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    • You cause more trouble to sikhi,  than anyone,  I understand why you are puzzled 
    • ravidassias also dont like it when we say bhagat ravidas   they want us to call bhagat ravidas   with guru ravidas    every sikh video you go on about bhagat ravidas the ravidassias get mad in the comments because we dont say guru     its another reason why they split up from sikhs   bhagat ravidas is their guru and above our gurus for them 
    • have you heard about Guru granth sahib jis being removed from a lot of gurdware in the last few yrs, my family are from doaba too. apparently singhs come from amritsar and remove guru granth sahib jis from gurdware that dont follow maryada. My dads pind is on the main road that runs through nawanshahr and on that main road is a gurdwara/jagga  its a jagga but they places guru granth sahib ji there but some singhs came from amritsar on a motorbike and removed guru ji and drove off. They said they taking guru ji because its a jagga not gurdwara,  we have around 5 gurdware in the pind and they didnt take anything from those gurdware.  Theyve done this to a lot of places that dont follow proper maryada.    not that im saying the ravidas gurdwara your talking about has the same case  but it just reminded me 
    • Pakistani Hindus at Nankana Sahib  
    • Sangat is having a blessed time there    
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