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    Darshans of Dhann Dhann Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj’s Nishanian.
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    That's a bit rich coming from you. I'm starting to believe LondonJwaan; all those karele up your jagsaw has polluted your brain. Literally, this whole forum is you commenting on Brahmin this Brahminvaad that, hor koi gal bhi kar leya karo. Here you are saying "how deep the attack by Brahmins runs"...how deep does your paranoia run? The way you're going on there will be nothing left in Sikhi because it will be deemed too Hindu or Brahminvaad by people of your (worringly irrational) disposition...lets remove every other vastu Brahimns use too. Hell lets change Gurbani and remove all the Sanskrit words, the language of the Brahmins. Hai Ram...absolute absurdity...seek help for your maladies and spare us your hysterical ramblings. Sukhpreet wouldn't realise if a narial hit him in his boothi, who in their right mind is gonna listen to his bakwaas. Some (ayurvedic would you believe!) advice for ya... ਚੰਦਨ ਦਾ ਤਿਲਕ ਲਗਾਓ, ਆਪਣਾ ਮਨ ਠੰਢਾ ਕਰਵਾਓ! Gurbar Akaal!
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    This foolish lady is a shameless prostitute, talking rubbish, bla bla bla ...... the very essence against womanhood. Get lossssttttt.
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    Watch this video of this stupid woman who exposes the true mentality of muslim and pakistani women instead of attacking the muslim men and muslim culture for breeding filthy minds they target the so called "easy non-muslim women" or "easy sikh women" who are sexually groomed, abused and converted by devious Muslim males. You guys should download this video and share it with your sikh female relatives and friends so that they see what what secretly desi muslim women really think of them
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    LOL babu ? I aint no babu . I am here for sex ? Lol if I wanted to get laid In would I would have ages ago I would not come on a religious forum to do so. I am not a womaniser. I a from a believer of relationships and would not have one night stands. for me it is about meeting the right person.when it comes to Mona Sikhs that I have met I seem to know more about Sikhi them, Some of them smoke weed and could care less about the principles of Sikhi etc. when it comes to Amritdhari Sikhs, of course, they know more than me alot more. I don't need your validation or anyone else's to believe in Sikhism. my relationship with my faith and god is between me and god and no one else. Not all Hindu are rapists just like how not all Muslims are terrorists. I live in the UK so you should tell the Indian govt about your issues or the people of India. The Indian govt does not represent me. <banned word filter activated> them and <banned word filter activated> you too.
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    Jaap Sahib, Tva Prasaad Swaye, Chaupai Sahib etc and the starting pauri of the Ardas are in Sri Dasam Granth Sahib ji. It is the collection of bani that Guru Gobind Singh ji wrote and was ordered by Shaheed Baba Deep Singh ji and Bhai Mani Singh ji.
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    If you like painting your nails just paint them. Seems a bit extreme having your <banned word filter activated> removed just so you can paint your nails bro.
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    Yes, sadly this is the majority mentality of most asian/desi muslim women they wont say it to your face but if you ever in a verbal or online fight with them they will shamelessly and shockingly shout with glee their men sexual abusing/ raping your non-muslim sisters and daughters and say how your females lust after their men. You'll often see these deranged muslim women encouraging violence, rape and sexual abuse against non-muslim women because they are non-muslim kafir women actually thinking that their pious muslim males (as they believers in islam) can do no wrong so it must be the non-muslim girls fault.
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    He obviously had his drink spiked before the test by the Jewish Illuminati who are funded and controlled by the Hindu BJP goverment in a propaganda war to make Sikhs look bad. The fact that he could have just taken the drug all by his own accord is completely abhorrent and out of the question for this honest and law abiding turban wearing Sikh. Its either the Muslims, the Jews or the racist white dominated media of the UK. I hope Sikh youth have caught wind of this. So they can make another video of the dangers of Sikhs being exploited.
