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    Interesting article I'v heard this before. “Only GurSikhs Had Anand Karaj Before the 1900” Says Elderly Grandmother Posted byDaily Sikh Updates October 11, 2016 “Only GurSikhs Had Anand Karaj Before the 1900” Says Elderly Grandmother Anand Karaj in the 1900s by Anonymous on Sikhnet Recently the Sikh marriage ceremony (Anand Karaj) has come under dispute when concerning couples professing different faiths, which has led to some controversy and conflict. Without going into too much detail of the recent events in the UK, where members of the Sikh community prevented an interfaith marriage from taking place in a Gurdwara, the Akal Takht, the spiritual abode of authority for Sikhs, has made it very transparent in the Sikh Rehat Maryada (Sikh Code of Conduct) that the Anand Karaj ceremony is only permitted for those professing the Sikh faith. And quite rightly so! If one does not wish to accept or practice the Sikh faith, then why would one want a Sikh marriage ceremony? What is intended to be a blissful union of two souls merely becomes a meaningless and ritualistic ceremony. For many years after the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Sikh marriage rites became disoriented with conflicting practices, to the extent where a number of Sikhs were partaking in Hindu Vedic ceremonies to solemnise their marriage. In order to safeguard the sanctity of the Anand Karaj, a Sikh marriage act was officially passed in 1909, which established a legal binding of two people professing the Sikh faith. AnandKaraj This led me to go back to something my maternal grandmother mentioned regarding how Sikh marriages were performed in the early 1900s. It was a common practice for all marriages to be arranged and for girls, as young as seven years old to be engaged (my grandmother was nine years old!). Despite being engaged at such a young age, the girls would legally get married at 15 or 16 and for couples to meet for the very first time on their actual wedding day. My grandparents had a very simple, traditional Sikh wedding ceremony, which took place around the late 1920s-early 1930s (the exact year was never documented). My grandmother very interestingly pointed out, in order for the Anand Karaj to take place, the man had to take Amrit before the ceremony to profess his commitment to the Sikh faith and making a promise that he will maintain Sikh practices within his household. It was not necessary for women to take Amrit before marriage, which was something I could not quite completely understand nor could my grandmother explain why. Upon my grandfather taking Amrit, my grandparent’s marriage was sanctified by the Anand Karaj ceremony. The wedding ceremony took place in the ambrosial hours of the morning at around 4-5am, which was a practice that was maintained and continued from the times of the Sikh Gurus. Sadly this practice has now been lost. This prompted me to question my grandmother further; what if my grandfather did not choose to take Amrit or what if my grandfather had shorn hair but was born in a Sikh household, would they still be allowed to have an Anand Karaj ceremony? My grandmother made a very bold statement that no Sikh during the British Raj cut their hair; the Sikh identity was strongly intact. The cutting of the Kes became more apparent when Sikhs began to emigrate to the West in the 1950s and 60s, where they faced a backlash of discrimination and hostility towards them. For those who did not take Amrit before their marriage or where a Sikh daughter’s hand was given away in marriage into a Hindu household, the Anand Karaj ceremony was not permitted. As an alternative, the couple were offered an opportunity to sanctify their married life and seek the blessings from the Guru in the Gurdwara, where a Sukhmani Sahib or some other form of prayer and an Ardas were performed. Based upon my grandmother’s insight into Sikh marriages in the early 1900s, it is clearly evident that the Anand Karaj ceremony was led and performed for those professing the Sikh faith. Although there was a significant requirement for the male spouse to take Amrit before the marriage, this is not the case now as many Sikh marriages take place with or without either couple being Amritdhari. Inevitably, interfaith marriages will take place. Civil Service ceremonies are held inside many Sikh Gurdwaras around the world in the presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. If a couple wishes to have a marriage ceremony conducted inside a Gurdwara and seek the blessings from the Guru, then we should be able to offer them an alternative ceremony through a prayer and an Ardas. In spite of the times changing, Sikhs have and should continually maintain the sanctity of the Anand Karaj ceremony between two Sikhs, however to also offer an alternative solution for interfaith marriages.
