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  2. The truth is sadly, that young Sikhs are not into kirtan in a major way. Very few Young Sikhs understand the language or the raag etc especially in the west. It's one of the aspects that I have been thinking about recently. How the Gurdwaras should do a year of nothing but english talks in Gurdwaras in get younger Sikhs more engaged. Kirtan, Dhadi waran, Kavishri and Katha in Panjabi, rare young Sikhs are interested in these. Maybe it's time to focus on something different that will actually make a difference.
  3. Sikhunit have them on their youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/user/wagwanblad/videos
  4. Rape laws in india are quite peculiar. If a man and woman get jiggy before marriage and then the man refuses to marry her for any reason she can lay a claim of rape on him even if she wanted it at the time. And the police will prosecute it exactly as a rape. It was designed to stop men proposing marriage and then abandoning the women after they got what they wanted. On the other hand, if a woman were to get caught with a man pre-marriage it is very common for her to claim she was raped/forced. The laws are not like they are in the UK etc. Quick edit: Asking the perpetrator to marry his victim was very common in yesteryear because parents would fear no-one would marry their daughter if she wasn't a virgin, even if it was through no fault of her own. This happens even in Panjab amongst Sikhs as well.
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  6. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/3/3/thousands-in-india-demand-top-judge-resign-over-rape-remarks
  7. Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha has done a great task of explaining Gurmat philosophy in this book. There is some common ground between Gurmit and other faiths, but the fact remains that the Sikh faith is independent in its own right...
  8. A great book in English giving counterpoints to arguments made by Hindus - http://discoversikhism.com/sikh_library/english/sikhs_we_are_not_hindus.html Also if anyone wants to share any other arguments made by others we can give counterpoints if needed.
  9. Desi innovation - new concept of teaching https://sharechat.com/video/kpb5Qar?referrer=url
  10. ਬੁਰਾ ਭਲਾ ਕਹੁ ਕਿਸਨੋ ਕਹੀਐ ਸਗਲੇ ਜੀਅ ਤੁਮਾਰੇ ॥੧॥ ਰਹਾਉ ॥ Tell me, who should I call good or bad, since all beings are Yours? ||1||Pause|| Ultimate Doer is "Kartapurakh"
  11. By all means do so. There are many independent women who would love to marry you coz of ur passport. Moreso Indian parents who wanna settle their daughter abroad could pay down payment for your house. Always look on the bright side of life
  12. That's tough. But bro let god be the judge. This path is not easy but you got to rise above this. I can tell from your name you are from the States and very well know you guys had rough times after 9/11. But seeing videos like these amazes you. One love.
  13. You do have an elite in the US like the Rockerfellers and the Vanderbilts, but it less noticeable because the US is a younger country. Also in the US, the fortunes seem to be turbulent in general, the people who were the richest 10 years ago no longer are richest today and it is replaced by a new crop of people who will be replaced by another crop of people ten years later. US is some ways feels like a pioneer country and there seems to be a greater entrepreurial spirit but it does not have some of the safety nets like other countries have. The US also seems to afford people to fail and start over again and again, I think your bankruptcy laws are different from other countries. What is meant by this, people in general can be quite unsatisfied in their lives and think that another country's lifestyle or someone's elses life is better than theirs. We are still have the same kind of opportunities, people can still get good jobs, people still start businesses. A lot of the Sikh/Punjabis started with nothing. I think if the US had a comprehensive healthcare that was affordable for everyone rather than health insurance and the co-pay/getting reductions etc, the quality of life would improve leaps and bounds in the US. But if there is one thing I have noticed about the US, it is not a nation in the conventional sense, it is more like a continent. It may be something that should be done on a state by state level. But I don't understand it enough. Like everyone else does, putting down a deposit and getting a mortgage. There are 2 things I think that could make things better in the US: - Better Healthcare system - Better vacation time In the UK and Europe, we "work to live", in the US it said people "live to work"
  14. These forums are so dead. Most threads barely get any replies, and there are only a few posts each day. What have the mods accomplished by banning one of the most frequent posters?
  15. Here is something that I agree strongly with. I like that there are neighborhoods in the UK where you can walk around and pass by several different gurdware.