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    ਆਹ ਵੀਡੀਓ...ਤੇਰਾ ਦੋਸ਼ ਮੋਚਨ ਦਾ ਜਵਾਬ! ਲਿਆਓ! ਨਾਰੀਅਲ ਨੂੰ ਝਟਕਾਓ! Gurbar Akaal!
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    you should go. You don't need to pray or anything, you can just sit at the prayer room (they usually have comfortable seats at the sides) you don't even need to sit down on the floor. Typically it very casual atmosphere with bhajan etc the old ladies will be singing along while kids will be running around. They may look at you, you just need to smile and give them the thumbs up and they will leave. You have the teen boy who attends a function in a Mandir with the sole aim in pulling a fit girl. Typically you will overhear conversations like ("yo Ramesh dat girl in the Pink saree is well penk man. wait till we get to the langer hall ") ohh you always have the token white guy who is always curious you might approach you and ask you stupid questions.
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    LOL. Sikhism will have elements of Hinduism as its a Dharmic faith along with Jainism, Buddhism. There is nothing wrong with having elements similar to Hinduism in Sikhism. Hinduism is not the devil's religion lead by the devil (who in this case are Bhramins ) lo,l Sikhism was born form Hinduism Bhakti tradition with the idea of adapting to modern times with equality, equal rights at the forefront. Sikhism did not completely change for Hinduism it adapted incorporated the good elements of Hinduism while eliminating outdated practices and the cast system. Hinduism ( which is not even the official name of the faith ) is has been around for a very long time so it would have outdated practice, views etc. over the years the faith has been distorted with all this other belief system. You can interpret the faith in many ways. 1)its a way of life, not a religion 2) it a collection of different small religions that have been forced under a generic umbrella (Hinduism ) Back to present day Sikhism No if all were to have the same mindset to wipe all Hindu elements Sikhsims would be a different religion. There would be no Kirtan, No Langer, No prasad, , the whole afterlife belief would be completely different by not believing in Mukhti etc.
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    Yeah, I've always considered Sikhi to be above that kind of base, point-scoring nonsense that certain other faiths enjoy peddling in order to legitimise their teachings. It's kind of like how people say, "When did Guru Sahibs say being gay was not allowed for Sikhs?" and I find myself thinking, "If our Gurus were mulling over what two men got up to behind closed doors and then passing edicts on such matters, instead of focusing on revealing the universal truths of humanity and divinity, as well as conducting the incessant fight for survival in the face of the hostile and barbaric Islamic rule of those times, I'd seriously have to question their godliness, lol. Thankfully, nothing of the sort occurred.
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    Yeah my married cousins side chick was a paki lol she was even present at his wedding lol my mum's friend a punjabi lady, her husband was cheating on her with a paki slapper. My friend told me how he knows a apna who was banging a paki girl while she had a copy of the quran on the bed as well! He got annoyed and tossed it on to the floor and then continued banging her haha! I could go on but it's nothing to be proud of lol
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    I too am Sharma lol who is bhramin but only by name, technically not even that as I am not registered Bhramin , it does not state it on my passports, birth certificates. When I was born the nurse did not say "ohh a fine Bharmin boy has been born Jai sri Ram" I disregard the cast system. I have not incorporated any Bhramin elements in my life. I do not wear the Janeu, or apply Tilak on my forehed etc. I have nothing against those elements its just not for me. My family thou Hindu have a strong Sikh belief especially my late great-grandparents. I have gone that step further and incorporated elements of Sikh to my belief. For me to marry a Sikh girl would be no problem. with my knowledge of Sikhism, I would be able to teach, her about Sikhism which i tend to do with fellow Sikhs as my knowledge is greater than theirs (man I sound like Jose Murhino lol)my will kids will follow Sikhism. In your situation, I would asses your attachment to Hinduism which based on what you said is not strong. You are already on the Sikh path and your partner is already a sikh so its simple you both get married and go on this Sikh path journey with your future kids. It will be bumpy, Your parents her parents might not like it but together you can get through these challenges. I do not agree thou with the boat example. no matter what your religion is god is one and we all go to the same place depending on our good deeds. Being religious is all good but it is invalid if your not a good human. good luck.