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    How times have changed, now we have members of LGBTQ community trying to have Anand Karaj. When you break a rule for one, then there always will be another wanting you to break the rule for them.
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    If we're being accurate and living up to specific cultural stereotypes, the person saying Namaste should've been illustrated like this: That's only fair.
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    When someone prefaces their argument with "I'm not trying to be..." it's usually a precursor to them wanting to convey the exact opposite sentiment they're at pains not to state outright. The "incels" comments sounds very Reddit-ish. A classic shaming tactic. Are you a Redditor? You smell like a Redditor. Nobody likes Redditors. People are "so obsessed" with what women are doing for many reasons, and it's something that's proving to be a worldwide phenomena amongst groups that wish to retain their values, traditions, and their identities in the face of overwhelming odds being espoused for many decades by certain groups who wish for the world to be populated by mutt-like, rudderless, confused beings without roots and identities. The "alpha male" argument is an enticing one, and I admit I myself was actually quite convinced by its merits for a few years, but when I began delving into it from a different angle, I found myself being repulsed by the very idea of it. In essence, it transfers the entire burden of the relational transaction (including the initial pursuit) between a man and a woman onto the shoulders of the man while entirely bypassing the merits (or not) of the female in question; in other words, the male is encouraged to ignore the fact of whether the woman is WORTH pursuing; we're encouraged not to analyse her qualities and her merits, but just accept her for breathing. Apparently, that's enough. This "ideal" of woman is packaged as perfection, and if you fail to entice such a female, it's because there's some serious deficiency in your masculinity. What if a masculine, strong-willed man doesn't want a loose-moralled, shallow harlot? Does that make him a beta male? I agree, but one can obtain a fairly accurate guestimate from such indicators. Wonderful sentiments, and again I agree to a certain extent, but in the case of the Sikh women you're passionately defending it's simply not as cut-and-dry as you're making it out to be. This "moving on" you describe is usually something that's isn't a result of personal growth and introspection. It's a desperate, final move resulting from a debilitating fear; fear of being discovered, or fear of being labelled, or a general dread of being having done wrong. It's usually the last roll of the dice in an attempt to conceal an act (or a sequence of acts) that's spiralled out of control. Her "settling down" is not through choice, for if it were, she would choose to settle down with the type of companions to whom she granted access to her... innermost sanctum, lol. This "settling" is exactly that: it's settling for second best in her mind at least. The fun, rollercoaster ride of hedonism and degeneracy is over, and suddenly that empty, hollow, galling sensation gnawing away at her conscience screams at her to turn over a new leaf either through heartbreak or because she realises she was fed a lie. Then, miraculously, she finds God! Then she begins quoting out-of-context Guru Nanak quotes, and begins lecturing Sikhs on religious directives. What a transformation! A truly introspective person would arrest their fall BEFORE hurtling over the cliff. Sikh females tend to realise the direness of their situation only once they've launched themselves off the cliff, and they're sprawled on the rocks miles below. Maybe not in your family or social circle, but I assure you they do exist. Maybe look harder, and not assume your personal situation is the standard? Overall, I have HUGE problems with Sikh males, too. I'm not one for double standards. I believe if Sikh males want the "best" Sikh female, they must exhibit the behaviour and decorum they seek in a female companion. I have nothing but contempt for the contemporary Western Punjabi or culturally Sikh male. I'd be more than happy to contribute my opinions on that subject if someone were to open a thread on that particular topic.
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    Literally just 10 mins ago i just watched this 1hr and 20 mins discussion on M.Ranjit Singh and Sikh empire, the guy hosting it was a gay "sikh" mona and the historian was Amandeep Singh Madra. After the historian finished explaining his stuff he answered questions and one of the questions was about sex and bisexuality in the Sikh empire! as the host was a gay obviously the people viewing this live must of been gays as well! and not wanting to upset them the historian man started stuttering and saying M.Ranjit Singh was very close to Hira Dogra and that there were people talking because they were so close! and then he was like Hira Dogra was definitely gay. <banned word filter activated> You should of seen the hosts head nodding in agreement! This is the problem with gays! they turn history and historical figures into gays! just like feminists that narrate history to suit their views! This BS needs to stop next min people like M.Ranjit Singh are gnna become gay symbols for that community
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    Who said feminists see men as an atm. House duties need to be done, whether by men or women.