  16. You make good points here. I agree that the UK does have considerable soft power. But I think much of that soft-power is due to: 1. English being the dominant international language 2. The City of London I think that Brexit is going to deal a severe blow to UK soft power. Young Europeans will not be able to move to the UK for study or work as easily. Will the City of London retain the same level of dominance that it has had in financial services? Maybe, but maybe not. The US, for better or for worse, has more soft power than any other country, and it's not even close. Again, I'm not saying this as someone who thinks America is a great country and the be all and end all. I'm just saying it as it is, based upon my travels. People all over the world watch American movies and tv shows. People all over the world are heavily influenced by American pop culture. Stuff that is happening in America somehow seems to spread elsewhere, even when it is inexplicable why. (For instance, why on earth did "black lives matter" become an issue in the UK and Europe? It shouldn't have, because black people in the UK and Europe have not had remotely the same history and experience that they have had in the US. But because BLM was going on in the US, it spread elsewhere.) Here is another thing I have noticed: even though America has lots of problems, it is still able to attract a large proportion of the world's best and brightest. Not just from third world countries, but from the UK and Europe. For example, many of the very best British-born and trained scientists are employed at American universities or at American tech companies. On the other hand, very few top-level American scientists work in Britain. (The massive difference in salary is perhaps the main explanation. But there are other factors too.) To summarize: I am not happy with the way things are going in the US, and I think that it is a country with a lot of very big problems, and some huge divisions, and I would like to find a better place to live. (In fact, even after all that I have said, I would probably try to live in the UK if I was going to get married and raise a family.) But in spite of all that is wrong with the US, I still think it offers unrivaled opportunity. That is especially true for people from immigrant backgrounds. Of course, opportunity alone isn't everything, and I think the stability, security and quality of life that people enjoy in many western European countries may be better. Anyway, perhaps the problems here will reach a boiling point and the rate of American decline will accelerate to the point where I don't think it offers unrivaled opportunity. I guess we will find out.
  17. Test or try out before going permanent !
  18. Have you considered remarriage https://www.sikhmatrimony.com/sikh-widow-widower-brides https://www.bharatmatrimony.com/punjabi-widow-widower-brides
  19. Not just size of cars and houses. Being in America allows for more material consumption in general. Whether that is a good or bad thing is another issue, but as long as we are talking about "quality of life" in standard material terms, it is a factor. I also think that in America, class is less of a factor, and it is easier for people from modest backgrounds to break into elite circles. Huh? What does this have to do with anything? What is the point of this comment? What avenues do people in the UK have to acquire wealth outside of the property that their family may or may not already have? Can a qualified professional in the UK who is not already a homeowner and makes 30k-40k pounds per year hope to acquire the kind of house that you speak of? (Please correct me if I am wrong and they somehow can.) At least in the US there is still the opportunity to start off with nothing, get a job with good compensation, and buy a decent house and whatever else one may want. That opportunity is available for fewer and fewer people every day (as I said, the US has lots of problems), but at least it is still there. Higher education and healthcare are too expensive in the US. But the situation is not at all like you are portraying it. State universities in the US are good and don't require anything even close to a quarter of a million dollars to attend. People who come from families without lots of resources frequently get lots of aid. Most of the horror stories surrounding student debt have to do with people making horrible decisions, like attending very expensive private schools or paying for useless graduate degrees (like MBAs and law degrees from low-ranked schools). I think the NHS is overall better than what the US offers in terms of healthcare. But people in the US who have decent jobs have decent employer-provided health insurance. And there is also support for people who are poor and old and otherwise don't have access to such employer-provided insurance. I think it should be better, but it is something. The bottom line is that it is not a nightmare scenario where people are paying out of their pockets for everything. Now you are again bringing up an example of someone in the UK who already has a bunch of property. How does one acquire property if they start off with nothing?
  20. Why bother to listen to Sant Ji's speeches when you can just be a mona and get a tattoo of Sant Ji on your arm (to feel good about yourself) and go around drinking and womanizing? And not only that, but have "singhs" on these forums defend your right to do so all the while insulting people like me?
  21. This sounds amazing, but I am not seeing too much yet about curriculum or what and how they are actually going to teach. It's probably too early but would be interesting to see. I think the main deciding factor about big projects like these being effective for our community's growth is the people and leadership behind the project. If the leaders and teachers are deep in sikhi, then naturally the students will be more drawn towards sikhi itself and the values will carry on. Hopefully it is not the case where the admins are in it for the money and status and could care less about the values and so the kids end up only somewhat better or worse as they would've if they went to public school. We need more projects like these working well for the community as it gives hope to change our current systems.
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