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    What's your deal, bro? You seem to like to post a whole bunch of quotations from various sources without any sort of context. OK, so Col. Steinbach wrote a book. What's your point? What do you make of it? Are you saying that because Steinbach wrote a sentence regarding some things he saw, that applies uniformly to all Sikhs? Secondly, are you making a religious point about Sikhs and meat? If so, state it explicitly. Thanks for the link to the book, though. Very interesting. Also regarding the fact that Maharaja Ranjit SIngh was a profligate drinker, again, what are you trying to prove? That Sikhs should be drunk out of their minds? You do realize that the Sikh kingdom was totally destroyed, and the foundations for its destruction were laid during the Maharaja's time because he failed to set things up like he should have. Does that have anything to do with being a drunkard? Perhaps you ended up proving the exact opposite of your intended point. Thanks for that.
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    First video I saw of him was his debate with dawah man where the muslim bangs on about rhetorical device
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    Bhai jagraj singh videos completely changed my life
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    Bibi Harsharan Kaur – The Last Shaheed of Chamkaur Battle By SinghStation - December 25, 2018 800 Sikh women are always known to have responded to the call of their duty. They have not allowed hardships and dangers to stand in the way of the performance of their moral obligations. Bibi Harsharan Kaur was one of these women who faced the odds to fulfill her obligations. Bibi Harsharan Kaur was the brave woman who gathered the bodies of the Chamkaur Sahib Shaheeds and did their Sansksaar. The battlefield which saw iron smashing against iron, the bellows of elephants, the trotting of hooves and calls of “Kill! Capture!” was now totally silent and enveloped in complete darkness. In such a situation, the 16 year old girl Bibi Harsharan Kaur avoided the hundreds of guards and arrived at the Fort. She saw that bodies were lying everywhere and distinguishing between Sikh and Mughal was very difficult. She still had faith and began to find arms with Karas and torsos with Kachheras and heads with long Kesh. As she found a body, she would wipe the face of every Shaheed. Both Sahibzadas and about 30 Shaheeds were found and then she began to collect wood. Fearing the approaching light of dawn, Bibi Harsharan Kaur worked very quickly and soon prepared a pyre. She then lit the fire. Seeing the rising flames, the guards were shocked and advanced towards the pyre. Bibi Harsharan Kaur was seen in the light of the flames sitting beside the pyre. She was quietly reciting Keertan Sohila totally absorbed in Gurbani The Guards caught on and an encounter started. Bibi jee killed many Mughals and eventually got wounded fatally. The Mughals threw Bibi Jee also on Funeral Pyre burning her alive. Bibi Harsharan Kaur was a brave Sikh woman who gave her life to fulfill her obligation. She faced odds and did not allow danger to stand in her way. She is well known for responding to the call of her duty ignoring her safety. Let us remember her Huge Kurbani
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    just because a goray wrote something doesn't make it true Ernest Trump wrote Guru ji was repetitive , irrelevant and not worth reading , that It is NOT divinely sourced , did that make the A right and Sikhi wrong. The whole machine of British invasion was designed to trash every aspect of Sikh kingdoms life, political and administrative might , truth was it was reknowned worldwide as being the most rich kingdom with peaceful, effective administration with protections against famine , illiteracy, inumeracyfor every citizen, religious harmony and tolerance .
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    Good summary. The problem with other religions is that they have permanent hellfire for merely not believing in Christianity. As opposed to us believing in temporary hell for bad deeds.
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    Funniest comment in the thread. Seriously, though, I have to laugh at people crying about 5000 camels being killed out of one million! Meanwhile, no one cares about at least 3000 Sikhs being killed in New Delhi, not to mention the other cities. It brings to mind Madho Daas crying about Guru Gobind Singh ji having one of his goats killed at his aashram. Guru ji asked why he didn't cry at human blood being spilled all across India?
