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    well if you did not make such absurd posts no one would have a problem with you.
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    I don't really like asking for this, but can we just ban him now? He's been more of a disruption than anything else, and it's been proven that everyone else thinks so.
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    Wow, you're just full of yourself, aren't you? How do you know anything? Ever ask yourself that? You want to apply skeptical methods to Sikhism and the Gurus. Ever done so to every other aspect of life, history, and historical persons? How do you know Jesus even existed? How do you know Plato existed? Or Socrates? That "his words" were his? Or Churchill's words were his? Or Dickens'? Or Shakespeare's? Or Chaucer's? Or Milton's? I'll bet that you just accept those 100%. I'll accept that you're a real skeptic if every time your teacher or professor starts to teach one of these books, you raise your hand and doubt the very existence of them.
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    you sure it was an accident? you might have pissed them off and they did it on purpose
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    Life magazine visits the Sikhs of India 1946 cool photos! These photos were taken in 1946 around Amritsar. The photos are not in order but there is a protest taking place in some of the photos concerning the water/canal and its size
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    Just waiting for JKV or Ajeet to comment and say this is a Jewish-Illuminati conspiracy funded by the RSS.
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    good. job this guy along with toopuzzled are only here to cause disruption and troll.
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    Well done Guest Ban jee . Excellent job, by revealing the truths of a troll. I had my doubts since the very beginning he stepped in, he was even told that the type of questions he asked, were not likely to be asked by sikh, upon which he said something like, he was 100 %sikh... he is/was so blinded by trying to prove wrong sikhee under the pretext of science, that, that very his unethical behavoiur, ended by revealing his true foolishness and fakeness Shame on him...
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    See, the problem is that he is being dishonest in his approach. I asked him whether he takes the same approach in relation to every other author that is presented in his school or college classes. He says yes. Sorry, but I cannot but see that as a lie. The teacher starts out to teach Shakespeare, or whatever, and he (instead of reading from the play), starts talking about "What proof is there that Shakespeare even existed?" or "These are Shakespeare's actual words"? Or the teacher starts talking about WWII, and he says "What proof is there that Churchill or Hitler even existed?" Oh, I would love to hear him say "There's no proof that Hitler killed 6 million Jews." Go ahead @mahandulai. Write up an article saying that (with your actual name), send it to a newspaper, or your college professor. So, @Jaggaa, the problem people have is not with skepticism, but with a skepticism reserved only for our Gurus and Sikhism.
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    Good point, what a loser. Hey, @mahandulai , how do you even know that there even is anybody on the other end of the Internet that you're using to connect with what you think is the Internet? For all you know, it's just GCHQ that's on the other end, there is no Bhforce, there is no JKVlondon, etc. How do you know that your mother is your mother and your father is your father? Have you done a DNA test? If so, did you do the DNA test yourself? Did you create the thermal cycler yourself? If not, how can you trust the result? Using the standard you used for our Gurus, it can only be concluded that you are a bas ta rd until you can conclusively prove to the contrary. Also, you'll have to replicate all of genetic science yourself.
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    In simple words: either their manmukhta, or their agyanta, though in the end, these are 2 sides of the same coin. Then above all, it is a matter of Maharaj´s Kirpa, to those whom He himself calls, through Hukum they come willingly, it is in their karam. These who come willingly, as said is more of his kirpa, than any intention of ours, for if He wants so, who van resist His hukum? Of course not even Kaal! To these, Gurbani names them as wadbhagee jeevas. Does not the Bani say: bhoolay marg jinay batayaa, aisa Gur wadbhagee paaya. Here the marg is sikhee, which takes the wadbhagee jeeva, through Guru Jee back home. You see sikhee is a path of love, of devotion, of kirpa from Akal Purukh, whosoever practices and walks on it faithfully, reaches Nijh Ghar, Sach Khand. Sat Sree Akal.
