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    • add to the list: The idea that vaccinations are good and helpful to children's health. The truth is, vaccinations are NOT in any way helpful to a kid's health, they are DANGEROUS. Within the vaccine's listed ingredients, there are multiple carcinogens (cancer causing), multiple neurotoxins (brain damaging chemicals) and well... disease! They do not fully list all the ingredients they put in a vaccine either. If all children must be vaccinated, according to a theory they call "herd immunity". Why is it dangerous for a child to be unvaccinated? If the unvaccinated child carries one of the diseases that are transferrable, SURELY, the ones who got the vaccine would be safe, right?  The vaccines do not protect the vaccinated child, why vaccinate them? Vaccines simply destroy a healthy immune system by exposing them to all sorts of dangerous, foreign chemical agents... this will be the biggest blunder looking back, of the 21st century. The idea that we must poison our children to keep them strong, fit and healthy. As an aside, most diseases that we vaccinate for, arose in unsanitary conditions. We simply do not have those anymore in almost all parts of the world. Soap and water has taken care of many a disease. Thank you all for your time, and I surely hope you do the research as to why one must never touch their child with a vaccine. I for one say, vaccinate my kid? Over my dead body. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
    • History has been made. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2iXQ9Q3P43M
    • Baba Baljeet Singh is the mukh sevadaar at this historical asthaan. His phone no. is 9463513563 Have a look at these topics  
    • I'm I wrong, I saw a picture of Guru Gobind Singh Ji,  I called him Guru Nanak Ji,  people shouted at me abs swore, am I wrong or right.
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