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    The recent posts have been something very special. Sarab Kalaa Samrath - https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86724-sarab-kalaa-samrath/ Simran Guidance – https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86754-simran-guidance/ How long does Kirpa take - https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86782-how-long-does-kirpa-take/ Daas got bairaag age 13 and been serious about spirituality ever since. It’s hard to find anyone with serious interest in God so I don’t have any friends. I joined this forum out of loneliness to get involved with simran discussions, hence I can go into detail when given the chance. Unfortunately I realised it’s far too easy to share personal things on a anonymous forum because you imagine everyone else is ‘good’. Some people have been here for years arguing, bickering and insulting others. They couldn’t care less about helping anyone. When you clash with these people over things so personal to you it hurts. There might be some genuine spiritual seekers here interested in simran, maybe they don’t even have an account but they like to read things. My ardaas was for them to receive proper guidance regarding how to get started. With kirpa of Guru Nanak Dev Ji my ardaas has been fulfilled. This is a gift to those people. Getting started and not giving up is the thing, Guru sahib then give you all the right guidance from inside once you are ready for it. We discussed about distractions, daas didn’t even have a smartphone or social media until age 19. Spiritual 'experiences' were a daily thing back then. If you want to meet God sacrifices have to be made. There was a time we were doing mool mantar 10pm to 6am then panj bania and getting ready for school, only sleeping once every 3 days when really tired. Sadly my body can't sit for that long now and needs regular sleep, it's why I miss being young. How many people here admire Sant Jarnail Singh Ji? You know Sant Ji wouldn’t even let Singhs in their jatha wear a wrist watch because it would cause distraction and Sant Ji were strict about everyone continuously reading bani/doing Simran whatever the time was. How do you think they would react to us spending hours daily on smartphones? I should practice what I have preached myself, including cutting out distractions. So this will be my last post for now. Might reply to posts occasionally using personal messenger. Please forgive me for any mistakes. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fathe
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    Kirpa comes when Guru Sahib become happy with you. But there are few things you can do to help yourself. We will discuss Paap and Distractions here. Paap A poet writes: Paath vi karde haan, Jaap vi karde haan, Kite rab he na banjiye, Eseliye paap vi karde haan ~ We pray, We mediate, But so we don't actually turn into God, We also commit sin We discussed moving towards experiencing/meeting God on the Simran Guidance post here: https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86754-simran-guidance/ Simran and paath are steps towards God, but paap are steps away from God. By trying to conduct our lives according to the teachings of our great Guru's we can move away, and keep away from paap. Going A to B is easy, unless we keeping taking steps backwards. Distractions Parmatma Ji is sitting inside you, when our focus comes inwards we come closer to meeting him. But look at the Sikhs from time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji versus us. Look how many distractions there are now which actually, 100 years ago didn't even exist. TV, instant news, films, magazines, smartphones, social media, forums , etc. This is a big thing for the serious spiritual seeker to consider. All of these innovations stop our mind from focusing inwards. Even when dhiyan comes inwards, these distractions keep pulling it back out - "check my notifications", "did they reply to my comment?". Kuljug got it's teeth deep into us. Why are FB and IG so popular? Because they are designed to have endless scrolling - it feeds our greed for gossip and information. People seem to always need external stimulus like phone or tv to stop them getting bored. When you can sit on your own, close your eyes and be content this is called Oup Assan (sitting with your own self inside thir ghar) Prabh ki ustat karo sant meet, savdhan akagar cheet ~ Paise God oh my saints and friends, but do it with alert and focused mind.
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    Rise above it and get out of here. Only help those who want to be helped. Society is lost, it will only get worse in kaljug. I know someone who posts really tarty and sexual photos on Instagram. A relative on my inlaws side. I approached her about it but she said ‘it’s embracing her body’ and ‘liberation’ .... she tried to imply I’m narrow minded... We really do have different views of what liberation is, so I realised there’s no point in me even trying to help her.
