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  2. You on a bit of Jew kick today, hey, bro?
  3. @OP, watch out for structural damage more than cosmetic stuff! The cosmetic stuff can be sorted out comparatively easier and you're probably going to do that anyway? I don't know what country you are in, but you should have got some reputable Building Surveyor firm to do a condition report at least. I think you might have to pay extra for a structural engineer to check it out - but well worth it. Don't use the sellers people, they might have a relationship with them, and cover stuff up. Use an independent reputable firm. (Good luck finding one!)
  4. https://www.thedailystar.net/news/asia/news/last-known-jew-kabul-soon-leave-israel-2200601 The man known as the last Jew of Kabul could soon be heading to Israel, after agreeing to grant his estranged wife a religious divorce in a Zoom call — a precondition for smooth entry to the Holy Land. Zebulon Simentov, who fled Afghanistan last month after the Taliban takeover, landed Sunday in Turkey on what his rescuers say is a final stop before traveling to Israel, perhaps as soon as this week. It caps a weekslong odyssey that included an escape from his homeland as well as a videocon
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50842424 Beitar Jerusalem: How do you change 'the most racist' club in Israel? By Alex CapstickBBC Sport in Jerusalem Last updated on20 December 201920 December 2019.From the sectionEuropean Football Moshe Hogeg is a man on a mission. He's made millions as an entrepreneur in the technology sector, and in August last year he splashed out on a football club. It wasn't any old club, it was Beitar Jerusalem, one of Israel's top sides but one which was best known for its anti-Arab, anti-Muslim bias and for its violent, racist suppo
  6. Sharing these for those (like me) who might not have great knowledge on Nihangs
  7. The very last pangti really hits me when I read the hukamnama, brother. Use your wisdom to decide. Can you easily fix this house issue if it does need to be fixed? Are you gambling by "hoping" nothing goes wrong? Don't gamble if your intuition says no, because if you sincerely believe in Guruji, your intuition is a great way of knowing what you should be doing.
  8. The start is already there: https://www.indiamart.com/kalsiindustries/about-us.html I'm sure there are a few firms like this in Ludhiana and possibly elsewhere. Just need growth and nurturing. This way too, we could have jobs for people with proper qualifications and not the fudhoo ones ahhm pendus like to do. By proper qualifications I'm talking about Chemical Engineers, Process Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Software developers, technical engineers etc. etc.. Plus some of the juts need an attitude change too, instead of expecting things like they have some birth right. If I
  9. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-fined-400-for-sharing-intimate-pictures-of-womans-herpes-162337126.html Man fined £400 for sharing intimate pictures of woman's herpes Connor Parker Thu, 14 October 2021, 5:23 pm The ma
  10. Of course brother. I am talking about what the hukamnama message after reading it from the link. I started a company with my partners which was guaranteed to be successful as we had a great connection and was mostly a fail-proof concept. Hukamnama was not kinda in favor of it but we still opened it. We closed it last month after 3 years because none of our partners had a time to manage it and employees to run it. One of the partner's background is in business operations. Anyway, some will believe it or not but i see it as a decision maker to any of future work where we are undecided.
  11. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/janner-child-abuse-claims-leicestershire-110011353.html Janner child abuse claims: police guilty of failing to investigate, report finds
  12. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/rolls-royce-driver-admits-killing-141752702.html Evening Standard Member of Qatari royal family admits killing pedestrian with Rolls Royce near Buckingham Palace Tristan Kirk Tue, 19 October 2021, 4:21 pm·4-min read
  13. Respect your opinion but not here. I went thru this crap in hospital, seen my friends left and now seeing some gurmukhs suffering.
  14. Bhai ji. Structural defects in property won't disappear in this way.
  15. Did you get a RICS condition report and a structural report? (If in UK)
  16. It blows my mind our lot ain't benefiting from the billion dollar emerging sukha business myself??? The mind boggles........the stuffs growing everywhere in Panjab from what I saw.
  17. In my opinion, I do not think that hukamnama is in favor of the purchase but again it speaks to you directly and guru sahib knows you better than rest of us here. The message of the Hukamnama is that all impurities will go away with the name of Waheguru.
  18. WJKK WJKF I am looking to buy a house and basically there is an issue with the house itself, so it might be a risk. I did a Hukam to ask Guruji what i should do and the below Hukam was blessed. Sorry I couldn't embed the Gurmukhi. Could someone please tell me what Guruji is advising me to do. http://sttm.co/s/1743/21251 sloku mÚ 1 ] salok mahalaa pehilaa ||Shalok, First Mehla: jy kir sUqku mMnIAY sB qY sUqku hoie ] je kar sootak ma(n)neeaai sabh tai sootak hoi ||If one accepts the concept of impurity, then there is impuri
  19. Yeah brother! Punjab has a base for industry that needs to be grown, modernized, and supported by Punjabis themselves. The vision should be, we need this and that tool....lets make it! We need this or that farm machine....lets make it! We need this or that parts...lets make them here! You already have towns like Mandi Gobindgarh and Bassi Pathana with strong industrial metal working and parts manufacturing, and cities like Ludhiana. What's missing is a sense of hope, a will to make it happen, a vision of success..yadda yadda yadda.
  20. Creating a network across punjab of these village cooperatives would help us farm crops we can market to our state first and foremost, and then look at national and international market conditions to see what could be grown for particular time frames. Sharing Punjab wide data it's possible to create non-binding agreements of zones for growing certain crops. This prevents exploitation of our resources and prevents glut. If we continue to blindly grow rice and wheat when India has a surplus, then you know what is eventually going to happen. Never a good idea to have all your eggs in a two crop s
  21. Addding on to what I said earlier, transitioning out of agriculture isn’t going to shut down agriculture. You can manage the same level of farming in Punjab with 1/100 the current number of people directly engaged in it, especially with modern technology. Villages can create cooperative farming lease agreements and continue ownership while living in the city. I know my farming community, there is no way in hell they will part with their ancestral land. Keeping ownership and as a partial income source without actually farming it will be the best-case scenario. I’m unsure what the average acreag
  22. Plenty Punjabis doing well in non-farming fields in UK https://www.instagram.com/punjabi_builder_in_england/?hl=en https://concretesingh.com/
  23. With all the experience in farming and that in runs in the blood in Punjabis, plus Punjabis are generally fairly literate (compared to some in other countries in Africa, Asia and S America), they should be doing better in farming. There's even Punjab Agricultural University https://www.pau.edu/
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