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    • What you folk need to understand about the intentions and desired affect behind the broader, "There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim" narrative pushed by certain contemporary ideologues is that by embracing and pushing this belief, it also endorses -- by omission -- the idea that there is also no Sikh. It is a sentiment of erasure; our erasure. The original sentiment espoused by Guru Sahib was a unifying idea  steeped in an admirable sense of spirituality whereby they wanted to promote the idea that our differences are superficial, and ultimately we are more than the labels that we cling to. This was  during a period where Hindus and Muslims were numbered in the millions. For someone to come along at the time and propose a so-called third way in the midst of social and religious strife, was a radical act, because at the time the adherents to that third way numbered a handful of individuals with no real presence. Some might argue, therefore, that Guru Sahib never planned for us to become the very thing they were rallying against, which I don't believe is true, because it would mean subsequent Guru Sahibs were spinning the wheels of rebellion and organisation without an end goal in mind, which I believe is false. Now that we've grown beyond that relatively short number YET are still nowhere near the billions of the other two factions, for us to promote and celebrate this "One Religion" idea in the modern world -- especially after everything we've seen and experienced in the subsequent centuries -- is damaging to our survival as a distinct group. You can either choose to belong to the human race and pretend as if differences and divisions don't exist, or you exist with some form of preference and affection for the unique cultural and religious heritage of your ancestors. Celebrating the distinctness of others while simultaneously undermining your own uniqueness and doctrine is what traitors do. And a group comprised of traitors -- whether they be well-meaning yet misguided or of the calculating variety -- is a group that is destined for destruction.
    • Guest Zee Kay
      Bad deeds have bad results or bad people meet bad end. 
    • Why I am not allowed to talk about black folk? I hope you are not trying to censor me. You do come from a country where the 1st amendment is all important.  Nothing I said was hate speech.  You seem to have a tyrannical authoritarian streak in you.
    • Because the color of the Akali bana given by Guru Gobind Singh ji is blue. When the SGPC came and removed the Shromani Akali Panth Budhha Dal from the Akal Takhat, it called itself "Akali Dal", and retained elements of the Akali maryada in order to call themselves "Akalis".
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