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    Not sure if you know but yesterday there was a lot of angry Hindus on Twitter. A Ex Muslim Armin Nawabi uploaded inappropriate images of Kali Mata in s3xual positions and winking etc Hindus in return are doing their usual thing and sending him threats and insulting the guys mother etc. The guy is Iranian and had uploaded a photo of his mothers appearance before and after the Iranian islamic revolution and Hindus have photoshopped his mothers face onto porn actresses etc. Most Christian channels and ex muslims have a big % of Hindu followers and fan boys. A lot of these Christian channels and ex Muslims upload cartoons of muhammed and the Hindus love it, but now an ex Muslim has uploaded inappropriate images of Kali Mata the same Hindus are angry, Mohammed Hijab has tweeted about this hypocrisy as well. My point is, Sikhs should stay out of all of this, because we have a lot of portraits of our Gurus and other saints and female figures and people do a lot of sick stuff to religious images to offend people. Watching the videos is fine and reading tweets etc, but if you start writing comments then things might turn nasty, like this whole Kali mata incident. At the end of the day atheists are atheists, just coz they are criticising Islam or Christianity that doesnt mean they wont start on Sikhi, and you obviously don't want that. Majority of the comments under these videos are normally 100s of Hindu comments and Christian's but I do see the odd Sikh persons comments aswell. They make really interesting videos, but just saying ... Sikhs shouldn't get too involved in those kinds of things, or atleast not make their presence felt, because things can turn really nasty like what's happening right now.
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    When it was required God sent people into the world, but all of them (however high) had limits. For example Sri Ram was 14 Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in 14 things), Sri Krishan was 16 Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in 16 things). But what about Guru Nanak Dev Ji? Guru Nanak’s level is Sarab Kalaa Samrath (all powerful in all things). But what does it actually mean? Each of us has a human body and we can measure it’s power with fitness tests. But each of us also has an internal (sokham) body. The power of our internal bodies depends on which chakar our energy is at. Each chakar has limited number of kalaa (power). Most people (with no simran) in Kalyug won’t move past the base chakar. People who do Kundalni yoga waste their time here too. Prophet Muhammad’s level was the abdominal chakar, from here he saw 7 paatal, 7 akaash. At the heart chakar there’s power to control others health, to control ghosts and spirits. Like any power it can be misused (what we call black magic). Those who have no Guru to teach them sense, no surprise they will abuse power! But the chakar in between the eyebrows, the power here has no limit, it’s Sarab Kalaa Samrath, it’s also the place to experience God. In previous yugs with long lives and very strong bodies people started from the bottom and spent thousands of years meditating to reach the top chakar and meet God. In Kalyug (with short lives and weak bodies) Guru Nanak Ji gave Gur-Shabad and told us to attach our surat with this. Automatically and in short time gur-shabad will take you directly to highest chakar to experience god. Instead of climbing the stairs to the top, Guru Nanak Ji gave us a direct elevator. This is the job of a Guru - to make hard thing easy. Gur-shabad came from God, if you attach with it, like a magnet it will pull you towards God. Dhan Guru Nanak
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    Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheeguru ji ki fateh Social media can be a real distraction and addiction toward its usage does hurt us in a very bad way. Wishing you a chardikala future ahead. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheeguru ji ki fateh
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    This is a humble gift of guidance for those wonderful people who have started their Simran journey. If you haven’t read the Sarab Kalaa Samrath post please read that first – https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/86724-sarab-kalaa-samrath/ Simran means Sa Maran, meaning ‘to remember’. To remember the one we have forgotten – Vaheguru Ji, who is inside us. The mother who is remembering her child 24/7 without any effort – this is called saas ghiraas na visarai. Those who remember God in same way, 24/7 using unconscious mind, Gurbani calls them Sants. Step 1 is saying Vaheguru and listening to it with your ears. The goal is to focus the mind and then bring dhiyan inwards. Step 2 is your mind starts chanting Vaheguru. Unfortunately this is a common place people get stuck and can take years to realise why. You must have seen AKJ or NKJ Simran videos (shouting Vaheguru loudly again and again) where people start rocking their head back and forth like crazy? The reason why is their Surat gets trapped at the ears. Sound is the result of kinetic energy, it’s just sound waves which enter your ears. People who’s Surat gets trapped at ears eventually they reach a point where they lose their mind. Like eating food, when you are done chewing it’s time to swallow. With Simran when your mind gets focused