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  2. GuestKaur2

    Looks over heart

    It's a great deed in itself to have the Gurus Roop but sadly most women decide not to. We should encourage men and women alike don't get me wrong, but girls tend to feel more insecure about the way they look in the first place. Chup kar.
  3. Today
  4. I've always wondered what the first edition covered that caused so much upset in the colonialist establishment of the time? “ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE BOOKS EVER PUBLISHED IN CONNECTION WITH INDIAN HISTORY”: RARE FIRST EDITION OF CUNNINGHAM’S HISTORY OF THE SIKHS, 1849, HANDSOMELY BOUND (INDIA) CUNNINGHAM, Joseph Davey. A History of the Sikhs, from the Origin of the Nation to the Battles of the Sutlej. London: John Murray, 1849. Octavo, modern full brown calf, raised bands, burgundy morocco spine label.$4800. First edition, with map of Punjabi political divisions until 1803 outlined in color, color folding map of Punjabi political divisions after the treaty of 1846, and folding genealogical table of the Gooroos, handsomely bound. Cunningham joined the Bengal Engineers in 1831 and arrived in India in 1834. “In 1837 he was selected by Lord Auckland to join Colonel Claud Wade, who was then the political agent upon the Sikh frontier, as assistant, with the special duty of fortifying Firozpur, the agent’s headquarters. This appointment brought him into close connection with the Sikhs, and, as he spent the next eight years of his life in political employments in this part of India, he was able to obtain that thorough knowledge of their manners and customs which makes his History of the Sikhs one of the most valuable books ever published in connection with Indian history. In 1838 he was present at the interview between Lord Auckland and Runjeet Singh, the great Sikh chieftain; in 1839 he accompanied Colonel Wade when he forced the Khyber Pass, and he was promoted first lieutenant on 20 May in that year; in 1840 he was placed in charge of Ludhiana, under G. Russell Clerk, Colonel Wade’s successor, and as political officer accompanied Brigadier-general Shelton and his army through the Sikh territory to Peshawur on his way to Cabul, and then accompanied Colonel Wheeler and Dost Muhammad, the deposed ameer of Afghanistan, back to British territory; in 1841 he was sent on a special mission to the principality of Jammu; in 1842 he was present at the interview between Lord Ellenborough and Dost Muhammad and the Sikhs… He spent four years on [the History], and on its publication in 1849 it was received with the greatest favor by the English press, a verdict which posterity has ratified, for it is universally recognized as the one authority upon the subject. But though this history made his name as an historian, it brought him into deep disgrace with his superiors. In his last chapter he treated of the history of the first Sikh war, and in it he made use of the knowledge he had obtained while acting as political agent with the army in the field, and distinctly asserted that two of the Sikh generals, Lal Singh and Tej Singh, were bought. Both Lord Hardinge and Colonel Henry Lawrence, who had acted as political agent after the death of Major Broadfoot, asserted that there had been no private negotiations with any of the Sikh leaders; but the confidential position which Cunningham had held, and still more his disgrace which followed, are strong arguments that such negotiations did pass” (DNB). As a result of the controversy, Cunningham was stripped of his authority and ordered to go on regular regimental duty. He lost most of his income in the process and any possibility of political advancement. Indeed, the publication of The History of the Sikhs marked the end of his career. He was known primarily for revealing confidential documents and his great accomplishments were little recognized, The History of the Sikhs having been largely suppressed. Cunningham died unexpectedly in 1851. Indeed, the second edition—featuring Cunningham’s own corrections and additions—was not published until 1853, too late for Cunningham’s reputation to matter. Folding map expertly linen-backed, interior generally quite nice, binding fine. A lovely copy in fine condition. https://www.baumanrarebooks.com/rare-books/cunningham-joseph-davey/history-of-the-sikhs/89967.aspx
  5. dallysingh101

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    Like a UK SGPC........ Guaranteed corruption, and our enemies will know exactly who to target for compromising our community.
  6. GuestKaur2

    My current situation now

  7. jkvlondon

    Akhand karaj

    neither party was sikh, now what ?
  8. scali

    Is Sikhism a religion?