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    If Singhs cover their head then women should too, Its also Guru Gobind Singh jis hukkam to keep your head covered. In India they just cover their heads with chunnis, while in the west mostly tie dastar or patka, i guess its up to you. My Nani used to wear chunni and she was Amritdhari. If your comfortable with chunni then just wear chunni as long as your head is covered. Sikh women covered their heads with chunnis for centuries, Sant jis wife wore a chunni. Singh with dastar/dhari and wife with a naked head looks very odd.
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    There is a real shortage of registered UK Sikhs who are willing to become foster parents for Sikh children. As a result Sikh children are being placed with non-Sikh families. Some sevadar’s are raising awareness and have started an Instagram page called Sikhfostering and their website is http://sikhfostering.org/ Their goal is to encourage, educate and motivate Sikhs in the UK to become foster parents and providing them resources and ongoing support. They will be holding presentation talks/seminars in (so far) 100 gurdwaras across the UK.
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    How should India govt handle the Chinese army incursion on the border?
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    You are not debating. Please try to debate with facts not lies. You will not get very far with lies. When you say Sikhs were poor Hindus who were forced to convert into Sikhism, forced by whom? There is no precedent in our history of forced conversions, not even one. But Muslims the list is endless. You cannot deny it. Islamic history is as violent and oppressive as Christian history. Both Abrahamic cults. As for us believing in the existence of Devi Devtas. It is a fact they exist based on our scriptures. We don't subscribe to the Islamic paradigm of saying anything that is beyond the scope of the Quran and Hadith's is non existent. Abrahamic cults are like the frog in the well who does not know of the vast world beyond the well. Islam is just Arab paganism mixed with Judaism. Nothing more. As for you saying we are a foot note in Islamic history well we don't want to be a part of Islamic history. Islamic history is a history of human suffering, slavery, oppression, rape, forcible conversion. That's not something to be proud of.
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    We need to stick to our principles and stand our ground. We must ensure that our Sikhi does not become like this
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    a 50 year old bihari woman has been cleaning our house daily for the last 3 years. Last year she was very depressed with her life. Her daughter was not finding a match and her son was jobless. I told her to do gurbani but she said she is illiterate and can't read. I told her to memorize 2 pankitis of sukhmani sahib prabh Kai simran ridh sidh nau nidh prabh Kai simran gyaan dhyaan tatt budh She started doing these pankitis at least 1000 times a day and in just 1 year all her problems r solved. Her daughter completed her B.A and got job in a tuition centre in Bihar and also got married too. Her son opened a small shop and just in 1 year his shop got so popular that his shop has turned into a medium sized departmental store and he earns around 50000rs a month. This bihari lady is now leaving punjab and is going to live with her son in Bihar. She told me yesterday that as long as she lives she will continue to do jaap of these 2 pankitis. I also taught her mool mantar yesterday and she will do jaap of mool mantar too alongside the 2 pankitis.
