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  2. Ahhh. Lame. Well we need a converter then with a love for kickbacks.
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  4. 25000 rs is not given to sikh who converts to Christianity. Its given to person who converted him
  5. Another thought on this bro. Your Karma was tied more heavily to family in the Last Yugh. So it's not the same impact in Kalyug if you're related to a bad person.
  6. now tell me why would any Sikh want to convert to a cult tht literally worships a dead man on a stick a man tht was the product of an affair with a roman soldier mind you
  7. let them jibber jabber they all think they are turks these days We r the real pure Punjabis and a bonus we dont marry our cousins
  8. you are right i shoudln't have made this thread I was pretty angry with some things i saw on tiktok i will be better representative our community next time
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  10. There are other baanis too that are not in printed version of Dasam Granth Sahib. Malkauns ki vaar Sansahar sukhmana Vaar bhagauti ki (different from vaar bhagauti called Chandi di vaar) Raag Asaa Raag sorath Gobind Gita Uggardanti Bhagauti astotar (also called Sri Sahib ji ki ustat) ===================== Below three are present in Printed version of Dasam Granth Sahib by Pandit Narain Singh Asfokat kabit Lakhi jungle in raag maajh Nishan e sikhi
  11. India had such a huge population the British couldnt do what France Portugal Spain did in the Americas.
  12. Pakistanis are such wannabees. They are kicked left and right by Turks,persians and arabs and still lick their boots.
  13. Bhagwati Ustat (also called bhagwati astotar) from Gurwinder Singh nangli's Gutka Sahib.
  14. Information about this baani from Gurwinder Singh nangli's Gutka Sahib.
  15. In krishan avtar of Dasam Granth Sahib, there comes Birha Natak. There is an old Dasam Granth Sarup at Patna Sahib which is believed to be written by baba Deep Singh ji. In this bir, at the starting of Birha Natak comes a baani called bhagwati ustat(also called bhagwati astotar). It's different from bhagauti astotar which comes at the starting of Judh parbandh section of krishan avtar of Dasam Granth Sahib. It's also present in Dasam Granth Sarup of Bhai Daya Singh and Dasam Granth Sarup of Bhai Sukha Singh. Giani Gurwinder Singh nangli has got this baani published in a bea
  16. People conjecture there is a massive amount of AI created content online, specifically to cause conflict. Now obviously the real exists too. But in this ever changing world of soon to be unable to discern AI deep faked videos from real ones, we have to be careful not to get too worked up too fast and do our due diligence.
  17. I don't think we should use such harsh words against a 19 year old veer of ours and discourage him from having views. If his views are extreme we can always have a dialogue and show him the right path, something we much older Singh and Kaurs should do more instead of judging and attacking. People who want to leave the panth will find any excuse to leave it, if this one comment makes them leave then they were never fully with the panth or Sikhi anyways. You just mentioned half of the truth. We all know Waheguru is in all but so is Kaal in all too, so are the Panj Doot. At times necess
  18. He's pissed off and lacking anyway to control the upsetting stuff online. I agree his proposed approach, emotional, and well intentioned isn't the proper one. I'm not sure which catergory of equal to put people that actively defame Sikhi, the Guru Sahiban etc online. They're all equally foolish. But indeed a better counter is in order. I don't think him being 19 and really upset about upsetting things with a natural but ill advised reaction is exactly why the Panth is fucked. Other than highlighting it and using for our own media purposes, we could reach out to our musl
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