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    what makes you think it is a lady , could be a clean hearted youth ? ... anyway it is unreasonable to assume that his(Ajeet's) wife will cheat on him as she has much more to lose than him as she has a child , a home and the respect of his family name . Maybe he is still mentally troubled by his own kaamic thoughts and is projecting , best solution is to let her use her talents in a safe arena so she feels happy and heard and he works on being close and loving as a family man . This allows him the monetary support he feels he needs and perhaps the lessening of his mental stress but only if he will be able to stop overthinking and imagining calamity at every turn . Remember this is the guys who was insisting on aborting his child because his wife had a fever .
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    She's saying it's OK for a woman to cheat on her husband if her needs are not being met. But if it is the other way around then it is not OK.
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    Agreed, nowadays people just treat Guru Sahib and Our Pavitaar Bani like nothing.
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    Yeah, during this days, i have been closer to my elder sister as she always guides me how to tie a dastaar and she always invites me to rehraas sahib together. Eventough I am a little introvert, maharaj definitely will do his kirpa. Now I am wondering,how did my sister walk through the path because she was the first one in my family to be blessed with amrit. It must be really hard for her. It's easy for me tho thanks to maharaj. Anyways,thank you dear sangat for your advice and support. Maharaj always bless true sangat like you phena ji.
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    Gotta be careful, bro. If someone like Mr. T spots your lady, it's curtains.
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    Let the brother stick around and clear his name. Regardless of personal stances, you can tell he is very much pro-Sikhi. Putting us in the same boat.
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    Akalifauj the reason why I think you are still quality control is because you never stop arguing with people and never admit when your are wrong maybe if you change you will not be in quality control.
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    Baba Sri Chand ji wrote more than 1000 names in praise of Guru Nanak Sahib. https://m.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.170257356346943.31679.150510374988308&type=3
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    Caaaaalm down. I'm literally just reposting a YouTube video that was just released. Pretty sure most of them are just going to support the peaceful protest.
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    yeah true, but in many cases schools do have the place but parents chose a school which is more convenient for them. What I've noticed here is a lot of Punjabi parents hold a grudge against Sikh schools because they didn't get a place for their kid in the Khalsa Primary school so get in a strop and don't sent their kid to the Secondary Sikh school. Every year we have a mela at the Khalsa primary school for kids, this Punjabi lady who used to live nxt door to us didn't take her kids to the funfair and when my mother asked why, the lady turned around and said they didn't give my kids a place so I'm not going to take them to the funfair. This is how Punjabi parents behave.
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    little sis , why don't you talk to your sister , obviously she has travelled the path you are facing and will be able to support you in terms of how to let folks know . daily challenges etc. When Guru ji has placed you at the foot of the path, lean on him to help you stay strong . Do your building up of naam abhiyaas and amritvela, slow and steady so it becomes second nature , the time for amrit will be reached so quickly you will be surprised. Stay in chardhikala always
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    It would be great if more people from Haryana and Rajasthan become Singhs, they are very strong tough people. Quite rebellious as well which is a great quality imo I've listened to some of their music and they mention Bhagat Singh in it.
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    as for the colour pattern combo , men tend to be more colourblind and he is wearing glasses... fitte muh he's standing there all smiley in his chachi's suit . probably dhadri wale fanboy too
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    One thing that annoys me about certain makeup girls from rural parts of India is how they cake on the bride's foundation. The poor girl has a brown neck yet a face that looks like she's been sprinkled with talcum powder. It's so wrong.
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    Mashallah they look so nice, may Allah bless them.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Veerji these are some videos I found.The first is explaining Gurmukhi and its origin. Second is on pronunciation. Hope it helps, if I find more I will send. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    I didnt actually mean it in insulting way. Btw dont have what?
