures encourage them, give em hope. YES u can be strict. YES u can be stern. But if u fail to show support to your kids and make them feel worthless you will regret it! Our Ma made us feel worthless when we were kids. She never showed ANY sign of appreciation nor encouragement. We could win awards, do seva, score high marks was always "That's not good, where is that gonna get u in life? So then what?" And when speaking of other people's kids "That girl is so intelligent! That son is sooo highly educated! WOW so n so won 3rd place in mopping the floor, U watch! He'll be a manager..." am sure u get the idea. ALL OUR LIVES IT'S BEEN LIKE THIS! Degrading and lectures on our failures. Unforgettable moments; 2004 our pet rabbit died one morning. Ma screamed at my sis for not able to contact Rspca and called her a failure (no internet in our home at d time). We were then forced to eat rotia (was lunch time) whilst she stood next to us, shouting. Early 2000, mum purchased A movie through cable n paid once. However, end of movie the movie looped, Ma changed channel n started screaming as we didn't know movie was in a loop... 15 mins of shouting and letting us know our worth, she put it back on the channel but nothing was there. (Movie loops only for about 15 sec before screen saying pay n watch) but she didn't wait. 2016, on 2 occassions she told me to shave my beard as short is nice (basically look good for society than Guru Ji). All other times would be obnoxious behaviour. As for dad? He was never there for me and my sis. So no picnic, no going to the park, no family outing. Only time was when sum pindu's wedding came around then we would get up at 5am morning on a Sunday to go attend. SO AM WARNING YOU! If u want your son to get left behind or daughter to turn out where she only cares for herself, is living 99% like a hermit, extremely quickly gets agitated, overthinks DO NOT be toxic towards your kids. My sis bared so much brunt of Ma's toxicity. She has 0 interest in relations, 0 interest in life only doing Baania keeps her great. Dad was not there so her food n spending habits are not brilliant. She has extreme akar. She did not even attend my wedding in Maharashtar as her diet would not allow it! (Kachia sabjia that too home made only).
  16. Slap on the wrist should suffice and grounded for 2 weekends or 4 weekends etc. At end of punishment make them recite. Sit with them for 5 mins and explain "You're better than wha u done! It about time u grow up!" This part be both sweet n stern. Let them know they can improve in life.
  17. You are demoralizing a poster because there is no evidence to say who did it and the poster is seeing it from a different side that is valid and possiblybe true. Again a hot head strikes at the wrong side. These type of Sikhs are easily fooled. What will it get you to attack innocent muslims? Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji will send you to dharma raj and let them have a go at you for several years.
  18. Translated from “Ardas Shakti”, written by Sardar Raghbir Singh Bir. This story is pretty inspiring. ******BEGINNING OF TRANSLATION***********AUKHI GHAREE NAA DEKHAN DAYEE, APNA BIRAD SAMAALE||My daughter (S. Raghbir Singh jee's daughter) was expecting a baby. Since this was her first time, it was expected to be a painful delivery. Till nine months, my daughter’s health was normal but at end of the ninth months, her whole body swelled and became sore. Due to some other reasons too, the doctors did not think that this would be a normal delivery case.When I told the senior doctor that for while, everything in my home had been normal and that Vaheguru had never disappointed me, he started laughing, called the other doctors and said, “Look, Mr. Singh is sure that the baby will be delivered normally.” Other doctors too addressed me as Mr. Singh and told me that they too want the baby to be born by normal delivery but all circumstances are leading towards delivery through operation and that they have to be prepared for that.When the time for delivery came, my daughter was taken to the hospital. All day she stayed in great pain and around 11pm the doctor told me that next day around 4am – 5am the baby will be born and that I should go home now. My daughter had become very weak after enduring pain all day. She called me over and said to me that she does not have power to even do ardaas and that I should perform ardaas (prayer) for her. She said that she could sustain pain anymore and asked me to do ardaas to rid her of pain. I myself was in a state of shock and surprise over the events of the whole day. My daughter had been in pain all day and the doctors were suggesting that she would have to sustain pain all night as well. He condition was very serious at that time.After much persuasion by the doctors to leave for home, I came back home around 11pm, so that I may knock the door of Siri Guru Granth Sahib jee and do ardaas. Before going for home, I went to the labour room (where babies are delivered) and I did ardaas and recited the following shabad with full faith:BILAVAL MAHALLA 5 ||TAATEE VAAO NAA LAGAYEE, PARBRAHAM SHARNAAYEE||CHAUGIRD HAMARAI RAMKAAR, DUKH LAGAI NAA BHAAYEE|| 1 ||SATGUR POORA BHETIYA, JIN BANAT BANAAYEE||RAAM NAAM AUKHAD DIYA, EKA LIV LAAYEE|| RAHAO || 1 ||RAAKH LIYE TINN RAKHANHAAR, SABH BIYAADH MITAAYEE||KAHO NANAK KIRPA BHAYEE, PRABH BHAYE SAHAAYEE|| 2 ||I came home while my daughter and my wife stayed at the hospital.It took me 10 minutes to come home in my car. At 11:10pm I started doing ardaas with folded hands. My idea was that since I will not be able to sleep, I would spend the whole night doing ardaas and simran. Going through this ardaas what I experienced and what I saw, would be hard to explain but I will try my best to write for the benefit of readers of “Aatam-Science” (A