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    nteresting that he hasn't addressed this post. We need to understand the psychology of people like him and how trying to debate people like him is pointless. The problem with people like him is that they have lost the ability to reflect. If the starting point to your belief system is that a man was the final prophet and he was the perfect human being, then when you hit any facts that shows that he was charlatan and a paedophile then you are quite willing to dismiss these facts because to acknowledge these would destroy your faith. It is much easier and safer to just ignore these facts and against all facts to the contrary just continue to believe that Mohammed was a prophet and married a 6 year old just to cement his ties to one of his friends! Islam is really a house of cards built on sand. Though their propaganda they mouth the same lies over and over again and as Goebbels said if a lie is repeated enough times it becomes the truth to most people. The vast majority of Muslims do not know all their religion, the believe their prophets was a kind, good man who was persecuted and never persecuted anyone and who loved animals and was good with kids . When they some across any facts which tell the truth about Mohammed, Islam has provided a million and one excuses which that Muslim can use to repress his natural unease at what Mohammed did. If the unease is about Aisha, who their prophet married at 6 years of age and then consummated the marriage at the ripe old age of 9! They can either believe that she was not 6 years old but 16, 17, 18, 19 or even 21 according to whichever attempt at denying their prophet's paedophilia they want to accept! If they don't want to accept that and want to accept the overwhelming evidence that she was 6 then he can choose to accept the 'scientific' theory that girls aged much faster in Mohammed's time or the climate of Arabia was so unique that girls entered puberty much earlier than our time! All these million and one excuses just to deny what any rational person would accept as Mohammed's paedophilia. The most amusing video I watched lately was some deluded white Muslim convert defending Mohammed's marriage to a 6 year old child by saying that Gandhi also married at a young age! Btw Gandhi was 13 years old when he married his wife who was 14! A bit of a stretch to compare Gandhi's marriage to Mohammed's marriage. But Islam is about trying to convince people that right is wrong and black is white. In the early 1990s I remember a Muslim convert ring a radio station and stating that what convinced him of the truth of Islam was that Neil Armstrong heard the Azan on the moon and had become a Muslim and moved to Lebanon. The truth was that Neil Armstrong himself had to deny this story and he didn't become a Muslim and the only Lebanon he moved to was his home town called Lebanon in the USA! Islam's lies to bring people into its fold. After Neil Armstrong, they had the 'science' in the Quran scam which has pretty much been debunked and even those Muslims who propagated this have backed off. Then it was the no. 19 miracle. Even such shite as 10 words in Quran have 40 rhetorical devices contained in them. Muslims are constantly trying to every type of subterfuge to show how superior their religion is. One thing they try not to use is the teachings of the Quran and the life of their prophets which is something that all other religion use for parchar. The marriage of Aisha is just one of hundreds of events and issues in Mohammed's life that totally negate the Muslim view of him as a prophet and a perfect human being. This is why all the Islamic organisations are constantly trying to push back the tide of rational questions about their prophet and their religion. The Muslim defence of Mohammed the slave trader and Islam's 1400 year of slave trading is that Islamic slavery is not the same as western slavery, because Islamic slavery is benign! As I said Islam is a house of cards built on sand. The thing which stops this house crashing down is that the vast majority of Muslims are ignorant of what Mohammed really did according to their own texts. Of the ones who become aware, the majority start to live lives of denial and the minority leave Islam and either become silent on Islam or become vocal ex-Muslims. The biggest irony that Muslims like this guy engage in is in presenting themselves to be rational human beings. For a rational human being a man of 53 consummating his 'marriage' to a child of 9 would be seen as outrageous, but for our 'rational' Muslim neighbour this is quite in keeping with Mohammed as a perfect human. He knows deep down that this is wrong but like anyone who has bought into a cult, he cannot criticise the leader or leave the cult because he knows that carries a death sentence. Although this guy appears to deny this but that threat exists and here is a youtube video of a Kalash people in Pakistan. Watch between 12.40 and 13.50. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv8an_dWTuE Now why would the Mullahs want to kill a simple tribal women who wants to revert back to her own Kalash religion? In a nation of nearly 200 million Muslims and over a billion worldwide why would one woman's actions to leave Islam mean death for her? In Pakistan hundreds if not thousands of Muslims die a day because they cannot feed themselves or they have no access to medicines, why is her life important and not theirs? If she leaves and the Mullah instead of killing her devote their time and resources to saving 10 Muslims by providing them food and medicines isn't that a net positive for Islam? No, they chose not to do this because for the vast majority of Muslims, it has been so ingrained in them that their religion is perfect that they cannot even envisage that someone would come to it willingly and leave it willingly. If she can do it then maybe they can too and then it opens the floodgates and this is why her remaining a Muslim is so important.