chanting Vaheguru it’s time to bring your dhiyan inwards and begin chanting with the mind. Listen to Vaheguru Simran recordings if you need help focusing, but once the mind is focused it’s time to switch it off and continue Simran mentally. (I’m talking about individual Simran you do at home) Once your mind starts saying Vaheguru your inner journey begins. Just keep dhiyan on gur-shabad. This is your personal journey. Everyone experiences different things, when you experience something don’t analyse, just enjoy it. You will see things, hear things, some people even smell things. When energy goes near to dasam duar you can start smelling beautiful scents like perfume, others around you can notice it too. Anhad jaap can be heard too. Unlike soundwaves this is different, it comes directly from God. First one is left mesmerised then they learn to enjoy it. On topic of dasam duar, this is a high level thing. This kirpa happens not just when you are spiritually ready, but when the circumstances in your life are right. Even though Satuguru showed daas a technique, I am unable to do it with my own will. I’m 20s and if I could do it whenever I wanted, I would lose interest in the world, and want to spend rest of my life sitting in smadhi (where body is left unconscious) enjoying anand. It’s normal to only experience such things in later stages of life once you’ve had and raised kids, once you’ve retired etc. I mentioned on Simran Sounds post there is something higher. Here we go… Whoever’s mantar or shabad you jap, it will take you to that person’s level. Guru Nanak’s level is the point between the eyebrows, where the power is sarab kalaa samrath. This point is a gateway to the spiritual world. Through here you can experience god while your body remains conscious and aware of its surroundings. This is incredibly special blessing anyone who does simran can recieve. When this kirpa happens one no longer needs to sit and do Simran, their Simran is 24/7 happening inside. The closest way to describe it is like living 2 lives at same time. One is in constant charan of god in anand which can’t be described, other is performing worldly duties. When this kirpa gets stronger stage comes of closing your eyes and being in sachkhand, opening them and being here. This kirpa is huge, which is why people hide it when it happens. Luckily it’s easy to hide kirpa because the world only sees you from outside. Ang 384; Sācẖ nām merā man lāgā. Logan si▫o merā ṯẖāṯẖā bāgā. ||1|| ~ My mind is attached to the true naam. From outside I put on a fake show to trick the world (into not realising what kirpa I have) Simran, reading Gurbani, listening to kirtan/katha it all contributes to raising your inner level. Until your awareness isn’t subtle enough you can’t feel what's happening. Just trust that your efforts are not going to waste. As you progress with Simran you will start to feel a vibration/tingling feeling in the body. This is your Surat, which is distributed into every atom of the body. Slowly this vibration will begin to focus on your third eye point. It will become natural that when you close your eyes your focus is already there, it won’t waver. Slowly kirpa happens from that point. How long does kirpa take? With Guru’s blessing we will create another post in a few days to discuss this and share one really important thing.
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    I visited your profile and saw 2 things. 1 - You've been here for 9 years which means it's time to grow up! 2 - Very accurate description of you ~ Oh sinner, no one is your friend!
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    I have a feeling that some of these types are doing this because they feel resentment at having been compelled to reign in their promiscuous behaviour when growing up in a relatively conservative Sikh/Panjabi household. This is how they are seeking revenge in adulthood. I've always felt that modern feminism is a big joke, where goray men have conned some dimwitted women into thinking that acting promiscuously is some form of female 'liberation'. You couldn't make it up..... What's really sad is that the behaviour sort of reinforces negative stereotypes, that apneean really need to get away from.
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    I am a sikh women and in my view these trailer trash mentality cocnuts who have swallowed the neoliveral agenda hook , line and sinker need a tight slap from every real Kaur in their respective nations for daring to equate themselves to us and speaking for us . We do not condone your gandh , your misquoting of gurbani to justifying your lack of sharam , izzat or even introspection . Go and and rename yourselves as daughters of the dollar as that is your isht
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    Seeing all this bs I'm just done with this kalyug. We NEED someone to clean this gand.
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    She looks like a blowup doll, but i'm guessing that's the look she was going for in the first place! Sad thing is, not that i sympathize with these people, but these kind of individuals are normally not very happy with their life ....
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    A down vote just means they were holding their phone upside down, right?
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    Through Simran I started remembering my past life.
