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    Keep your "darling" to yourself mate, you asked a question and I answered.
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    I love Dasam Bani, the style of writing and structure is truly a masterpiece.
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    Why Sikhs ,Hindus and Buddhists must never forget the holocaust that happened to them from year 1000 to year 18000 In India. Many people only know or have knowledge of the Mughal empire that existed between 1526 and 1756. A brutal span of Muslim rule in India that lasted over 300 years, what many don’t know is that before the Mughals ever landed on Indian soil. There many other Islamic invaders who plundered and massacred India and destroyed the Hindu/Buddhist temples and built mosques over them. Yes well before the Mughals. Ghanzvni, delhi sultanate and many others starting in the year 1000. There were 100s of invasions and massacres carried out by armies from Afghanistan and the middle east. The difference is these were different to the Mughals. They mostly came to loot and rob the precious stones and wealth of the country after they had destroyed these beautiful ancient Hindu temples they would go back to the middles east from where they came from. Not before killing 100 and thousands of Hindus and Buddhists. They did not have any plans to stay and create an empire. It was a kind of rob, kill and run. Nevertheless they were just as devastating as the Mughals if not more and carried the same fanatical ideology with them. During these attacks from starting from Mahmud ghazni in 1000. They would massacre 100.000 Hindus a year as that was their aim. Every time they came they made a point of destroying all the beautiful ancient Hindu temples. Hence the reason why you see a lack of ancient Hindu and Buddhist temples in India apart from certain areas in the south of India where they did not venture. Now any person who visits to India must always be astonished that when they are in India the birth birth place of the great Indus valley civilisation. The country particularly the north is dominated by Muslim monuments and structures. Yet this is majorly Hindu Country with a civilisation going back 5000 years. In that long period of time, we only have a handful of ancient Hindu temples and structures. Did the great ancient Hindu civilisation of the Indus valley not build any beautiful temples or monuments in all this time, I hear you ask. Where the Mughals only capable of building beautiful buildings? The answer is that there were far more beautiful temples and structures built by the Hindus and Buddhist kingdoms dotted all over north India that were much older and beautiful then the taj mahal ect. But only a few remain. It is the fact that over 2000 Ancient Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries were destroyed by the Islamic invasions dating from when they started in 1000 to 18000 and the stone from them was used to build mosques directly above them. Some of them include Somnath temple in Gujurat a beautiful ancient temple that was plundered by ghazni. 50.000 Hindus alone died trying to protect it. That’s is 800 years of brutality that resulted in the Hindu ,Sikh and Buddhist Holocaust. All Indian cultural books, temples and everything what made the Indus valley civilisation great was wiped of the face of India hence why India lacks its original culture of the indus valley. Much of the culture of India has permanently been destroyed. The Islamist hated anything that was non muslim so tried to destroy it. Most of its ancient culture, artifacts, knowledge, and temples was replaced by Islamic buildings and culture. The question now is have we forgotten all this? The schools teach us about the Jewish holocaust and the holocaust of Europe carried out by the Germans during the world wars and rightly so. But the biggest holocaust of all time that occurred in south Asia hardly gets a mention. The entire country was devastated after wave and waves of attacks from the middles east. Millions of people were butchered, and millions were forced to convert to Islam. This also begs the question that why was India not able to defend its people and temples from Islamic invaders? The answer lies in the better and more organised armies of the middles east. While the Islamic invaders had gunpowder and all kinds of advanced military. India did not have anything hence could not fight back. Another reason is. India was an easy target. Countries such as Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries are only about 1000 miles away. Now the question is having we learnt anything from the past invasions and atrocities. How can we prevent this from ever happening again.
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    Here's Johnny!!!!!!!! Guess whos back !!!!!!! The original lostconfusedsingh is back with a vegenance !!!!!
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    There are many things in current times that were not around in the past. Certainly sexting wasn’t around back then. There’s no specific quotes from Bani that we must not sext so it should be fine, right? Sikhi is not didactic like Islam with its strict rules. But if you are a true Sikh, you will know what flows with Sikhi and what flows against it. If Satguru Nanak Maharaj came in human form now, do you think He’s be clubbing or bopping to the latest rap beat? The Christians have “WWJD” - “what would Jesus so?”. Maybe we should be asking ourselves “What would Guru Ji do?”. Guru Maharaj alone is perfect, therefore whatever Guru Ji does is right and righteous action. A Sikh, by definition, will follow in the footsteps of his Guru.