    God is Love . Sikhism teaches love and equality for all and even die for other people just causes like Guru Teg Bahadur. Unlike Islam which teaches hate for anyone who is not a Muslim, Justify making them sex slaves and weird concepts of martyrs getting 72 virgins etc
  9. Singh1989

    Akhand karaj

    People bring Saroops into their homes. Provided villa had no alcohol n meat in sight I think, therefore, it is ok. Plus the Villa/ area gets blessed as well. Provided also the correct seva was done BEFORE Maharaaj entered should be fine... (erm, Villa was clear of meat n alc, right)?
  10. Singh1989

    What do you guys think of Harnaam Kaur

    Yo! Bhenji in the vid. I 100% know this about women with facial hair/ looks but have you interviewed Amritdhari women, wha men they want?? HINT! Start off by asking educational n jobs lol. I KNOW it not about that but u may be surprised...
  11. NonExistant

    Top Sikh websites

    Check these out: http://www.vidhia.com http://www.gurmatveechar.com http://www.mahapurakh.com https://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Main_Page Info on Jhatka/other traditions practised by khalsa/nihangs: http://jhatkamaryada.com English katha by sikh2inspire on Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/sikh2inspire Mysimran.info podcast & Soundcloud: https://m.soundcloud.com/mysimran/sets/the-purpose-of-your-life Basics of sikhi leaflets: https://www.basicsofsikhi.com/resources/ Also go on Instagram and you'll find loads of Sikh Accounts spreading more knowledge and you can talk to singhs on there and they will tell you more and you can learn from them.
  12. Singh1989

    Beard oil

    If you feel strong about it don't use it. I'd recommend Jasmine and mustard oil. And no, no need to go pesh. Pesh wasn't meant for tiniest of things as we Foreign Sikhs have made it out t be...
  13. jkvlondon

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    really haven't you paid attention to the mess in India? I would propose no committees but jathey running the functions of the gurdwara: Langar Outreach Education Fitness training future planning/strategy
  14. jkvlondon

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    our gurdwara is the Court of our King where his will rules ; just as we don't gatecrash buck Palace events or church events to recruit sikhs they should keep their drives in town centres and away from our Place of worship .
  15. Cowardly Dulai still hasn't condemned the pedophilia of Prophet Muhammad. But instead Dulai defends pedophilies like Muhammad saying they need compassion
  16. singh598

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    Problem is that the UK Gurdwaras need a central management committee
  17. mahandulai

    Sikh Prayer and Meditation

    good luck finding teh answer, but one thing, dont get stuck on rituals
  18. mahandulai

    Books that predict the future

    the essential writings of ralph waldo emerson.
  19. mahandulai

    My current situation now

    im saying facts only, motivation is comes and goes.
  20. mahandulai

    My current situation now

    hold on youre asking the question, and i am here answering your question, be grateful
  21. jkvlondon

    Beard oil

    to get essential oils out of plant material alcohol is often used as a carrier in the maceration process ... Bay rum used rum as the alcohol source at hand in the Caribeaan in the centuries past like brandy was used in herbal macerations in Europe . the amount of alcohol is miniscule as it has been distilled off in the second stage leaving the oils from various plants including bay , citrus and berries such as allspice .. which is then added to your carrier oil so total amount of likely alcohol is very very small . https://clifforiginal.com/blogs/healthy-fella-blog/99799622-history-of-bay-rum
  22. dallysingh101

    Police Told To Get Out Of Gurdwara

    Maybe SIkhs in the UK need to implement this recruitment ban for the police and army from all Gurdwaras in England until these people start acting appropriately?
  23. jkvlondon

    Akhand karaj

    why should the King of Kings be removed from his Court to pamper some fools' egos ? Anand Karaj is a blessing from Guru ji not an aaasaan of Human on Guru ji Enough is enough ! You want something from Guru ji , make yourselves humble and ask bheekh of blessing and kirpa of Guru Sahiban at their Duar
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