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    Parents are not choosing schools wisely, especially parents with kids that have joora. Most parents look at convenience, how close the school is to their house etc but not how their different looking kid would fit in. The school I went to was mainly a Pakistani school with a few Sikh/Hindu and White kids, since the opening of the Sikh school in the area the number of Sikh kids at that school has dropped even more. Someone told me how some boy with a joora in that school was being bullied so bad that a teacher (Arab) personally contacted the boys mother and told her she should change schools. She then changed schools and sent him to the one in StokePoges. Why was he being bullied? because of who he is, so what the Muslim kids were doing to him should be seen as hate crime. I think many parents are out of touch with these kinds of things, but there is a lot more awareness now then there was a couple of years back. Sikh kids are getting bullied not randomly or because they happened to be there but because of who they are.
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    It needs to be accepted that Sikhs are being targeted for being Sikhs, these are not just random attacks, neither are Sikh attacked because they just happen to be there, they are attacked for who they are.
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    Relax mate I only downvoted the posts I disagreed with.I already answered you.Honestly I have nothing personal with you.I respect and agree with your other posts but now you said something wrong so I gave you the answer based on Gurmat, i did my part.If you wanna continue that's on you mate.Go on with the Name calling.Doesn't make a difference to me.I will just put a laughing face on your post .
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh No that would be me. Bhand Janmeeai Bhand Ninmeeai Bhand Mangan Veeahu From Woman,Man is born,within woman,man is conceived,to woman he is engaged and married. Bhandahu Hovai Dhosathee Bhandahu Chalai Raahu Woman becomes his friend,through woman, the future generations come. Bhand Muaa Bhand Bhaaleeai Bhand Hovai Bandhan When his woman dies, he seeks another woman,to woman he is bound. So Kio Mandha Aakheai Jith Janmehi RajSan So why call her bad?From her kings are born. @MisterrSingh the female Kartoota you are talking about comes from a group of people.Do not call all woman bad due to that group.
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    Philip Schofield of all people behind all these Kalyugi stuff. Though the signs where there many years ago, stuck in a BBC broom cupboard with his hand up Gordon the Gophers a**!
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    Yh i believe they are real, but i don't think they are those pretty blonde ladies with fish tails etc lol They are probably really ugly, some kind of Humanoid sea/fish creature type of thing.
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    I feel sorry for Ravaan, bachara still gets set on fire every year.
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    A lot of these ancient texts have stories embellished around some actual events that may have taken place. Some of these stories are metaphors and some of these may have been misinterpreted. For example, Ravana had the intelligence of 10 men so it was like he had 10 heads has been interpreted that he literally had 10 heads.
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    @jkvlondonis the best to answer this post. You are on the right track though.
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    His a fool. If he was here in the UK doing stupid stuff like that he would of been blessed with a swinging jaw.
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    We just welcomed you back bro.
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    I know for a fact you hate me just like all the other people on here. So seeing this doesn't effect me at all. Or ARE YOU REALLY THICK ????
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    It was SikhPride.com Pride word now means something different than back in the days.
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    Don't take it personally bro. There are at least three chomos on here who downvote anything criticizing pedos.
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    when you have the attitude that Waheguru ji is some kid who can be bribed then you have lost , sindoor will never save your man , fasting will never , maybe it is better to just accept hukham and do naam jap to mitigate the worst of bad karams of past lives . Hindus used to know this but with the whole money making attitude they have been driven into pointless rituals such as making murtis , praying to them etc , superstitions , living according to astrology. If you want you and your partner in life to live long happy lives , eat healthy, work honestly, help the needy and daily be grateful and remember Akal Purakh with love and leave the rest to Waheguru ji
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    Don't do the spyware. All this means is that you don't trust your wife. Marriage needs trust. If there is no trust, what do you have left in your relationship? Women talk with their pekheh when it comes to the foibles of their in-laws. This is their nature. If you had a sister and she was married, she would do exactly the same with your mum. Also your sister and mum would talk about the faults of your wife. That is the nature of women.
