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  2. Whilst what happened with my friend was nothing to do with sexual abuse, it was a gross violation of trust. It was basically 5 big guys beating up on a little kid for some B S reason. If any one of them tried that with my friend today, the result would be very different. I'm reluctant to put too much detail, as back when my friend told his story on this forum, his posts (and mine) got deleted (too many complaints from Sukhas fanboys I guess). But as with all things, one day the truth will come out. And on that day, these types of people will not have a place to run and hide...
  3. ascetism and bachelorhood was never a part of core sikhism, infact sikhism stressed on grihast householder life. Surprisingly so many in sikh circles think its virtuous to be bachelor "dedicated" life to gurus . load of bollocks.
  4. its not gay stuff . its saas saas simran ,mouth to mouth
  5. I think some of these sevadaars take the phrase "Sikhi CAMP" quite literally. Camp = ostentatious, exaggerated, affected, theatrical; effeminate or homosexual; pertaining to, characteristic of, homosexuals. So as a noun, 'camp' behaviour, mannerisms, et cetera.
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  7. Serious problem that's being ignored and brushed under the carpet. Esp with this gay / young boys stuff...this is whats really shocked me.
  8. Lol that young singh is kind of a simp. He does feminst anti trump stuff to attract young good looking brown feminists to talk with him. I probably have also seen him in a cringe tiktok. Some people lime @pujabiactivist on insta share his stories everyday. But yea at the end of the day im no one to judge anyone. Btw if i was an american I would vote for trump tho. Democrats are gonna make US the equivalent of what labour made UK : A grooming hotspot
  9. So much undercover gay and paedo stuff. Are the numbers seemingly par for the course relative to our overall numbers as a minority, or do we have a serious problem that is being ignored? And why do they apparently seem drawn to one particular jatha?
  10. Its difficult, to have concrete proof esp dealing with child abuse. NJK were also cleared by courts too i think. Esp with such corrupt system here in the UK there grooming cases were knows to authorities yet they did nothing. In India, either you gotta be brutally murdered to be taken seriously or get justice, let alone how can one go to police and say they be sexually abused / raped. its norm over there, yet imagine what is happening inside Sikh academy for kids in Punjab...with fake babas and gurus running around
  11. Something drastic need to happen. Needs to be big intervention. Just like now anyone can call themselves 'Sikh' or 'Gursikh'.. Wish we'd have Khalsa capital punishment for these kan##ars
  12. Those like NJK and others doesn't come as shocker, as terrible as it sounds, but Sukha i guess listening to him and watching videos reminds me Bhai Jagraj Singh ji who was close friends with him and he looks like Sant Bhinderwale too..So he has history of being comfortable with young boys..as he's being accused of NJK version 2.0? I guess the saying, be careful, you can even mistake sugar for salt. Shouldn't trust anyone period. Including blood families, cousins, friends, should never allow kids to be left alone with anyone else and uncomfortable as it sounds. Remember back at uni a Turkish friend was telling me they have saying in Turkey 'Dont trust anyone. Not even your father'...
  13. Reminds me of an local gatka teacher..he married to a gori...years ago we were shopping and when we went back to carpark, there he was with his wife making out kissing all over touching in broad-day light in public...not care in the world super tacky and cringe..yes even though they married , have some class keep it private... Its really shouldn't be a shocker, happens in Punjabi families messed up things...over time you've come across stories seen heard many those like in website of 'Gursikhs'...either smoking drinking, affairs, some caught up in drug scandals...but this inappropriate behavior towards young boys seems to be new... Did you read under 'Sikh Institution'.on the website..This is really sad because this is so common in Punjab and brushed under carpet and noone there to speak up for them.. I remember watching this doc of abandoned children some with disabilities, mental illness, in Eastern European and the way they are abused, molested boys and girls, there are grown teenage women who given baths by workers there..after watching that doc i was sick, literally couldn't get it off my mind for weeks. Can you imagine what is happening to children in Punjab esp ones with disabilities and mental illness.. Few months ago my mum showed this video on lower caste Sikh girl aged 4/5 and she was beaten up by her father thrown out and had scars on her neck back, blood back of her head.. Vaheguru couldn't stop crying...i hate watching stuff like this, but its important not to stick our heads in the cloud. Which is good we found this website ow we'd never know! Wish i could do something to protect innocent children We need one Sant Sipahi to come and clean house. Too much infected in kaljug!
  14. From 10 years ago and some older than that, I have pieces of paper which have now turned yellow and really fragile . these paper have gurbani written on them in gurmukhi and english translation So what should I do with them ? I did write them whenever I received a hukamnama and such, but now they have become like really really old, some unfortunately got scrumpled due to being in drawer. I now respectfully want to give them back to guru . please suggest a way. Is cremation appropriate ? please tell vidhi
  15. I just checked hindi version. Sorry but the translation is wrong in so many places
  16. I wish there were more Indian languages too though, like South Indian Dravidian languages, Bengali, etc. Still it's very good.
  17. The Guru Granth Sahib is the central religious text of Sikhi (Sikhism), believed to be the divine words of God to guide humanity through this life. It is considered by Sikhs to be their eternal Guru or teacher. It contains the baani (words) and shabads (hymns) spoken by the Sikh Gurus and bhagats (saints) from other religions who also shared the same core message. The standardized version of the Guru Granth Sahib is written over 1430 pages (angs). It is divided into sections containing the words of the Gurus and Bhagats in the form of poetry (baani). Music forms an integral part of Sikhi as it provides a color (raag) to the words, giving them important emotional and spiritual context. This is a visually minimalistic website to explore the Guru Granth Sahib Currently on version v0.6 http://granth.co/1
  18. This could be Sant Ji’s gold mala, definitely very shiny!
  19. This 13 year old boy is sometimes doing 106 Japji Sahib per day A must listen video very inspirational jeevan
  20. I missed this post before. Trying to think how to put this...was umm your homie violating and Sukha and co put the beat on him for it or what was it about? I respect your posts here, that's unfortunate to hear about your feelings of safety of children around him etc. We've never had any anything about kids being touched within our Dojo but to protect everyone we simply never allow that situation with anyone period. I only listened to a little katha of his from this thread. Based on three minutes of video vibe he didn't give me the creeps but that's not much to go on.
