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  1. Its is with sadness that we have to report the beadbi that is taking place at Guru Nanak Sikh School, Hayes, Middlesex, UK. This is not being done by Sant Baba Amar Singh Ji but more so by his *DELETED*.

    We just noted that for pupils to get a place at the school they have to complete a form showing how well they are committed to their faith. Parents and the children have to prove that they are good sikhs before they get a place at the school. This is good and it is right that parents have to show their commitment to the faith especially when places at the school are like gold dust.

    This is where the beadbi has come to light, (one member of their board), is a Mona (hair cut), *DELETED*. Furthermore he privately slags off his staff members, saying that they are nicking money from the school building fund. This most public image of the *edited* sends a very wrong signal about the sikh faith and it needs to be addressed.

    This is hypocritical and double standards. If this isn't true then let them deny it. This is an important issue for the sangat, since this school is a faith school which has took public money from us (sikhs) to help it become what it is, with Baba Ji's Kirpa and from the British government.

    We think this issue needs to be publicly highlighted, since why do we insist that in Guru Ghar (Gurdwara) the Presidents and committee members are asked to be amritdhari and then why should this not be the case in the school. As the Head always tells that the parents and children that the school is also a Guru Ghar since Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Parkashed there. Can you now see how the beadbi is happening. The Committee should be of people who are Sikhs to be AmritDhari

    This matter needs to be publicly debated and hope the sangat would take a lead.

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