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    The way I see it is that it depends on the spiritual stage of the couple. Remember we are not robots programmed to act in a such manner. There is no program/software put in us to behave only in such particular way. Giving example based on original topic here. One couple who are amritdhari but their spiritual jeevani is at - let say beginner level. They believe issues like eating outside or sexting between them is ok. This is because their inner mind (spiritual level) does not make them think that it is wrong ‘yet’. Now another couple who are practicing Sikhi at high spiritual level and their mind says to refrain eating outside and not to indulge in any sexting etc etc at all cost. That is their gurmat oriented Khalsa lifestyle. They both are Sikh couple at different spiritual stage. There is no quick fix to make the young couple think otherwise, unless they advance to the higher spirituality with help of sangat and their own self-discipline. Now you will also see another type of folks following rules to refrain from certain things such as above 2 issues.. but the only negative part is that they are doing it without their inner spiritual awakening. Now, it is always good to have rules for newbie to follow but it is a temporary roadmap bridge to get on high ground of spirituality. We have lot of those folks who are stuck at that ‘suppose to be temporary bridge’ and not moving forward. To them rules are rules but to understand behind those rules, they will only understand the real meaning when they have their own spiritual awakening. Until then we will see negative cases like divorces, them being victims of Panj vikars etc etc.
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    19th century Sikh soldier from Lahore 19 century mural from original akal takht 1825 Punjab plains 1840 not sure if they are Sikhs but it was done in Punjab during the Sikh empire 1850 Punjab plains Photo 1902 of wall painting at Harmandir sahib parkaram fresco at original akal takht hunting 1820 rare painting depicting Guru Tegh Bahadur jis head being carried baba bir singh naurangabad Hazur Sahib Maharaja Ranjit Singhs court. looks so majestic ... dancers at maharaja ranjit singhs court, great detail in the painting! Guru Gobind Singh ji 1800 pahari Guru Gobind Singh ji painting at a mandir in jammu Guru Hargobind Sahib ji and Baba Bidhi chand at original akal takht guru hargobind sahib ji and bhai rupa guru tegh bahadur ji Hari singh nalwa, looks so grand .... harmandir sahib 1820 jassa singh ramgharia (with his sons?) 1780 this is one of the oldest sikh paintings iv seen its done during the sikh misl period really interesting. not much is known about the art and culture of that time. sikhs 1780 wazir singh nikkai 1780 painting from khem singh bedi haveli in pakistan frescoes of women and khem singh haveli frescoe of harmandir sahib and khem singh haveli maharaja ranjit singh on elephant in lahore. a lot of detail you can see a jain monk at the bottom with his mouth covered and some sadhus? maharani jind kaur sikh afghan war Sikh couple painting of durga at Gurudwara at Nurungabad c.1720 AD.
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    Why is it that when Muslims do something bad, they're called "Asians". When Sikhs do so, they're called Sikhs?
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    The stamp is so the abhiyaalki knows which rehat is going to be given, because whatever rehat is given you have to follow it with satbachan. imagine you believe firmly believe kes to be a kakkar and then the Panj say the 1st kakkar is keski not kes. Or if you believe raag mala isn’t bani and then you’re told to believe it. If you’ve already made your mind up for which rehat you want to follow, then when you go to get Amrit and they tell you something else, the person won’t follow it wholeheartedly. Simple. the “Stamp” has nothing to do with Amrit because everyone drinks the same Amrit. With sarbloh batta, Panj baniya etc. It’s the rehat that’s given after (which is equally important) why the stamp is there. some people believe mool Mantar to be up to Nanak hosi bhi sach, Others believe firmly in 2 hours simran amritvela, the stamp is actually quite important for rehat come to think about it. I didn’t even used to believe in naam dirr and think all the stuff people tell me that happens is just made up or exaggerated. Until I went to get it
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    lmao. Are you really amritdhari? haha.
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    Bhai Sahib, I see it as kaam. Guru sahib clearly tell his Sikhs to control the kaam.
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    The BBC page says: "In a bid to understand why his own brother became so religious Sunny also spends time with his family, and, for the first time, visits a Sikh camp." So, now that Jagraj Singh dead, now this loser Sunny wants to understand why Jagraj became religious? What a fool. Why didn't he simply ask his brother when he was alive? Also, notice how he subtly insults him by saying not just "religious", but "so religious". As if Jagraj is in danger of exploding a bomb at any time. One word he certainly won't use is spiritual, because to Sunny Sikhism is just a serious of stupid meaningless rules. No one would ever follow such crazy rules unless they themselves were crazy.
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    I think that Sunny is upset that Sikhs are becoming Sikhs. To fit in, he became a coconut. Such people think that there's no way to live as a Sikh in the 21st century. Therefore, just don't. But when they see other people, especially young people, living as Sikhs, it bothers them because it exposes them as just lazy and weak. So they lash out.
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    Sunny's feminism, environmentalism and socialist credentials in large part is not out of any particular political conviction, it is partly related to him trying to look favourable to the opposite sex.