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    I was blessed with a baby son a couple of weeks ago and gave him a nice desi name, it's also the name of a historical Sikh figure. My wife has been going to midwife appointments and she has seen the majority of apne our age (30s) have given their kids western names like Cameron, Jayden, Jordan, Kieran, Sienna, Tiana, Harvey, Cara, Kai, Keira, Emelia, Antonio. My former next door neighbours and my current neighbours have also done this and they both have khande logos on their cars. It's pathetic! Talk about being confused! What is the logic? I understand that the apne who grew up in the 60s and 70s had English nicknames as the goreh couldn't pronounce them but it's 2020 and they can now pronounce them. You will always be a brown Indian, you can never escape that no matter what you call yourself. Even worse is that some are giving their kids muslim sounding names like Armaan and Anaya. We really are a pathetic kaum. Sure it's good to take good aspects of Western culture but you should always keep your name! The goreh were in Punjab for 100 years but I never saw one of them named Balwinder Smith! This has been a big shock to me and I wonder what the future holds for us.
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    Congratulations bro Yeah iv got a Simon and Jason in my family too! And a few others that I can't remember now Just another step in forgetting who you are and your ancestors and assimilating into the local culture. It's why it's so important to teach your kids Punjabi. Language keeps you tied to your culture and ancestors. Punjabis are fast becoming like the local people, without any identity, and at a very fast rate too. Theres going to be a lot of changes in the coming years. Best thing to do is keep close to your sangat as much as you can and raise your kids with sangat. Future not looking good ...
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    You are a real psycho aren't you. do you have a real job or life. I mean you had so much time to go down vote all my previous posts. you are just a crazy psycho. I guess guru Sahib was right don't argue with fools. If there is no religion than guru sahib wouldn't have said the following: Dharam bina sab daley Maley hai. Dasam Bani Uggardanti.. 'Kareh Khalsa Panth Teesar Parveesah, Jugay Singh Jodhay Turay Neel Bhaisa' Third Panth basically is new religion. You won't acknowledge it because it doesn't find your narrative. Below are few lines from Vaar 41 of Bhai Gurdas Ji. It basically proves that Khalsa is a third panth(religion). Ehe Thisar Majahb Khalsa Upjeoo Pardhana Niij Panth Chalo Khalsa Dhar Tej Karaa Sikhism isn't some philosophy that you follow it an actual religion. I know you are an outsider trying to brain wash young kids here but that won't work. This is it I am done arguing with fools.
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    We seriously need a dedicated Simran section on this forum.
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    does that mean you have to take the cha-ptti (tea-bags) outside the home?
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    Yea if I'm not wrong whenever Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj used to have diwans or katha.All the animals would come and hear it.Truely amazing.
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    I have to say that that generation bore the greatest brunt of any generation here in my opinion. A lot of which was down to the original immigrants being pretty much oblivious to many issues that were going on under their nose and what you (and others) have mentioned above. Pendu parents and their mentalities in a relatively modern metropolis was always going to be an issue. The differences between back home and here were not going to be negotiated by everyone successfully. What it looks like to me is that even though there were lots of fups from that era, there were still bundhay of the calibre that frankly I don't see in subsequent generations. The younger lot will never (hopefully) get to experience the levels of violence that was common back then, especially along racial lines. The level of open police intimidation. The limited resources that accompany being in a blue collar 'working' family. The general contempt that many people quite openly expressed towards brown folks. And we haven't even spoken about a lot of the backwards thinking amongst our lot - that passes off as our 'culture'. So much has changed since then, and I think the cream of that generation helped set trends that subsequent generations have yet to catch up too - or take for granted. In the UK at least. I mean even the 'Sikhism' that was vaguely promoted back then (and let's be full on frank - Panjabi culture was, and possibly still is, what is perpetuated through the community - over dharam), was shallow and simpleton. Bani available in English were largely mistranslated, or given some Singh Sabhaesque puerile protestant twist. Even the 'mainstream' accounts of our history were really just manipulations that promoted some infantilised, subservient colonial mindset. Most elders didn't really regularly read or analyse Gurbani and important Sikh texts. The confusion of the blur between 'Panjabi culture' and Sikhi was at an all time high. Many people were pretty much indoctrinated into some balle-balle-shava-shava culture. But somehow, some (despite their own personal problems and the whole circus around them), managed to slowly figure things out (or really with Guru ji's kirpa!), despite hard resistance from both internal and external sources; and they tried to work through all this. And yes, a few of us have really been up and down this society - from it's darker hidden underbelly to it's projected bright illusion, and we've gained worldly knowledge, experience and understanding that today's (seemingly closeted?) internet/social media based youngsters will probably never gain - and to be frank, most of you look like you'd crumble pretty quickly if you had to face a few of the things old schoolers did, let alone all of it.... What people didn't have back then was access to sound information about our true heritage. We've had to fight and claw for that. It's come slowly. Gradually. Often after going into blind alleys and having to find our ways back - and losing people along the way. For the inquiring and genuinely interested amongst us, getting through all that quagmire and misrepresentation and just starting to see just what a priceless heritage and culture we have (and I mean Sikhi here, not Panjabi culture or whatever caste based bollox I know a lot of you are secretly trying to preserve) has been a profound journey in itself.
