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    • You make a great point. Nobody is going to mess with an economic giant consisting of over 1 billion people because some random, uneducated pendus who have no money, no organization and no power.   Sikhs are very clueless. Just browsing SikhSangat is extremely depressing. I think there was a thread a long time ago where people were speculating on the worldwide Sikh population, and everyone was just pulling random crazy numbers out of their @sses (like over 100 million).
    • Sikhs will not be able to move forward and progress until we stop: 1. Attaching importance to silly things and 2. Living in the past (and even worse: living in a pretend fairy tale version of the past)     The Koh-i-noor diamond is not some sort of special symbol of Sikh sovereignty. It has just been a status symbol for various rulers over time. The Sikh obsession with it is corny and pathetic on multiple levels. It's like caring about random material possessions of some rich person just because that rich person comes from the same background as you. Also, Sikhs crying about the British taking it is silly considering that Ranjit Singh took it from someone. What is the appropriate amount of time to go back to determine the "rightful" owner of anything?
    • Why does it matter that you aren't the only one who engages in sentimental revisionism about Ranjit Singh's kingdom? Does the fact that, in addition to you, a large proportion (probably a majority) of our people are misguided and misinformed somehow make it less cringe-worthy? Regarding why Sikhs remember Maharaja Ranjit Singh and not the other various Sikh rajas, there are two reasons: 1. Ranjit Singh had a much larger kingdom but, moreover: 2. 95% of today's Sikhs (including Malwai) probably are unaware of the existence of the other rajas in any case   We are sadly one of the most clueless and ill-informed groups of people on the planet. I bet you more than 95% of Sikhs who have heard of Ranjit Singh also believe that his empire included all of modern Indian Punjab.
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