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  2. I bet you my English is better than yours, as well as my Panjabi. Just because you talk like you've got Boris Johnson's tuttay in your mouth, doesn't give you any class. lol And face it, you're a giddarh hiding behind some poncey persona. I'm a Postgraduate, so I'm probably more educated than you too. Clown.
  3. manaas ki jaat iko pachano - akaal ustat sahib
  4. Today
  5. Not sure what your on. But I would take less of it if I was you. This is the topic about class not for Loonies like you to come on and spew your nonsense. Just because I don't talk like a ragga muffin like you. That makes me poncy. You sound like one of those hood rats that despises middle class people as you feel inferior to them. Your obviously lower class and can't speak to upper class people like me. Lol
  6. Your presumption about me is wrong. Is mine about you accurate though? You can give it the large, but I'm still educated, and I'm deeply rooted in my heritage - even if I don't talk like some poncey tw@t. Are you a genteel physical coward?
  7. You sound like a typical desi ragga muffin. That probably has no idea where he belongs in society.
  8. You sound like a knob who would be useless in any tight situation?
  9. We all know there is a caste system in Asian people in UK. But is there also a class system in Desi people? Ie You get them trashy type desi people with a strong regional accent. Such as Brummie or cockney. That act and speak in a Bengali type accent. In East London and up north. I have always thought of myself as middle class. They way I talk is like a typical Oxford graduate or close to it. I also tend to spend more time with other so called 'middle class asians' Do Asians fall into class categories and what class do you belong to?
  10. Usually it's the other way around people moving to London from Birmingham. But I have noticed a trend recently in last 10 years of people moving up north. Northern people tend to be more relaxed and laid back and have a slower pace of life. Not sure if there is any difference between the two cities. Both are congested and overly populated. But Birmingham probably has more rural areas. The best areas in birmingham I have heard are Sutton Coldfield and Solihull which are whitish areas. Areas where Asians are the majority typically are worse. Due to Asians messing up these places wherever they go. Ie Soho road. It's one grim place. Having been to various cities up north such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds ect. I believe London is far better.
  11. Do you watch English movies? Do you listen to English songs? Do you watch English TV programmes? Do they make sense to you?
  12. Cool, sounds a lot more affordable than London.
  13. Thanks. What is that for? A three bedroom terraced house?
  14. Average house price £200,000. Handsworth is a Desi Area with lots of Gurdwaras.
  15. Not in a book. But he has written on twitter and on a blog. I will dig up and post. He got very riled up with the BBC about depiction of Romans as well as with historian Mary Beard.
  16. Was thinking of moving there in time. Anyone from there? Can you tell me the average house prices in a decent neighbourhood near a progressive Gurdwara (walking distance)?
  17. I have gone past that evil white man thinking. I think some of our people like to play the victim card too much. I personally don't want to be a victim any more. If we have come from an ancient civilisation that stretches back thousands of years, a mere blip of 98 years of British rule isn't going to make as much of a difference in the long term. The Brits looted and appropriated. They also taught many other things. We will absorb that and come back stronger .
  18. Taleb's major work is The Black Swan, regarding improbable events. Has he written anything on the history of civilizations?
  19. Yeah, that's a good idea. Just take your mother. Or another female from the sangat. In any case, you just say you cut some hair. It doesn't matter what part of the body because in terms of rehit, it's all the same.
  20. I think this is due to film equipment being available for much cheaper these days. You're right. To say that they are not all religious movies is besides the point. The point is people are listening to Punjabi instead of Hindi, etc. Later on, they can get religious, but they have to know the language first.
  21. General rule that most Singhs will tell you: 1) If just a gutka sahib, you have to have showered that day. 2) If sitting in tabia of Guru ji, and you did #2, you need to have showered again. Also, I think you're fooling yourself if with your line that if you're like a child you don't need to shower. I think you might want to flatter yourself that you're like a child, but face it, none of us is. All of us are filled to the brim with envy, hatred, anger, etc. and then we fool ourselves that were are just naive children.
  22. I never watch neither punjabi nor hindi movies. I never did even i lived some part of my life in punjab. Huge turn off for me. None of my family members ever liked hindi/punjabi media. They makes no sense.
  23. Yes, you are right ji. But then again that does mean that we start living like habshi with jattavan etc. Guru Sahib jee told us to keep our body pure - keep it clean. One of our kakkar is comb to keep our hair neat and clean 24/7.
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