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    this is digital invasion, after 1400 yrs of physical invasion
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    Cultural Sikhs take note - this is the image of Sikhs you have created
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    We couldnt. And even if we could get khalistan then it would either be a majority hindu or muslim country. Also we dint had the capability to remove hindus and muslims both out panjab. We were just 14% of panjabs population in 47. Master Tara Singh made the best decision at that time. We could either be with the mullas or the hindus. If master ji choose to be with the pak govt, im sure harmandir sahib would have been destroyed, looted, and converted to a mosque. Dont forget no one is our friend. Just after few months kartarpur corridor was opened, the mullas attacked nankana sahib with the mob. But surely im not an indian supporter too. In 47 we as a panth had to choose the lesser of an evil community to stay with until we rise in numbers. Sikh leaders predicted that sikh birth rate would increase and hence make panjab after 47 a sikh majority, but it dint happen. Hopefully all the indian sikhs have at least 3 kids especially in panjab. If we did it then eventually we could defend the christian missionaries, and influx of biharis with our numbers.
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    If we possess any intelligence and foresight in such a situation as described above, we'd be sensible in approaching the conflict like this: If, however, we revert to type, and get hyped up and become easy prey to India propaganda, we'll most likely end up more like this:
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    There is nothing wrong with it. The problem is what starts off as a noble gesture gets hijacked by ulterior motives. In the UK, they have taken down particular TV shows which would be considered now racist. Then they will move to books. It sets off a chain reaction. It all starts off in UK universities, it starts off with race, then gender, then sexuality and now transgender-ism. This is kind of known as intersectionality. If you are a lesbian white woman, you will complain that you are being oppressed because of your sexuality and that you are a woman. However, if you are black lesbian woman you are more oppressed because you are also black. Now transgenderism is on the scene, there is a big hoo-ha because there are lesbians that are against male-to-female transgender using female changing rooms and bathrooms. The lesbians are now looking like bigots. If you are a gay, you are expected to be on the left side of the political spectrum, however if you are gay and have a different opinions, then you are the wrong kind of gay and other gays turn against you. This is the beginning of tyranny, everybody turns against everybody. With everybody more divided, it becomes effectively divide and rule. Now back to the original point. If there is a Mughal monument in Punjab and there was iconoclasm going on (built over a destroyed non-Muslim structure) then by all means take it down. However, if it isn't then it is always wise to take it down? History is not a bed of roses, and we do tend to have amnesia. We need to understand history and not forget from it and remind ourselves what happen so we don't repeat those mistakes.
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    Howdy neighbour! We are then of the same ilk. Do pakistan esp in Panjab still follow and identify according to their hindu caste? We both know the answer. Maybe you should get the opinions of arabs who see asiatic muslims as part-time idol worshippers. The hindus worship the moon and the stars. I've seen some others appropriate those same two to make some kind of religious symbol. Oh yes, it's on our neighbours' country flag. Yes jhatka is our tradition and we follow it. True. India is one big shitthole. 70 years ago the land that you come from was also part of that same shitthole. But we can, somewhat afford to feed ourselves in order to take a <banned word filter activated>. Pakistan would never have survived if it wasn't for the billions of dollars USA have given you since 1947, so your people could feed themselves. And the irony ! You call them the great devil, yet your leaders beg them for cash dollars because they cannot feed their own people. Oh, so it was the muslims who coined the name "Allah"? Quite simply, we Sikhs do not have the might to do so. Salahaddin conquered the Christian crusaders some centuries ago. Why can't the muslims, who are far stronger and capable than the Sikhs retake Israel, which in size is a little smaller than Panjab? Why haven't you you been able to prove your might in the last 70 years of Israel's existence? Quite right! We don't know what it's like. The nearest we get to feelings of international solidarity is the sadness and feeling of helplessness over cases of Sikh girls being kidnapped in Sindh and married to muslims. They were fed lies about "covering every inch of bangladesh with the blood of indian soldiers", yet woke up to the reality that 93,000 brave soldiers of Allah and the Islamic powerhouse republic of Pakistan has surrendered to kaafirs.
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    https://tribune.com.pk/story/823696/pakistan-tops-list-of-most-porn-searching-countries-google Pakistan Zindabad!