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    Most Sikhs in the UK tie the Kenyan style pagh because most turban-wearing Sikhs in the UK are tarkhans whose family roots go back to Kenya (or other parts of East Africa). Note that tarkhans make up a majority of turban-wearing Sikhs in the UK even though in the general Sikh population (turban wearers and monay), tarkhans are heavily outnumbered by jatts. This just illustrates how pathetic jatts are. (Note: I am jatt.) The few young men from non-tarkhan backgrounds who do wear paghs tend to also wear the Kenyan style. This is because they'd rather fit in with their young peers who also wear paghs (most of whom are tarkhans wearing the Kenyan style) than look like the two or three jatt uncles at the gurdwara who wear Punjabi style paghs. (Examples: Jassi Sidhu, Jay Singh Sohal, etc.)
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    @Not2Cool2Argue No kind of tyranny is justified even if it means restoring balance. A Sikh protects the innocent, we do not advocate tyranny and oppression, and we do not fight evil with evil. It's not a joke when people make false accusations against anyone. Reputation is a big deal to us Sikhs and it can destroy families, not just one individual. In regards to Israel, Zionist Jews are tyrants through and through. No previous victim-hood which they believe happened in their mind will not protect them and they will be crushed. Just by lightly mentioning tyranny and oppression in your post, just shows Maya has gone to your head and you need to wake up. Sikhi is far beyond any worldly matters and has equally given men and women the chance to be one with Vaheguru- the highest of the high. There is nothing far greater than that status and achievement. If any Singh speaks disrespectfully towards females simply because of their gender, then they do not believe in Vaheguru.
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    Jhatka them and make a bhorji with the meat?
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    When you lack an education you need some way of remembering your own name.....
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    This alone should be classed as a criminal offence.
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    We have a written historical source, that states that, 10th Patshahi instructed Sikhs to Believe in SGGS as their everlasting Guru. Do we have any historical written sources, that state, Gadhi was passed on to another person..?
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    Full voile is good for this style. Rubia voile tends to be a much thicker and heavier material. F 74 Amritsari mal mal is also very soft and light....
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    Never knew the Royal Family frequented Punjabi circles. Although I did see someone who looked suspiciously like Prince Andrew trying to sneak into a Sikhi camp for kiddies.
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    Were the Gurus above normal human beings? Ie if they were they would not succumb to illness like normal humans do. It has been stated that certain Gurus performed miracles and cured diseases. But why could Guru Har Krishan not cure his own small pox from which passed away from? If Gurus could perform acts of miracles then why did they did not do this to themselves when they were unwell.
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    I believe there doesn't need to be any such rule. The questions of the sort that @Big_Tera has asked (not all, but some) are not ones that he alone asks. They are the sort that plenty of Sikhs ask. It's good to have the questions here so that people can come and read the answers. You might think that it's pointless because you already know all the answers, but the fact is, all of us can benefit from each other's perspectives on such tricky questions. And then we are better prepared for when someone asks us such a question in real life (which happens often).
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    Read Bhai Sahib Dr Vir Singhs Sri Guru Nanak Chamatkar , translated into English by M L Mongia .( I think its on this forum) may help your understanding. My view is that the Gurus were here on earth due to atrocities from rulers crossed all limits. People were lost , to restore love , compassion back into society the first Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj , preached this in such a way that all that met Guru nanak Dev Ji fell at his feet and changed for the better.( stores such as cattle grazing, cobra protecting Guru maharaj from the suns rays , seeing mecca all directions to explain that good is everywhere etc..) Bhai Sahib Dr Vir Singh writes, The Gurus love for the lord was much more than , one who loves their children, the husband loves the wife, greedy love money ...was way way much more that we cannot even contemplate it but they all lived under the almighties hukam. Their purpose was to wake up the sangat , distill back love, compassion, so all could live along together, change peoples mindset. The Gurus were 100% above normal human beings without a doubt.
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    Whoops. Sorry tinkerbell bruh.
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    Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji of Basics of Sikhi said that Britishers deliberately lowered the status of Guru in Sikhism by calling Guru just as a spiritual teacher whereas they called Jesus as son of God. Guru is a spiritual teacher but He is also God on earth and has all the powers of God. Guru can grant salvation to anyone in the blink of an eye.
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    Sheperds pie was one of my favorites heres a vegetarian/vegan recipe.
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    Added back ‘our picks’ on your suggestion. Small changes will continue to come this year. Please do give suggestions on the changes you will see or recommend anything to add.