Sikh spiritual magazine) what occurred during my ardaas:WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BEGINNING OF MY ARDAASIn the beginning of my ardaas I had a very scary thought. This thought and vision had been created as a result of my faithlessness or maybe it was created as a test for me. I am not sure of this. I think before every spiritual experience, Maaiya tries its best not to let one escape from its clutches. If the spiritual student stays strong and does not falter during such tests, then illusions like maaiya cannot do anything and the infinite power of Vaheguru protects the Sikh.In the beginning of the ardaas this thought came in my mind that first of all, Vaheguru in front of whom I am doing ardaas probably does not exist and even if he does exist, there is nothing he can do about it as the current situation of my daughter is the result of her bad karma from previous life. The inner voice addressed me saying that my daughter must have done some very bad karma in her previous life and for this she will have to suffer. The thoughts came to my mind along the lines that the condition of my daughter in fact is very serious and that what the doctors are saying is truth. I am not going to get anything positive out of this ardaas. Then the thought came to my mind that it was my duty to stick around my daughter who is at deathbed and instead of sticking around with her, I have run home to do ardaas like a coward. Instead of facing the problem, I am looking for refuge a futile thing like ardaas. After this I saw in my thoughts the dead body of my daughter and the thought came to my mind that it is futile to do ardaas for a dead body. I FIGHT BACK THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS OF MY MINDI was very surprised to see such attacks of my mind and got worried. After I saw the dead body of my daughter in my thoughts I cried out, “NO NO NO, this cannot happen! My father Vaheguru is all mighty. My Vaheguru will not consider my daughter’s previous karma. I have come under his protection and he always keeps honour of the ones who come to him. The scene and the thoughts that I had seen are all illusion. My Vaheguru is million times powerful than Maaiya the illusion. My eyes can be deceived, as what they see may be wrong. My ears can be deceived, as what they listen to could be wrong. My daughter can be deceived by illusion of maaiya. The doctors can be deceived by maaiya but I am a Sikh of Guru Arjun Dev jee and I am a Khalsa of Guru Gobind Singh jee. I cannot be deceived (dhokha) by maiya. I know that if Vaheguru wants he can survive us without breathing. My daughter will surely get cured”.After saying out all this, I extended my hazooriya towards Vaheguru and said, “Sache Paatshah, please don’t look at my weaknesses. Cure my sweet daughter. Please prove the falsehood of maaiya”. When the above stated thoughts went across my mind, the previous scary thoughts vanished. My anxious and tired mind was filled with peace and fearlessness. In this new state of mind, I was saying:VAHEGURU JEE KAA KHALSA VAHEGURU JEE KEE FATEH||While sitting in this state of mind, I heard the phone ring. I picked up the phone and found out that my daughter had given birth to a baby at 11:43pm and that the birth was natural and not by operation. Doctors were surprised at this. My daughter and her child were doing just fine. After the phone call, I was filled with gratitude and started reciting the following pankiti of Gurbani:VAARIYA NAA JAAVAAN IKK BAAR||TU SADA SALAMAT NIRUNKAAR||***********END OF THE TRANSLATION************
  19. Man. No doubt which Yug we're in for sure.
  20. These poor people are going to be haunted by these memories till their last days. A day probably does not pass without them remembering.
  21. I think that might be true he really had taken the whole sjw trend to a new level, before him no one used to do it like he did. On top of that he uses social media to show everything. Hes really set the trend within the sikh community. Now every sikh wants to be a hero. I think in their heads they think they are bhai kanhaiya and doing a massive sacrifice. SJW then love uploading photos onto social media and getting all the likes.
  22. Has anyone had any similar experiences by doing 5 sukhmani sahib?
  23. Ultimately, you do what you need. If the kid listens with a stern word, then that's all you need to do. If the kid needs all his toys and privileges taken away, then do it. And if the kid still behaves like a little piece of trash, then don't be afraid to go to town on his a**! But only as much as is required, never excessive.
  24. thank you for the Darshani of these photos very very much where do you find so much anmol pictures
  25. So true. Problem just isn't him. But I guess he's first Sikh to start this ugly sjw trend of wasting the Sangat's money on non Sikhs. As some one here put it, he's turned Sikhs into the school kid whose giving out gifts to other kids with the hope that they will like him. That's loser mentality
  26. Last week
  27. That h.aram.i ( sorry some people might find that word offensive but what else can you call someone who refuses to help his own people and takes money off Sikhs solely to spend on non-Sikhs) Ravi Singh has collected £5 Million and he is sitting on it and now asking Sikhs to make KA a £100 million charity. When you see how much our people have suffered and how many families have been destroyed then you get angry when you see him posting pictures of his charity running around setting up tents and feeding those for whom the other charities have collected millions for. Each post he puts up is like putting salt on the wounds of these Sikhs in need.
  28. Old photo from back then of children with photos of their missing fathers
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