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    It's a shame they're divorced. Oh well, at least they're still cousins
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    I was invited to a Sukhmani Sahib paat at the Gurdwara a couple of years back for the first time in ages, and I was blown away by the total shambles of the sangat assembled. Full-blown conversations on both sides; people playing with phones and watching football highlights; kids running around like it was daycare, etc. I was disgusted. I got up to tell the stage secretary to make a polite announcement to inform the sangat to keep it down and have some respect, which he did, but that lasted for barely 5 minutes. Pathetic. This was me at the end:
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    His mum and dad are probably first cousins, and his grandparents too most likely. That might explain it?
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    After 24 years of school I’ve graduated from residency and become a family doctor. http://pgsikhyouth.blogspot.com/2020/06/im-done.html?m=1
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    The thought of having a daughter in today's day and age is quite a scary and worrying thought. Part of me hopes I just have sons. Its hard for any man to have a daughter that turns out to be a slapper. Gay son and slapper daughter are the worst things for a father!
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    Are you a psychologist MisterrSingh?Great observation.I've seen this exact scenario many times before.
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    What i don't like about this lgbt business is how they want us to agree with them, if we don't agree with them then we are trans phobic, homophobic and all the rest. So if a 6ft tall bloke with a c0ck wears a dress and puts on a wig and identifies as a woman we all have to agree with him and recognize him as a woman, we basically have to agree with his views and personal choice, if we do not recognize him as a woman we are trans phobic. Wheres the so called freedom of speech then?
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    Probably was on an "excursion" with some mates. The fact that the family got a Sikh organisation involved instead of the police is interesting, as if the family has something to be concerned about. I have more to say but I'll bite my tongue. I'll probably be accused of victim shaming.
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    That's what I mean, the sooner this kind disappear the better it will be. These same people will tell sikhs what's allowed and what isnt.
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    This is the problem non practicing sikhs, monas and monis feel a sense of entitlement in giving their opinion when it comes to sikh matters. Cultural Sikhs should have absolutely no say, or feel the right to have a say on what sikhs should do and what sikhs shouldn't. With anita ranis head shaven like a sheep she is basically a nobody to even have a opinion on the sikh interfaith marriage issue. Non practicing sikhs feel they have a right to interfere and tells sikhs what we should be doing with our faith. Couple of decades ago such people would of not had a say. We now have xyz and tom d1ck and harry telling sikhs what sikhi is. Sant ji said only the son of a sikh who keeps his kes and keeps shastar has the right to go on stage and do a speech.
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    Where's the image of a pair of bare brown buttocks defecating in the middle of a busy street?
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    Ya....when Sunny hundal doc came out, she tweeted along the lines how 'disgusted and shocking' she found the Sikhs protesting against interfaith marriage ...
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    That is so beautiful to read
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    I won't beat around the bush. There are a few members -- from what they've shared on this forum -- who are going through a rather tough time in terms of spiritual issues related to their personal lives. That's probably an understatement. But it's at times where we begin to feel doubtful about certain things; when we feel alone and abandoned, the vulnerable of us are the most susceptible to outside forces that choose to capitalise on that vulnerability for nefarious purposes. These so-called beacons of hope offer so-called support and understanding; a shoulder to cry on. Don't fall for it, and end up in a situation where you're drawn into the web and the schemes of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Such people will approach as a friend, but their intentions are less than friendly or honourable. I refer in particular to the bibiya on this forum who are at their lowest ebb, and are perhaps most susceptible to these types of individuals. Those from other non-Sikh communities can read everything you post here about your struggles and experiences. Be smart.
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    I’ve been friends with women earning over 100k a year who say that they’d marry a man on a way lower salary so that’s not true.
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    I love guru ram das ji, I feel a sense of peace knowing my life, my marriage is in his hand. I'm sure goreh don't call guru sahib the master of miracles for no reason
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    When I was younger, I had no idea who Sant Ishtar Ji was. One day I saw a beautiful oil painting of Sant Ji. I couldn’t help but to keep staring at it. That night, I had a dream, where Sant Ji told me to tell my father to stop his alcohol business. I didn’t say anything to my father, because he was a very strong character, and we were all <banned word filter activated> scared of him. A few days later, my father announced that he was going to retire from the alcohol business. All this happened without my father knowing about the dream...