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    No need to apologize to anyone.Its a forum for you to speak your mind.Its very obvious what you said was just an emotional reaction and not something you really want to happen.All of us human beings do that at some time or the other.Unlike some mahapurush on this forum who starts issuing fatwas declaring poeple as non Sikhs.Ignore the fools caught up in their own haumai that they are the most perfect Sikhs ever.
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    It's because these same kanjars are going to apparently start representing sikhi and do those Khalistan talks. I don't care what someone says if they're not a sikh, but when they start saying sikhs can work as s3x workers and other sh1t, that's what annoys me at the highest levels, cause these people deserve to go to hell.
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    Could not be more right. But unfortunately, we're gonna have some sikhs siding with hindus and some with muslims. We should sit back and watch them fight amongst eachother.
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    It's difficult to know how to process this kind of nonsense if you're on a spiritual path. Do you ignore and aspire to rise above what is, essential, maya and the usual civilisational noise that accompanies humanity? Or do you try to engage and make a difference for the good by combatting the ill affects of such degeneracy in a physical manner in order to spare others from its harmful affects?
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    You know this is what they are doing, they push boundaries with these music videos and how these "celebs" behave, people become more and more desensitized to these degraded celebs and their music videos where it no longer becomes shocking. I bet you there are 12 year olds listening to that song and dancing to it. People start imitating what these singers do in music videos, it goes viral, everyone wants to do it, and it just becomes more and more accepted. back in the 50s Marilyn Monroe's dress blowing upwards was shocking, it was so controversial that her husband actually divorced her! thats how scandalous it was back in the 50s, and look where we have got now with these celebs and their videos! its only gnna get worse ....
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    This is the new wave of feminism. They see besharmi as something that should be cheered. We have even seen on this forum a Sikh female who says a Sikh woman should be able to dress in a sluty besharm fashion and if we don't support her then we are "sexist" and backward. Ghor Kalyug. Things will just get worse in this yug
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    This ^^^ is what these girls truly think of Singhs and the Sikh identity before they've been gangbanged and raped into oblivion by whites, blacks, and Muslims. This brazen vitriol and contempt for the Singh comes at a time when life has yet to show them its darker side. Of course, after the deed, when their families are scrambling around to preserve the non-existent threads of their daughter's honour and reputation, then apparently salvation lies in the warm embrace of the very same type of Singh whose dastaar was being mocked! Fie on those Singhs who allow themselves to be seduced by these poor excuse for women.
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    Veerji not really sure.Maybe 2 to 3 minutes. It depends.Somethings that are supposed to be gupt.Guru Sahib will signal to me that I cannot tell.While other things it's fine.I normally sit cross legged while simran.Some experiences come during simran,others come randomly.Theres no fixed time before getting experiences.The only thing I can say is it really depends on Maharaj.When Maharaj thinks it's fine then you get the experiences or memories.As for how long I am in that sadhna or what state I am in I really cant say that as it is supposed to be gupt.I cannot tell about my state of mind either and any other experiences yet.I have to wait for Hukam. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    F*cking kusres. Kids are gonna watch this and dress the opposite gender. And we're also gonna have dogs looking like this:
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    I saw Guru Sahib as a really bright jot.
