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    • A man has been jailed for more than three years after pretending he was Muslim to sleep with a young Coventry woman who he then blackmailed. Sandeep Brar threatened to send intimate photos he had snapped without permission to the victim's family after meeting her in hotels . The 29-year-old then told her the problem would go away if she would agree to sleep with other men who would pay him for the sex. Despite the young woman’s fears of what her family would say, his victim, then aged 18, went to the police and Brar, who is actually a Sikh, was arrested. He had used a false name and posed as a Muslim during their earlier online chats. But he denied blackmail - and on the day of his trail turned up with copies of a string of messages from his phone supposedly showing it was her who was blackmailing him by threatening to cry rape. Trial abandoned The trial was abandoned while the messages were investigated - but it was shown that Brar had created the fake messages himself. That landed him with a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice - which he also denied. On the day he was due to stand trial on both charges, Brar, of St Peters Road, Southall, Middlesex, changed his pleas to guilty and was jailed for three years and nine months. Prosecutor Tom Kenning said Brar’s victim, who lives in Coventry , was just 17 when they first had contact with each-other in 2013 through social media, with him using the name Ehsan and making out that he was Muslim. They were in regular contact for about a year before meeting at a hotel in Birmingham in April 2014, where they were ‘intimate,’ and he described them as boyfriend and girlfriend. They met again a month later, again at a Birmingham hotel, where she noticed him messing with his phone and made it clear she did not want him to take any pictures. Brar apologised and said he had deleted them – but he lied, and he had at least two pictures of her, one in a state of semi-undress and one while she was asleep. They continued to correspond, but Brar’s attitude changed, and after they argued about the situation in Palestine he began making offensive comments about the prophet Muhammad. Admitting he lied In a series of messages, Brar called her a "dirty Muslim" after having an intimate encounter with her: “I’ve got naked pictures of you. I’ve got your mum and brother’s numbers. “Don’t think your mother or brother’s gonna be happy knowing you lied saying you were at your friend’s when you were in a hotel with a man.” He then revealed his real name and that he was not Muslim but Sikh, adding: “Nor am I a P**i. I was fake the whole time. I just lie to Muslim women to f*** them and f*** them up. “How would they feel if your dad seen pictures of you? I’ll tell him a story one by one, I’ll let it sink in picture by picture.” Brar told her he would delete them if she went to a hotel and slept with some other men, explaining those men would pay him.  Desperate, she asked how much he would get from that and offered to find the money herself instead – and he demanded £1,000 with a first payment of £250 ‘by Monday,’ which she agreed. Denied blackmailing Instead she went to the police, but when he was arrested Brar denied blackmailing her. On the day his trial was due to begin in October 2015 he handed a number of documents to his lawyers which were passed to the prosecution, and the trial was adjourned for them to be investigated. They purported to show it was actually his victim who was blackmailing him, with messages including one which read: “I could get you f***ed up, dude, just pay me. Jail or money.” There were several other messages, one of which said: “I can say I never agreed for sex. Who are they going to believe?” But it was established that they were all fake, having been created by Brar, including one in which the girl is supposed to have told him: “Go f*** yourself you Indian piece of <banned word filter activated>.” Mr Kenning added that Brar had a conviction for wounding in 2008, and a caution in 2013 after using a false name to arrange to meet a young woman in Smethwick and then snatching her bag. Marion Smullen, defending, said Brar is responsible for a number of family members because his parents are in poor health, and he and his wife, who have a young baby, live with his grandmother who is bed-bound. She pointed out it was four years since the offences, and said that since then Brar has married and turned his life around Jailing Brar, Judge Peter Cooke told him: “From the outset you gave her a false name and pretended you were a Muslim. “At a later stage your attitude changed. You were saying you had naked pictures of her, threatening to reveal them to her family. "You said the issue could be sorted out if she presented herself at a hotel and effectively prostituted herself with men you had selected, and you then demanded £1,000. “Your case has aggravating features in that your demand was laced with vile racial abuse.” Of the later fake messages, the judge said: “Had they been accepted as genuine, you would have escaped conviction, and your victim might very well have faced prosecution for blackmail and seeking to pervert the course of justice herself.” https://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/man-pretended-muslim-sleep-teen-14551096
    • Provide a shabad that even say something similar to what you are putting in the Gurus mouth.  
    • "Even if he sends me to hell, I will still be grateful,
      Since we punish only those who we count as our own" "You showed your beauty to the whole world. 
      When it was my turn, you let the curtain fall.
      It was my misfortune, that I could not reach this rest.
      I could only reach her door, I could not reach her heart."
    • "The preacher is pious only because he's terrified of hell, Lord. Whereas me, I sinned freely, trusting in your mercy" Has God got himself lost that you go searching for him everywhere? Trust me, the angels will ask the pious on judgement day: "Why didn’t you sin? Didn’t you trust in God’s mercy? " I met my beloved in a dream And locked my arms around his neck. Now I don't dare open my eyes For fear we'll be separated again" I gave my heart; that was the height of love. I put my life in her hands; that was the height of trust. I died, but my eyes refused to close. That was the height of waiting  "When the Beloved serves you a drink with their own hands Alcohol it no longer remains Haram "
    • In terms of charity then I think sikhs should give charity to poor sikhs first and then help others. Millions of sikhs in India living in poverty, If sikhs aren't gonna help them then who is In terms of general help and support then it don't really matter, should help anyone in that case 
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