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    Looks photoshopped or a set up. We need to get wise to the fact that the Indians want Sikhs to die for them and I have seen so much bukwas on social media about how brave the Sikhs were when they took on the Chinese. These stories are meant to make us PROUD to be slaves of the Indians and fight on their behalf. We should let the Ladakhis, Himachali and Paharis fight against China because China is threatening their areas not Punjab. Just as the British recruited as many Sikhs as they could to die in their wars and yet when it came for them to award the Sikhs with their own state in 1947 they cited the fact that Sikhs have a small population. They forgot that the Sikhs had a small population when they need men to die in their wars. Let's not repeat the mistakes of the 19th and 2th centuries and fight and die for those who also oppress us.
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    What can we really say about Bhai Jagraj Singh ji? Some people are just like an arrow sent by God. I only met him once in 2013 but he was special
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    Guru Gobind Singh Ji
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    Your a young lady with your whole life ahead of you and you seem to be wasting it waiting for a man who clearly doesn't care! He sent you divorce papers. If i remember correctly your in-laws were horrible to you as well, do you really want to spend your life with these people!? Your husband seems to be doing whatever his family is telling him to do, he's a pajama no offence. can't make his own decisions. You have a lot of patience! coz if i was in your place and my wife was treating me the way he is treating you i would of long told her to do one and go where the sun don't shine and that's me putting it politely! oh she would regret the day she married me she would! if she treated me like that. This whole situation is mentally draining you! which is not healthy. Or maybe I'm wrong perhaps the older or married members on here can give you advise.
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    If that's the face they use as the honey trap/bait then the punjabi females that fall for it dont exactly have very high standards do they!
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    This is great stuff we had a advertisement for sikh foster parents in our local newspaper a few times. Its sad really, with a rise in divorce rate and children being born out of marriage we are gnna end up with more and more kids in care.
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    There is nothing that will piss off the Bahman-Bania combine than Sikhs doing parchar among lower caste Hindus. I remember reading a book a few years ago which was about Muslim politics in UP before partition and it stated that there was an UP Sikh conference arranged by the Akalis under Master Tara Singh in Aligarh which had a large Muslim population. The conference was attended by over 1 lakh Sikhs and non-Sikhs and there was a large number of Sikhs from Punjab. At the conference before the political speeches Master Tara Singh made a call from among the Hindus attending to convert to Sikhism. According to the police report of that time over 23000 Hindus who were Jats, Ahirs and lower castes become Sikhs on that day. Over 30000 Kirpans were distributed at the conference and naturally this panicked the Muslims of Western UP but also many Congress Hindus wrote to Nehru and the other leaders criticising the Sikhs for converting Hindus and in their view weakening the Hindus. If Ravi Singh really wants to piss of Hindus and the Indian govt then he should be concentrating on helping lower caste Hindus who are suffering under the Hindu caste system. Helping Muslims and thus strengthening them is shooting the Kaum in the foot.
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    Both sides don't want to go to war they are just testing each other at the moment. Biological warfare would be dangerous as india also can do that so no one wants to get involved in that. Already china is being blamed for the global pandemic covid virus with many saying it was created in chinese military lab. The crazy thing is because both countries are nuclear powers with big arsenal of an array of weapons that can destroy large populations and cities including large hydrogen bomb missles so both countries do not want to get involved in that kinda conflict. Even at the border they are having to resort to using fists, swords, knives, batons, stones, rocks like pre-historic cavemen even though they have advanced weapons to take each to each out. China is being the aggressor here probably trying to test Modi's resolve due to the kashmir issue. Pakistan probably strategised wtih china to attempt this to see how india reacts. If india does nothing then china will capture that land and wont let it go and together with pakistan will then have a chance to capture saichan glacier and rest of kashmir with a pincer movement. Jammu Kashmir Ladakh region is key to india's defense policy, they can not lose it under any cost as most of the water supply comes from there for one and they dont want to lose the high ground. In terms of us Sikhs we should stay out of any conflict until we get concessions of self rule autonomy. Sikh leadership should make it clear no Sikh blood will go to defend the nation that split innocent Sikh blood in their thousands until guarantee's are put in place for Sikh self rule.

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