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  2. Who is that supposed to be? Surely not M. Ranjit Singh? This guys got two eyes. Again notice the quiver at the waist.
  3. On ebay. I've seen this same exact picture with people behind Maharaj, but never a single one like this. https://www.ebay.com/itm/204047100511?hash=item2f8227aa5f:g:ZPYAAOSwpQFi3ESA
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  5. I only really like the Jhoomer tbh, but I think the modern stuff is just silly. Women doing bhangra is pretty weird too ngl.
  6. You see loads of guys like that in Uni. I feel like people don't realize that there are easier and quick dastars to tie on. Personally, the Misl era one only takes one piece of material and like 4-5 larhs max.
  7. We've got a lot more than that floating around. We have to be ready to protect and preserve it though. We aren't near that right now from what I can see.
  8. Some of the 'taakhree' aunties I saw doing authentic giddah when I was a kid.......phew. I'll never forget. There wasn't much femine about it, trust me. I'm shocked the floorboards held out. But the point should be made. Panjabi culture as I saw it growing up, the blokes was in one room drinking and stuff and the jananis in another doing giddah to a dholki (which one women always knew how to play). There weren't any exhibition going on.
  9. I think the flat over the forehead looks a thousand times better than the v over the forehead myself. I think this one could even take a gandasa to the head. Notice the detail of the bagh nakh. You could head butt someone with that and disorientate them enough to finish off.
  10. Because apne are total food-oos. This law didn't effect Indian muslims in any way, so I don't know why they threw a hissy fit. It just prioritised Hindu and Sikh refugees from places like Afghanistan and Pakistan. Nehru and Gandhi really did mess up big time allowing so many suls to stay behind after partition. Tara Singh for all his failures did at least help get rid of them from Punjab. Can you imagine suls in Pakistan protesting if only muslim refugees were allowed into their country?
  11. They'll start identifying as bandhe soon enough. Trans-bhangra.
  12. What makes it worse is how these Punjabi women dance these days, mimicking the men with their hands in the air, stomping their feet on the ground. At least the giddha from back in the day had some feminine qualities to it.
  13. Would you believe it! There’s a growing fashion trend in UK since last 10 years where teenage boys and young guys with kesh tie their hair back and wear a patka or african ‘durag’. They feel ashamed even to be seen with a joora on their heads. Meanwhile in Punjab (from what I see via social media) it’s rare to see an older teenager wearing patka. By age 14 onwards boys are tying really beautiful dastar or dumala.
  14. Oddly enough, when people from Sikh backgrounds do stuff, our enemies benefit from that more than if others starting being against Sikhs.
  15. I am pretty sure that the border agents responsible for the mistreatment thought that they were mistreating Muslims.
  16. Ain't read it yet: https://issuu.com/sikhyouthuk/docs/sikh_struggles_issuu
  17. It's not the 'vast majority', less than half definitely. Related to this topic, can anyone please tell me what our Gurus have said about listening to music and dancing? Thanks
  18. I'm pretty sure I've posted these letters previously (a long time ago). But I'm linking this site here because the edition of the works therein also contains a transliteration of the original Panjabi used by M. Jind Kaur in her letters, which wasn't in the later edition I previously encountered. It'd be a project to rescribe them into Gurmukhi. https://issuu.com/sikhdigitallibrary/docs/three_letters_of_maharani_jind_kaur
  19. I'm not defending anyone, I don't support this. Neither do I support casteism or vile language towards any group.
  20. He's not really a bhangra guy, more reggae. And can you lot stop defending our lot prancing around like colourful apes at any opportunity please. Peasants need to be having this conversation amongst themselves as top priority. You're defining Sikhs through this shyte. And let's put it out there: It's jut men encouraging apneean on stages to entertain people. This would never have happened when I was younger.
  21. This year Punjab had the second highest number of participants in the Commonwealth Games from India, 1st was Haryana. Haryana, Punjab contribute most medallists to India's tally at CWG 2022 Haryana and Punjab contributed as many as 46 medal-winners to India's tally at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.
  22. The main Bhangra guy at the Commonwealth Games was "Apache Indian", his real name is Steven Kapur. Bhangra and performance by 'Apache Indian' marks closing ceremony of Commonwealth Games
  23. Don't know about that. Even the old stuff looks naff to me: https://bhangrateamsforum.com/a/threads/a-visual-history-of-bhangra.20023/page-2 Then, whilst apnay and apneean are doing this vacuous stuff what other stuff that would actually genuinely help to develop them (and by virtue of connection, the panth) are they missing out on?
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