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    It's a bit like how some Ravidassias say that Guru Nanak Dev ji copied from Bhagat Ravidas ji because Bhagat Ravidas ji happened to be born before Guru Nanak Dev ji. They also get really angry when we call him "Bhagat" Ravidas and tell us to call him "Guru" Ravidas. Last few years there has been a lot of people trying to elevate their saints. They don't realize that the very saints didn't give two hoots about worldly position and hierarchy lol, it pretty much defeats the whole purpose of following these saints. Its where the wrong kind of politics and religion mix
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    The average kind of comment made by Indian men on social media.
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    My theory behind this occurrence: 1) Encourage attractive high profile Asian females to be objectified by whites which will, "they" hope, be reflected on the ground when they desert males of their own community, and pair off with whites for relationships. 2) The amenable, non-threatening Asian male presence is promoted in order to convince watching Asian males that if they aspire to this particular personality archetype they too will ascend the social ladder and be acceptable to the mainstream, and reap the associated benefits. A grounded, masculine Asian male is considered to be a threat.
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    Yeah especially dogs on the streets. In india they think that dogs are just some horrible monsters that will harm you, but in reality, a human can betray you, but a dog never will.
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    Get ready for the obligatory episode of Who Do You Think You Are on BBC1. She'll probably uncover the usual Jewish roots.
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    It looks like Lord Indarjit Singh from the one man Network of Sikh Organisations was invited and got a cold and didn't event. Whether you support Sikh representation at this event of not, we need to consider that these images are sent all over the commonwealth as well as around the world. Sikh representation also irks the Indian establishment because separate Dikh representation shows that Sikhism is accepted as a seperate religion. The problem now is that one man who usually hogs all the limelight when it comes to Sikhs in the media or government didn't think to have another Sikh attend in his place if he was unwell. This is the sort of attitude that is prevalent in these kind of situations with Sikhs. One Sikh does not want another to take his place incase his own position is threatened. Lord Singh is 88 years old and yet in a 500K community there was no other Sikh who could be found to represent us. Shows the sad state of our community and the people who think that only they should be representing us.
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    we are only alone and abandoned if we leave Guru ji's side
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    A hyena probably would. Have you seen The Lion King? Very untrustworthy IMO.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Nice topic.If I'm not wrong Hukam is the following things When we are supposed to be born Where we are supposed to be born How long we are supposed to live Who our family is Everyone we meet in our life as we have some Lehna Dehna with them. What we are supposed to eat Where we are supposed to travel. How we are supposed to die And more things like that. @MisterrSingh The example you gave above of the Child dropping into a well.That is Hukam as that is a problem and an experience he is supposed to go through but we cannot say that just because its Hukam we cannot help.We should still do our part and help.Now if it is in Hukam to die then no matter how much we try he will drown, but that does not mean we do not try.Hope I make sense. Another thing I would like to add on is that people doing bad things and crimes are not Hukam.If they are to meet with bad company that is Hukam, but we can simply choose to make them into out Sangat or to make them into hi bye friends.For example i had a childhood friend who was friends with me for years.Then one day he noticed that my beard has started growing so he told me that I should cut it.I told him no 2 times.Then the 3rd time I told him off that my Guru is more important than your opinion and since then I stopped talking to him as a friend.Whenever I see him I just say hi and bye.Now it was Hukam for me to meet that person but it is my choice if I want to mix with him and cut my beard or if I ignore him and keep my beard. Thankfully i ignored him and continued keeping my beard. Hope I helped a little Bhul Chuk Maf
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    oh it would be funny to see what modern gatkabajis would turn nunchakus into, they could put lights on it and make a light show LOL As for shastarvidiya, I reckon nunchaku could fit in with Varaha (Boar) pentra, and would fit in well with the close combat nature of pentras in shastar vidiya. Khalsa used to be good at taking in foreign weapons and reverse engineering. We need to continue with this!

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