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    • Art is very important and powerful creative force and tool in Sikhi, especially in story telling. If you look at historical gurdwara's they had art depicting historical moments of Guru Ji lives. Art is a way of conveying and expressing a story where words can not. As they say a painting can say a thousand words. Art is encouraged in Sikhi especially when it glorifies the creator waheguru, nature, Sikh history and and Sikh hero's. Also there are designs (mosaics) which can be seen on famous gurdwaray especially around the parikarma of Darbar Sahib. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-T129AybwJhM/U4LUfSz7gmI/AAAAAAAAB2E/OG6_3KW1er8/s1600/Untitled-3.jpg     http://pictify.saatchigallery.com/files/works/sikh-art-sacred-aesthetics-of-the-sikhs-by-nikky-guninder-kaur-1358579095_org.jpg https://live.staticflickr.com/4856/45864050192_0fdb4586c6_b.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d6/62/f7/d662f7c22d209b904a7c9c07de01eda1.jpg     When you look at historical paintings of Sikh martyrs getting executed by muslim tyrannt regime and their footsoldiers you realise the cruelty of people and yet you had muslims and others who didnt believe such things took place then you had likes of isis come along and do things to non-muslims in iraq and syria which showed the barbarity that islam can inflict on muslim and non-muslim communities. And it confirmed to others that yes islam or those who follow islam to an extreme literal interpretation are capable of the most evil deeds and hence our hate for their evil poisonous inhumane ideology and their need to be exterminated from this world is justified. https://www.naukrinama.com/stressbuster/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/8-39.jpg     https://jarnailarts.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/storming-of-multan-fort.jpg    
    • Sikhs are too busy fighting internal battles. They need to be external.  
    • A great programme watch downloading for future and showing your family and friends https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0bfnldw
    • I would argue that Guru Nanak Sahib Ji did start a new religion by setting his own spiritual path different from Islam and hinduism which were the 2 competing ideologies in indian subcontinent and central and south asia as a whole. Guru nanak's message and teachings was universal and appealed to people of all faiths, he didn't stay in one place in punjab and preached. He went to multiple lands and nations to different nationalities, ethnicities and races speaking to people in a languages they understood about God and how to be better connect to Waheguru and live a better life than they were at the moment. He was the first missionary seeking converts to the new spiritual path as ordained by God. Had God wanted him to preach in one place to one group of people he would have stayed in kartarpur punjab and never moved. It is the Sikhs of today that are forgetting or deliberately ignoring this very important aspect of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji's life. They do not want to implement the reaching out to non-sikhs and sikhs alike spreading Sikhi they rather get on with their own selfish lives doing bit of naam simran here and there and going gurdwara and thats their bit for Sikhi done. Forgetting that the problems that Sikhs and Sikhi faces in present times is that selfishness not looking out for each other or helping each other in progressing as Sikhs or trying to seek new converts. And who is waiting in the wings to pounce on your sons and daughters and brothers and sisters cos of your lack of action? Well its the abrahamics and the atheist propagandists.. so therefore we cant not complain when your daughter or sister gets groomed by isis muslim extremists when you were never teaching her to stand strong and have pride in Sikhi.
    • Personally I rate it at zero, non-existent. Islam's marketing strategy is probably no.1 right now 2nd is chrisitanity because they are aggressive convert seeking abrahamic faiths. And our situation with sikhi its much worse than other dharmic faiths buddhists and hindu's who do less than us in terms or charity and have less media exposure in the west, hardly don't do anything to attract new converts but still have large appeal amoung westerners because of yoga and meditation and these two faiths have powerful state power behind them (buddhists having burma. cambodia, thailand, sri lanka,etc hindus having nepal, bali and india). Where are missionary Sikhs at? Wheres Sikhi at? Wheres SGPC at? Disgraceful
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