  21. We can thank my phone spying on me and my chrome browser suggesting I might have interest in that because I posted here on this topic lol. When privacy invasion works for you I guess?
  22. https://greekcitytimes.com/2020/07/15/holy-eparchial-synod-of-the-greek-orthodox-archdiocese-of-america-hagia-sophia/ Holy Wisdom, Arise! – Αγία Σοφία, Ορθοί! To the Reverend Priests and Deacons, the Monks and Nuns, the Presidents and Members of the Parish Councils of the Greek Orthodox Communities, the Distinguished Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, the Day, Afternoon, and Church Schools, the Philoptochos Sisterhoods, the Youth, the Hellenic Organizations, and the entire Greek Orthodox Family in America Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, We, the Members of the Holy Eparchial Synod of Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, under the presidency of His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America, write to you in the power of the Holy Spirt in these anguished days when the Great Church of Christ, the Patriarchal Cathedral of Holy Wisdom, Αγία Σοφία, institutionalized for the past ninety years as a museum and world cultural monument, has been re-converted into a mosque. This egregious and unnecessary action has gravely wounded all Orthodox Christians, indeed all Christians around the world and all people of faith and good will. As your Shepherds and the guardians of the Faith, we mourn with you. But we all know the truth: Αγία Σοφία was built as a Christian Church, the greatest Christian Church for a thousand years, until it became the spoils of war and was converted into a mosque. It was the glory of the civilized Christian world for centuries, an architectural marvel of the transfiguration of terrestrial into the manifestation of the celestial. From its central dome, borne aloft on clouds of light, the Great Church comprised a vision of Heaven on earth, and its Liturgy was the most magnificent the world has ever seen. As the embassy of Saint Vladimir, Prince of Kyiv and All Rus uttered after being present for the Divine Service: “We did not know whether we were on earth or in heaven!” Such is the spiritual intensity of every aspect of the Great Church. Her iconography is a crowning spiritual aesthetic, achieving the vision, the θεωρία of God among humankind. Through the centuries, all who approached Constantinople by sea or land beheld her towering majesty rising above the massive walls that encircled the Queen of Cities. She was a reminder of the triumph of Resurrection over sin and death, and the surety of God’s love and care for His People. She was and indeed still is the very heart of Orthodoxy, for she manifests even now the way to be true co-creators with the Creator of all of a truly Christian culture, civilization, and polity. Even during the centuries of the Ottoman period, the power of ?γία Σοφία, although now used as an Islamic shrine, was unmistakable, and unmistakably Christian. Throughout the Orthodox world the Great Church remained a symbol of the Orthodox Faith of the Ecumenical Councils which bound the far flung Orthodox Peoples together. Even the stunning design of the Church was repeated across the Islamic world in every city and town, as the overwhelming beauty of its presence inspired builders throughout what we now call the Middles East. But let us make it very clear. For the Orthodox Christian, there is only one Great Church of Christ. There would be many other “Hagia Sophias” built around the world; most notably in Kyiv for the People of Rus, but none dared to imitate the original. She was to stand alone, at the center of the circle of the Orthodox World for all to relate to as do the spokes on a wheel. We are all connected to the Great Church, whether we know and acknowledge this or not. Therefore, in response to what has happened, we also ask the question posed to the Apostles on the Day of Pentecost: “Τί ποιήσομεν, άνδρες ααδελφοί –Brethren, what then must we do?” (Acts 2:37). First and foremost, we must bend our knees before the Holy Wisdom of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and beseech Him through the intercessions of His Holy Mother to protect the Great Church of Christ that lives on in the person of our Ecumenical Patriarch and the Holy Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. We must pray that God will arise and scatter every ill intention that may manifest toward our community of faith and indeed all the religious minorities in Turkey. And we must arise, beloved Christians. We must arise and speak out for the silent stones of Αγία Σοφία. We must go to our Christian neighbors and friends here in this free land of America, and ask for their prayers and their help. We must arise and speak to our elected leaders and demand that they act in conscience and righteousness to protest by every means possible this defiance of the modern sensibility which respects not only diversity, but the status quo that allows for the peaceful and harmonious cohabitation of nations, religions, races, and ethnicities. We must arise and as the People of God, make our voices heard from Washington State to Washington, DC, and not lose heart, lose faith, or lose courage because, though our struggle may be long, it is not without our ultimate hope. Remember that there is no one alive today who remembers Αγία Σοφία as either a Church or a mosque. Everyone knows it as the former of both which was honored as an international monument, on par with the Parthenon and the Pyramids of Egypt. It should be allowed to retain its status quo as a place of encounter for Christians and Muslims, and for all people who desire to behold how faith in God can transform the world. Therefore, let us arise – as Orthodox Christians, as people of conscience with a righteous cause. Let us make our presence and our voices known. Your every breath expended will add to “a sound from Heaven as of a rushing mighty wind” (Acts 2:2) that will sweep across the world carrying our message. Not one of hate but one of love, of decency, of understanding, and of mutual respect. We will never give up our hope, never give up our faith; and we will never give up our love. Σοφία, Ορθοί! With paternal love in our Lord Jesus Christ, †ELPIDOPHOROS, Archbishop of America and the Holy Eparchial Synod.
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