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Khalsa Ji,

To avoid any unpleasant issues, one should read and adhere to the rules laid out by Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. The chapter is called “Vakta Sarotal’, from SriGurpratap Suraj Granth.

Satguru Ji clearly explains the maryada for doing katha, and conversely, the maryada for those sitting in Sangat. It seems that some preachers/ kathawachiks are not reading or adhering to Gurmat.

If we all adhere to Gurmat, then this would eradicate all anti social activities, and bad behaviour...

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After a couple of years now of seriously contemplating suicide I’ve considered the consequences and the extremity of each of them, understanding that such extremity doesn’t exist. In my eyes, any temporary matters in life such as friends, so called family, ‘happiness’, will neither suffer nor will have any ability in changing my mind at the point I’m at.

Most of me is gone by now, but there is still a droplet of Amrit left inside that won’t let me commit such a crime, but I’m afraid that with time, my mind will take control and I won’t be opposed to such an idea of not existing any longer.

I’m sinking more than ever now
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At the moment Sikhism is in its golden period. The next 50 years are crucial for its survival and prosperity. 

It is a make or break time for the faith. If we continue the way we are going Sikhi as we know it will become a insignificant religion on the world stage confined only to Punjabi people and not like a ethically and racially diverse religion like other faiths. Our time is running out. We must act now for the benefit of the next generations who are counting on us for their future. 

But we are on borrowed time. Unless drastic steps are taken to take the faith further and expand all around the world. If this is not done within the next 50 years it is game over. There will not be an opportunity like this again. Many if not all will eventually become athiest or convert to other religions. This is actually happening now but will get increasingly worse. 

The next 50 years is either success or failure as far as numbers go. After 50 years are up. There is no way of turning back the tide. That is why I stress the importance in a crucial period and juncture for the faith. 

We need huge scale missionary activity throughout the world from tibet to mongolia. Dont expect people to one day wake up and look at a basics of sikhi video on youtube then convert on their own will. Yes we can implement digital technology to reach to the masses but that is only one method. We need boots on the ground. Missionary centres on every corner of the earth to spread Guru Nanaks message. 

We must lobby our so called leaders to fund these projects. Money and resources need to be poured in for the effort to begin. Dedication and commitment is needed from us all. Sacrafices will need to be made. It will not be easy but we can achieve the goal with the right methods and knowledge.

Dont think I am just typing this as a passing thought.

I am in the process of setting up one of only in the UK of a Sikh missionary centre. If people are intrested in helping and are from the the east London area. Please contact me on ways you can help and contribute to the project. 

Any thoughts on this crucial period in time that we must act on?


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maybe you are confused we are NOT frightened but being responsible and dealing with a real problem affecting ALL of society by making sure we inform how to stay safe, where to go for help and supporting helping those irrespective of faith who have been abused. 
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