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    Focus on the shabad, that’ll take you to it’s origin. Ignore the sounds, they’re just an indication your attention is growing and you’re becoming aware. The sounds are just you turning into a frequency of the environment around us. Anhand shabad/naad/pach shabad happen when dasam dwaar has opened NOT before. Focus only on the shabad. Anhad shabad, jot vigas and Amrit rass happen simultaneously, this is the case in almost every maharapukhs jeevan. Focus on the shabad, that will take you into smadhi, not some sounds. Sant kartar Singh ji used to say sounds in simran are just noises of the body, just like a machine makes sounds. If we focus on naam it will take us to naamai - focus on the shabad vaheguroo and it will manifest and take you to vaheguroo (make you aware that vaheguroo is within and you are that very roop). bhul chukh maaf.
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    I was going to take amrit this year then Covid happened,but I did receive Amrit in my last life though.And in this life one day while I was doing simran I slept and I had a very nice dream I saw Guru Gobind Singh ji and the Panj Pyare in orange bana,I received Amrit in that dream.Not sure if that is counted.
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh Veerji,the only advice I can give u is that you do 1 sukhmani sahib path during Amritvela.I can guarantee you within 40 days,your wife will follow full rehat of Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    I'm kidding, before anyone reports me for a hate crime.
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    Don't worry everyones gnna be friends again when Sikhs will be doing langar sewa in London at the next protests against India's treatment of the Kashmiris.
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    wjkk wjkf ji the world would be a better place if we all are nice to each other! but unfortunately that's not the case! we live in Kalyug and can not expect everyone to be nice to us even if we are being nice to them. its also hard to educate the world (our surroundings). do practice Guru's teaching yourself instead. NOTE:- In my opinion, the solution is, just do your best and try to live life according to Gurbani. do not change your behaviour or good nature because of others. second answer:- if you practicing Guru's teaching in your life then rest just follows up. one by one all the problems disappears. maybe you understand Gurbani and want to live life accordingly but maybe others only listen to Gurbani and don't wish to practice in their life. and that's ok. its their wish! Benefits: --- now if you living your life with Guru's teaching then you are the one who will benefit from it not others. Be the example for them then only they will copy you. I can write many examples here but I just keep it short. hope it helps! wjkk wjkf ji
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    Nindiya is when you accuse someone of doing something that he did not do.For example person A spreads a rumour to alot of people that person B is a thief.But in reality Person B is a honest person who does not steal.Then Person A is doing Nindiya which will affect his karam.Chugli is different.Chugli is more of gossiping about others.By sharing this here you are not doing Nindiya you are asking for advice so that is fine. As for living the right life as long as we take Amrit, do sewa, stay away from 5 vices,do our banis and follow the 3 pillars of Sikhi like Naam Japna(To meditate on the supreme Lord), Vand Chakna(Help the needy, give a tenth of our income to charity) Kirat Karni(Honest living,do not lie,do not earn money through deceit) We should be fine. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh If a person is truly spiritual he would not talk rudely.As we are supposed to talk sweetly(Mitha Bolna).They would not insult someone and they would not criticize.If something is wrong they would give constructive feedback. If you sit with people but don't do it then your Karam will not be affected.But if you decide to insult someone and do nindiya than yes.If your family is in Sikhi then advice them politely that we should not be criticising anyone and quote Gurbani.For example. Ik Noor Te Sabh Jag Upjaya Kaun Bhale Kaun Mandhe From this Shabad you can explain to them that we are all souls on a journey to experience and meet Vaheguru Ji.We are all in this together.We should not be criticising anyone. Apologies if I got the shabad wrong. Bhul Chuk Maf
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    Thank you so much for posting this Veer Ji You are always so helpful.
