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  2. So. I've been working about 72 hours a week, doing nonstop labor, and I commute, so lately I only have a few hours to sleep and do everything I need to feed myself for the next day. We work so nonstop, with such little time for water, that your stomach can't even really accept food but it must or you'll just starve. Sangat Ji. Please. What goodness do you put in your crockpots, that is nourishing and easy on the stomach or to eat if you have no appetite? Any recipe is so welcome, especially dhal and channa. Also what sort of sabji and dressing could I make out of frozen veggi
  3. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to drink in the morning, to clear the digestive system and also loose weight well? I heard apple cider vinegar in the mornings Also anything for clearing skin or keeping skin refreshed/ ?
  4. try reading itihaas , our ancestors were superior to the trained armies of the invaders in every way , their strength, character and resolve gave birth to their legends. Akal Takht was built by three beings :Baba Buddha ji was over a hundred by then .
  5. okay...well that's quite a major thing! A lot of us cannot afford to get criminal records
  6. I think this was the fort where they were shaheed:
  7. Here's a translation of a contemporary Persian account of Zorowar Singh palit's shaheedi (from Grewal & Habib, Persian sources of Sikh history):
  8. https://media.sikhnet.com/Bhai Avtar Singh - Mero Sundar Kaho Millo.mp3 I took a year out after uni and was in India for vasakhi 1999 when I came across bhai avtar Singh ragi. I first heard this during that time and it blew my mind
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  10. authorities are not keeping these vulnerable women and children safe often turning blind eye and sometimes even participating in the abuse. Its high time we set up our own organisations and take justice in our own hands. who cares if some of us go to prison if we are organized properly we can support brothers and sisters who get locked up for doing the right thing
  11. This isn't a case of subjective experience, though. It's academic. None of us knew Karl Marx. We can only judge him on his works that he put down in writing and how his philosophy was enacted in reality.
  12. Dear veer It's always beneficial to listen to the views of elder brothers and sisters on a topic. They hv read more and hv seen and experienced more life.
  13. Keep on dreaming on the day sikhs ask for help from india darpook lot. You know very well it is always been the other way around. Never had guts to face anything and always play Chanakya politics. You would be very good as India Propaganda in-charge. The Spin Doctor.
  14. rape culture is synonmous with unequal access to legal protection and services, justice for females /children it is a world wide phenomenon . the armed services especially the navy are notorious for sexually exploiting and assaulting females serving or civilians manning bases.
  15. Do some reading and make up your mind in accordance with your own values and beliefs. Why do you want to be told what to think?
  16. Rape culture is synonymous with so called western culture. It's a huge problem anywhere women are vulnerable and disenfranchised. It happens in our work places with alarming regulaity and our military has a huge problem with our male soldiers raping and sexually harassing female soldiers and if these females report they are retaliated against as the SARC office is run by the rapists friends. When polled? Number one fear of female soldiers going on deployment? Being raped by our own guys. Not the enemy. Not dying. Not seeing death or killing people. Getting raped by their brothers. It's b
  17. I was about to ask how much overlap there is, but you answered that. The older Greek texts are from the real Greeks not the post hellenic fakes. I appreciate that @Suchi has a unique perspective, and is into interesting lines of thought. I also appreciate the learned Gursikhs here keeping that information commented on so as to keep things clear. To some degree we agree with Suchi on some things, and on other topics we do not, however the ideas he expresses that we find objectionable we will also encounter from mamy others, so our responses must be ready. I prefer the wa
  18. since you are making up BS concerning Homeopathy I will again clarify that Samuel Hahnnemann did NOT translate any ayurvedic texts to come to his conclusions , it was the fact he was a scientist who studied poisons both natural and manmade and translator of Greek, Latin, Persian medical texts and he considered the older greek texts assertions that food, drink and living habits affected people and it was possible to treat like with like . He curiosity was piqued when translating the writings of Cullen on Cinchona Bark from the new world and decided to experiment with it in cases of malaria, f
  19. That's not true. We know exactly who introduced homeopathy to Panjab. Honigberger. I'm not disputing that Brahmins made a lot of knowledge gains historically. But post the fall of Bharat (starting with sullay), they exhibited very low life characteristics, colluding with the invaders, and obsessing about 'purity' in a backwards way, whilst having no qualms about eating drinking cow poo and pishaab respectively. They have been averse to egalitarianism. Whatever greatness they had in the past seems to have vanished.
  20. I'm pretty sure they are doing sukha and/or a bunch of other stuff with it already. You know the clubbing scene. The bhangra thing is a Panjabi equivalent, especially in Canada (it was like that in the UK too 80s onwards, but has calmed down lately). How much drug dealing revolves around the clubbing scene.....
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