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    Try and do 2.5 hours of Simran alone in my bedroom.
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    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Captivating-Simple-Hearted-Struggle-Dignity-Subcontinent-ebook/dp/B076JBBK3W/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1546185689&sr=1-1&keywords=captivating+the+simple+hearted really interesting book on how the bhamans actually benefited from the muslim invasions, it strengthened their grip on society. Top positions in government are still held by bhamans and that is the reason why all the dark bits of bhaman history have been deleted. bhamans persecuted dalits, raped dalit women, denied basic human rights and dignity, so how were the bhamans any different to the mughals? yet you will very rarely see a indian bring this up.
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    I keep on dreaming about a snake, and I see it in bhagti, what does this mean? Brother, dreams are dreams, good or bad, but after all dreams no more. Just try to forget them, by not paying much attention to them. They are not in our hands, but we can say they are projections of the mind. The only sense I can make out from your dream, is that, the snake represents the mind/maya, who does not want you to do do His bhakti, so it tries to scare you. But as a sikh, we should not get scared from it, rather fight it courageously, and smash it, with the aid of His Simran. Waheguru´s name, is a sword to kill the snake, maya, 5 headed demon or 5 vikars, so use it. Once you show it, that you are armed with Waheguru´s name, it will gradually go away, just as you get stable and regular in the practice of His bhakti. Stay blessed. Sat Sree Akal.
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    We've got religious heavyweights on the forum?
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    In this day and age just thank Waheguru that he's marrying a girl,a punjabi and a Sikh at least. As not2cool2argue said,he might be able to use his jedi mind tricks to get her to be an amritdhari as well.I don't know how he'll be able to convince a modern girl to forsake her thongs and put on a kachera,but may the force be with him. Don't be discouraged or disappointed.You stick to your beliefs and principles and marry an amritdhari some day.Don't worry about things you can't control.
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    I used to run and lock myself in the bathroom with moms chasing me and cursing outside. Then I'd wait for like 20 minutes until I thought the coast was clear (and things were quiet), but when I'd open the door to peek outside, she'd pounce out of nowhere, but I'd usually be able to slam the door in her face before she got to me though. lol Ahhh...such innocent times......
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    little bro I'm convinced there is a child abuse case pending on your mum - she has to have dropped you on your head as a baby for you to equate Gurbani to just any human writing .
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    Article on Gandhi's sex life if anyone is interested lol. He clearly was a bizarre man. Abstaining from s3x brings out the weird in some people I guess. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/books/features/thrill-of-the-chaste-the-truth-about-gandhis-sex-life-1937411.html%3famp
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    I have heard all Harinder 'explanations ' and 'Gavin's' complaints and other youngsters(note plural) who have experienced untoward happenings in the name of sikhi behind closed doors .I have also taken into account Harinder had admitted to touching a plural of Singhs to test 'kaam' this is not me reading anything in just going by what he said. For him it is normal , to do these dodgy things ...for us and the people he does it to it is not sikhi's message, or conduct
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    Never heard a peep from OP on 1984, Jaliawalabagh, and Partition, but when it comes to his high-caste ancestors being massacred, then he gets the violins out.
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    we had samosas and spring rolls and then pizza on christmas lol but yeah there are people on here that make themselves look perfect but i have a feeling in reality they are not lol
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    Stop embarrassing yourself.
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    Beas wala is radhasoamis dera. They been there for a while. This dera problem been there such gurus time. Back then it was sakhi sarvar and graves (marrhi ) worship and muslim peers. Now its anybody with a following. I think like the caste system, deras r part of panjabi culture. Gurujis tried to get us to stop all the terrible short sighted cultural things. But we havent. In india, ppl need someone to ask for help in hard times cuz theres no social security or welfare or state benefits. Also ppl need to ask for sons, and help with getting a job, and other things that determine status. To counter this, Guruji did start Langar, and fullfilled wishes. And there r isthaans for sons-giving. And bani for specific wishes. But panjabis have either forgotten or need something more new and exotic in the religion arena. Hearing just do more paath, isnt consoling enough. Also there r some genuinely bad panjabis. They just dont mesh with sikhi. Like those that take bribes, deal in drugs, do black magic, murder their families for land/business and other underhanded activities. Those ppl need a more compatible religìon, so they invent their own. I say leave them to it.
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    lol i hope i do, its all in wahegurus hands
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    Hope its given you an insight, broadened your understanding
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