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    With regards to this topic, I wanted to discuss something about myself and a sikhni I used to chat to in the past. I used to chat to her on MSN Messenger, and then I had her number so I must have texted her a few times. I think she was from Midlands. At first, I thought maybe she is a girl I can marry or something. Anyway, as I kept chatting to her, I found out she not only had 1 but 2 ex boyfriends. And she used to tell me in a roundabout way that they may not have been sikhs. Anyway eventually she texts me one day that in the past I think 1 or both of those ex boyfriends had raped her! Also they had pretended to be sikhs and may have been muslims, I can't remember it was time ago?? Also she posted this on a forum, I think it was a sikhi forum but may have been a punjabi discussion forum, I don't think it was sikhsangat forum. So I think she wrote on the forum that she was raped and then she has taken Pahul, and I think she found a Singh who she married, I am sure I remember seeing the Singh's photo posted as well somewhere. This was about 10 or more years ago so memory is a bit fuzzy. Anyway, the 2 ex-boyfriends thing was enough for me and the rape was an additional SHOCK! I think in the middle of my undergrad career I had talked to enough apney from mostly midlands area online (there used to be a desi chat run by punjabi midlanders back then and it was really popular), to completely keep the girls, who are into dating mentality and have ex-boyfriends, at arm's length when it came for looking for grihast-marriage partner. Even though being a Londoner myself. I am sure that if i Married a girl with ex boyfriend it would probably ruin at least my marital life, and by extension, my actual life! I was actually shocked when I started finding out Khalsas, or in those days sikhs who called themselves "Amrit-Dharis", were doing dating and making boyfriend-girlfriend instead of having grihast jeevan! And I was young and hadn't been around too many desis before going to uni For the OP, the only way you will survive is if your wife gets out of this casual dating mentality and looks at you as a grihast life partner. If she is stuck in 'thinking of men as temporary boyfriend partner' mentality then you may need to get out of there, just don't know how.... I mean ok, if this works, then good for you, but if it does not and you may need to marry a girl in India for example, at least the India sikh girls understand girlfriend-boyfriend is not right (definetly the village ones still do), regardless of the reputation india girls are getting as well!
  45. 4 points
    lol I remember in my undergrad uni days. I had an dumalla wearing "Singhni" on my MSN messenger. She asked me to come to one of these rehnsbais, and yeh she was definitely interested in me. She had not even take Pahul / Amrit, but she liked wearing dumalla. Actually asking further questions she told me she had an ex boyfriend as well! During my undergrad life I came across another keski wearing Singhni in Canada who had ran off with a mona boyfriend, again this was an MSN messenger contact. And at uni sikh society and other London unis there were Singhnis wearing dumallas or keski, and I am sure some of them had some kind of rep, even if just making boyfriends but still...
  46. 4 points
    Naam simran takes you high, it’s a virtue of naam that it makes you humble But anyway I’m not going to argue with you because I really like many of your posts It could be you are viewing god from one angle and I am viewing same god from another angle. He is limitless after all
  47. 4 points
    They seem like really great people. Do you know where their origins were before coming to Rajasthan?
  48. 4 points
    Punjabis won the fight. They jumped him when he was alone after the fight took place and hit him on the back of his head. Hindus (especially Punjabi Hindus) are all cheering this cowardly attack by 10-15 haryanvis on a lone Sikh as if it is a huge victory over the Sikhs.
  49. 4 points
    I think the young Singh's problem is more the mental turmoil from having discovered his wife has a sordid past prior to their marriage, rather than her not following rehat in the present time. There's no point in reiterating his mistake in not doing his due diligence on his prospective bride before marriage. The "I was abused" chestnut is a classic tactic to elicit sympathy, and put an end to any further uncomfortable questions the hurting husband has for his wife. So, he has two options: 1. Come to terms with the fact that his wife had a lover before she took lavaan with Singh, or... 2. He walks away. Option 2 is a no-go for a Gursikh according to this forum, so that's off the table immediately. The only thing to do is to accept the reality before him, and pray to become mentally strong enough to bear the emotional burden that no doubt will devour him with each passing day. Advice to young Singhs entering the marriage arena: wake up. You're being taken for 1diots. Use your grey matter instead of your lustful feelings to help make these serious life decisions. You cannot be deceived by these girls if your eyes are open. If you're genuinely seduced by the sight of a dumalla, and assume a Singhni is rehatvaan purely on the basis of her looking the part, then you need to enter the real world.
  50. 4 points
    There used to be ghosts around me, but my Guru got rid of them. Have't got a clue where they went, all I know is they are gone! Maybe they are with you?

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