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    Guru Ji could’ve transformed Maat Lok in to Sachkhand, in the blink of an eye. Guru Ji did what they did, in order to show the Panth, the way to live their lives. The reason why Guru Ji didn’t transform Maat Lok in to Sachkhand, is because Akal Purakh wants to come as ten Patshahi, then SGGS, and then 74 times in the form of Mahapurash. Then, Maat lok will become Sachkhand. 64 more incarnations of Mahapurash are left. This is written in Janam Sakhi 1st Patshahi...
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    It's not a Civil case, it's a criminal case, it did go to court, it collapsed when the victims refused to give evidence (whether it was shame, peer pressure, no idea). Have a look at the Sikh Awareness Society, they've followed the case and even gave the victims counselling. As for them being banned, good riddance, but more importantly it show's how unregulated parchar is in Sikhi, it seems that anyone can get up on stage and talk as long as it fill's the committees golaks, if all else fails they just go and set up their own Gurdwara, there were call's for them to be banned when these accusations first came to light but the fact that they drew a crowd and filled up the golaks was more important to those running the Gurdwara's.
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    The Khalsa is the only Army in the world, who relies on: Sarb Rog Ka Aukhad Naam....
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    Definitely. At the most, get your bachelor's degree. And get married. If, for whatever reason, you want to get a postgrad degree, get it after being married. Plenty of people do. Not being able to find a partner is no excuse. Start a few years before graduation.
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    Last shaheed of Chamkaur sahib. People often forget Bibi Harsharan Kaurs shaheedi. I think today is her shaheedi din
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    Hardeep Ji, Guru Nanak is the embodiment of the creator. So were the other Patshian. Guru Nanak just changed bodies. Now, the same Jyot is in form of SGGS. Also, Guru Nanak’s body was not like ours. Guru’s body was just pure Prakash...just a light. That Jyot is Adh sach, jugad sach, habi sach, Nanak hosi bhi sach. Guru Nanak was here, when there was no creation, Guru is here now, Guru is always here. This prakash just changes form...
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    Nigellas chocolate cake without egg
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    ehh what about Life forms on other planets? What would you call them? Your long lost twins? Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited another world andgot prasad from there, along with the son of Pir Dastagir whom he showed, the universe is infinitely vast, are you really going to close your mind to the thought of other people like us out there? Aliens are mentioned in Gurbani, the word Alien just isn't used.
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    Full stop, its against Sikhi. Sikhs aren't supposed to smoke anything, or drink liquor. Would you do it front of Guru Granth Sahib?
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    lyKw ieko Awvhu jwhu ]1] laekhaa eiko aavahu jaahu ||1|| According to the account of our actions, we come and go in reincarnation. ||1|| kwhy jIA krih cqurweI ] kaahae jeea karehi chathuraaee || Why, O soul, do you try such clever tricks? So, I think that some things are pre-written, such as our birthplace etc but for other actions we are responsible.
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    There is an easy test to see if someone is 'dodgy' or not. If that person actively gives their 'power' away (elevate those around them, no concerns of being superceded, concerns for such 'mortal' things) then they are not in it for themselves, but in it for the panth. A good example was Bhai Jagraj Singh of BoS, his profile was high but he elevated and shared the profile with many along side him. If you have 'jatha' folks who are the 'stars' with a support act behind them then stay clear.
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    Is this what we have resorted to ? We are our own enemies , why not have discussion with NKJ before making such rash decisions. Then why publicise it , so that others can laugh at Sikhs . To think about it how much good has it done banning NKJ from all Gurudawaras ? I agree what he said about Guru Nanak Dev Ji about chadar and flowers was wrong , but that's his interpretation and has said he would take back those words and would like an explanation. Everyone makes mistakes , isn't sikhi about forgiving ? How much of a "so called cult are they" , are they joining the sangat to themselves or are they telling them to read Grudbani for themselves and follow Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. There are anti NKJ/Dhadrianwala jutteh out there , why I don't know ? what about banning other leaders like Badal and CO who are actually doing more damage than good for the Sikhi . Why not tell them they are banned from all Gurudawara ? So sad , that we as Sikhs cannot have dialogue behind doors and put things right . Rather we got our cameras out and post on social media , not knowing how much damage we are doing to ourselves , and the true anti sikh organisations are most likely laughing at us and without a doubt add fuel to the fire. Such a sad state of affairs.
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    How would Gurmat refute the story of prahlad? I know it's mentioned in Bani but how is it viewed in difference to Hinduism?

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