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    It was a Muslim who supplied the drugs and hence got him hooked on crack. lall is completely innocent and was groomed and led astray. How dare they tarnish the faultless lall who could never do no wrong. The media is now making up false story's in a sinister plot cooked up by the rabbis and Jewish brotherhood based in Golders green along with help from putins cronies in Salisbury. They are all out to get us I tell you!!!
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    Why limit khalistan to Punjab? Why not spend money and do parchaar of sikhi and spread it to other communities? Millions of dalits from various communities want acceptance, why not teach them and give them sikhi? Our leaders have enough money and resources to create centres up and down the country and do parchaar and spread sikhi, but their just not bothered. Sikhi would actually be very easy to spread. Go to any major gurdwara outside of punjab and over 50% of the sangat will be non sikhs. But what is being done that these non sikhs come closer to sikhi even more? When they come gurdwara does anyone teach them anything further about sikhi? Nothing. Many dalits communities that have been under the fold of sikhi in punjab for centuries are leaving and being drawn to deras, they are leaving right under our noses and our leaders don't care. Even the deras are more successful in spreading their "beliefs" than sikhs are, deras actually spend money and open religious centres which draws in masses. Non Punjabi communities in India probably will appreciate sikhi more than punjabis. But nothing is being done to spread the message of sikhi when non sikhs come gurdwara then teach them further! Don't just let them do matha tek and walk off, teach them further. Gurdwareh outside of punjab can do a lot more, a lot of their sangat is non sikh, they just need someone to do parchaar and teach them further, do sikhi classes, get them involved.
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    this is a hatchet job by pakistani ppl , seen similar where they edit and do a response basically sniggering and lying about how everything is fabricated
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    First time I seen this guy.... I wanted to change my name
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    But we're not english anyway. White people from England are English, where considered British Indians. I really like this country personally lol! Much better than punjab or India tbh
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    I'll be sure to forward all future enquiries to you.
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    I'm being asked questions by younger -- and some not so young -- Sikhs who aren't necessarily religious or even theists (yet they possess a fairly decent comprehension of the Punjabi language and therefore can contextualise what's being said on the Gurdwara stage on the few occasions they attend) but due to cultural and familial connections have a desire to connect with their heritage and generally get to the heart of a few issues without undergoing the parchaar sales pitch. I'll be honest, some of the questions they pose are the kind of things white people would ask about our religion around 20-25 years ago. They aren't being mean or devious but they are completely lacking any form of sugar-coating one would expect of our so-called co-religionists. At times it's a culture shock for me. Anyone else would get triggered and take it as an affront, but one can usually judge the intentions of someone who isn't taking the peshaab but merely acting out of ignorance and curiosity. One example of what I was posed by someone last December during the shaheedi / Sahibzaade remembrance events: a young man in his 20's said to me he felt an immense guilt trip being inflicted on Sikhs when almost all parchaar centred on this particular period is simultaneously designed to remind us that Guru Govind Singh Ji felt no pain or sadness at the death of his sons -- because divine incarnations are above such base emotions -- yet the sangat is expected to be practically in mourning at the loss of the Sahibzaade; recent years have seen opening weeping and similar hitherto unseen behaviour in the darbaar itself. Anyway, his question was, "If their father didn't feel any form of sadness or regret at the loss of his offspring, then why am I being induced into physical acts of mourning designed to make me a loyal follower? What does it matter to me if the father showed no emotion?" Can you believe such a question could originate from one of our supposed own? What do the contemporary jathe leadership and assorted babeh of the quom have in response to such questions? Is it clear how we're shooting ourselves in the foot?

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