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    I agreement that you posts are absurd. I have reviewed some of your yourtube content also - if you do not agree with the way in which the faith is and the way in which the faithful practice the faith do not comment on them. I am at a disbelief that someone who has Kesh and ties a Dastar is questioning the very purpose of the identity that he is keeping - its Ludacris. We have enough people trying to tarnish our community as it is without requiring for members of the community themselves try and tarnish us! You don't have faith - that's fine You need evidential proof - that's fine. Tell me this - can you prove that your mother is your mother and your father is your father? Have you ever questioned your father if he is your father? No you wouldn't because you have faith in his word - it is akin to questioning the purpose of the Kakkar - and the purpose of Dhan Guru Granth Sahib Ji - my Guru gave us a hukam - there is no need to question. Aap Guru Kartar - The Guru himself is the All Prevading Being. You need a tight slap - someone born of the Sikh faith is referring to the Guru as just poetry - the Gian that Guru sahib gives us is immeasurable. Its time for indioviduals like you / and others to stop trating Maharaj as an idol, if you pick the Rumalla up just once and take a glimpse of the Guru and Read and Vichaar on its word maybe just maybe your eyes will open!
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    @mahandulai why are you a sikh? no trick question, is it because of science? also do you believe in god? what do the guru's mean to you? it would be helpful to know where you stand with sikhi
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    This present thread makes at least 2 points clear to be paid atention: 1) One may try to disguise as a sikh, for sikhism is very much related to purity and truthfulness 2) No matter, if a donkey or a pig dresses(evil doer such as rapist, terrorist) itself as a lion(sikh), yet it´s fakeness will be revealed sooner than later, for the scent of evil is right in them, in their very nature.
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    he deserves to rot in an Indian jail which is hell especially thair Jail
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    More stings should be done on the these animals. Preying on young vulnerable girls to satisfy the depraved sexual desires. Great that people are doing tgis and bringing people to justice.
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    Puzzled - you make me laugh!
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    Interesting video I came across, made some very good points and research.
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    some of our ithias is recorded by non Sikhs, even people who didn't like Sikhs. For example Mughal emperor Jehangir himself wrote in his diary, which is available in english, that he ordered Guru Arjan Dev Ji to be persecuted. But we don't need any poxy diaries or accounts from non sikhs as we have faith in our ithias Sikhi isn't about proof, evidence and fact, its about belief and faith. According to OUR ithias many gursikhs were questioned, ridiculed and laughed at for being sikhs but that didn't deter them because they had faith in their guru. Even when society turned against them they still didn't turn their back to their guru because they had faith when you have faith you don't need fact, proof or evidence. which is why no one on here is actually taking your questions seriously
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    'Amere' or have they miss spelt Amir.
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    Deport home why should the tax payer feed and house him.
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    Yeah there are many paki jatts, they actually look identical to sikh jatts. Even this paki lady we knew had a islamic surname but she told us that her actual family name is dhaliwal. I have come across some pakis with the surname gill.
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    Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh ! I am in a bit of a conundrum Saadh Sangat Jee. I have decided that I want to take Amrit and walk the path of our Guru, my wife doesn't eat meat / drink etc however is not ready as of yet to take Amrit. Her mind-set is to take Amrit but not right now, and I respect that. We have one young child (7 months) and we are planning to have more in the future. My questions are : Am I still able to take Amrit from the Panj Pyaare even though my wife will not be? Are we still able to have a physical relationship (without her having taken Amrit)? I have read through some of the posts on previous topics, but would be keen to hear and read everyone's thoughts? Bhul Chuk Maaf Daas Gurvinder Singh
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    I don't understand why people try to bring down NVJ. What are they doing wrong? they are only going around and doing katha and kirtan. Their way of kirtan and parchar isn't exactly traditional, and im not even a fan but many people are connecting to sikhi and kirtan because of them so whats the harm? I'v even seen comments on bhai sukha uk videos of calling him all sorts of things. Its like a few people with a gay fetish are going around putting allegations on others. unless iv missed something lol ...
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    came across your vids a few days ago.good watch especially what not to say to non Punjabi sikh. Sikhism is not only confined to Punjab and Punjabi's anyone can be Sikh regardless of race, ethnicity etc. it is a shame some people don't get that.

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